How To Increase FPS In Fortnite?

For those who are opting to start playing Fortnight and are worried that it may be possible to customize Fortnite game user settings to improve its performance, we have got you covered. First things first, what is Fortnite? Fortnite Battle Royale, commonly known as Fortnite, is a free and 100-players PvP mode game released on 26th Sept 2017.

The primary reason why its popularity is because it’s playable on Mac, Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4. Aside from squads, there is an integration of weapons, movements, inventories, controls, and combats. While on Xbox Store, PlayStation Store, and Epic Games PC launcher, you can install this game for free.

However, the best way to enjoy a game is to play exclusively without it lagging. Unfortunately, some of us find it hard to believe in finding a solution to Fortnite low FPS. Don’t lose hope or abandon this game because amazing adventures are awaiting. We shall find the best ways to ensure Fortnite optimization.

Increase FPS In Fortnite

How do I increase my FPS in Fortnite Chapter 2?

No one wants to play a game where you hit your enemies, and you don’t get to see the action as your Fortnite FPS is lagging. Other ways can help us when it comes to Fortnite FPS increase. Despite that you have a healthy PC or gaming console, you’ll still experience Fortnite low FPS. Let’s look into details on ways to increase Fortnite FPS.

Upgrade the Graphic Card

It makes sense that pro players often go for the best GPU, and the truth is that the quality of Graphic cards can affect your overall game experience. Think about how images and pictures are generated, and the truth is a low-quality GPU can slow down your game.

An NVIDIA GTX 1660 graphic card will work great on Fortnite Chapter 2. Upgrading GPU is the most effective way to increase FPS Fortnite, but it can be costly when you aren’t prepared. That’s why we have other methods for Fortnite optimization.

Try Overclocking your GPU

When spending all that amount on a new graphics card doesn’t seem like an option to you, then overclocking could be a fruitful way to increase FPS Fortnite. Furthermore, if you have a GPU closer to the performance you anticipate, then overclocking could be much better. There is the best software that can help you to overclock your GPU without affecting its performance. Through this software, you can increase GPU and RAM frequency to obtain optimal PC performance.

Update Your Software

Why is software upgrade necessary? It solves many bugs and lags experienced in Fortnite Battle Royale, including Fortnite low FPS. Start with your PC or Mac Operating system and ensure it’s running on an up-to-date version. Also, go to your Graphic drivers under device control manager and update it to the latest version. Doing this can solve even those problems you didn’t realize.

Plug In

Sometimes, the root course of slow Fortnite FPS may not be related to your computer, and poor internet connection could be a significant cause. Therefore, connecting your PC via ethernet cable produces a stable internet connection. As a result, it will increase your PC performance, but if the game keeps lagging, then it’s high time you switch internet providers or speed.

Delete Temp Files

The other major causes of low frames per second is the presence of temp files. Removing them would solve many of your problems. To get started, press the Windows key, and on the search button, type %localappdata% and open the temp folder. While in the folder, select all the files by pressing CTRL + A. Next, press the delete button but ignore files that can’t be deleted. Go to the recycle bin and empty it. Your system will be up and running. It will also improve your Fortnite FPS.

How can I boost my FPS?

Well, if you have tried increasing frame per second (FPS) on your PC, but it still doesn’t perform better, there are still other ways of boosting it. We shall look at how you can take advantage of Fortnite game user settings and NVidia settings for Fortnite to improve FPS.

Change NVidia settings for Fortnite

A Fortnight FPS boost pack is possible, and you can do it by manipulating graphic settings in Nvidia GPU. While on Nvidia Control Panel, select Manage 3D settings and then open the program setting. From here, you can choose Fortnite from your drop-down list, but if it’s missing, you can click Add selected program. Now, alter your NVidia settings for Fortnite as indicated below.

  • Maximum pre-rendered frames: 1
  • Power Management Mode: Prefer maximum performance
  • Monitor Technology: G-SYNC
  • Multi-Display/Mixed GPU Acceleration: Single-display performance mode
  • Preferred Refresh Rate: Highest available
  • Enable Threaded Optimization
  • Disable V-sync (Vertical Sync)

However, if you are using an AMD GPU, you can also alter the settings to increase FPS Fortnite. Go to AMD Radeon Settings, select Gaming after that, choose Fortnite for a list of apps you’ve installed. From the new window, open Graphics Profile and change it to eSport, which will solve Fortnite low FPS problem.

Configure in-game settings

Between best high FPS and best game graphic, what do you value most? Well, all these are ranked, and you cannot sacrifice one in favor of the other. So, one way to ensure the best performance is to choose an FPS number equivalent to that of your monitor. For instance, a 240 Hz monitor works best with a 240 Hz FPS or less.

Why is my FPS on Fortnite so low?

Numerous reasons may cause a Fortnite FPS drop, but the solutions above will solve them. However, after the 5.4 Fortnight update, many gamers complain of a drastic drop in FPS, and even to date, it’s still a concern even to those with high RAM above the recommended ones. After interacting with various users and carrying out our research, our attention increased RAM usage.

How do I fix low FPS in Fortnite?

If the above figures won’t work for you, then we suggest looking into your RAM. Paired RAM works better than a Single Channel Ram. Additionally, if your RAM is below 8GB, then chances are high that you’ll FPS boost Fortnite by improving the RAM capacity. Lastly, always set your gamine window to full screen to get the best out of it.

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