How To Increase Dedicated Video Ram  

Sometime you may be seeing the errors that are related to dedicated video RAM on the window PC.  When you struggle to display graphic intensive program like new video game or video editors, you will need to get the computer of more RAM or VRAM.

However, if you want to know what to do, you should start by learning what VRAM is and how you can increase it.

What it is a Dedicated video ram?

VRAM or video memory is the special type of the RAM which works on the graphics processing unit of the computer or the GPU.  A GPU is a type of the chip of the graphics of the computer and it is also known as the video card. It is responsible in displaying the images on the screen. Even if it may be incorrect technically, the use of graphics cards or GPU may be used   in the place of one another.

The video ram will hold enough information which the GPU will need. This will include the texture of the game with the lighting effects.  It will allow the GPU to access the info quickly and to output the video from the monitor.

Using the video RAM may be faster compared to using of the system RAM. This is because the Video RAM is near GPU for graphics card. The dedicated ram had been built for high intensive job and this is why it is known as dedicated.

Learning the amount of VRAM you have on your computer using window 10.

  • Go to the setting menu and press on 1
  • Choose the system entry, before you click at Display at the left sidebar
  • Scroll down and then click at advanced display setting  text near the bottom
  • At the menu you get, you can choose which monitor you want to view the setting for, when necessary. You can then click at Display adaptor properties found near the bottom.
  • At the new window, you get to see the video RAM listed near the dedicated video memory.

 Video Ram  

Can I increase dedicated video RAM?

If you want to increase the video RAM, you can choose to buy a better or a new graphic card.  This is when you use the integrated graphics and if you suffer because of poor performance.  When you upgrade to a better card, everything will change for your video output.

However, in case this is not the option in your case, you can try to increase  

How do I increase my dedicated video RAM windows 10?   

The first step will be to adjust the VRAM allocation on the BIOS of the computer.  Go to BIOS and see the option within the menu where it is named the Advanced Features, the advanced Chipset Features and others.  Inside the button, you will get to see where it is written VGA share Memory Size, Video Settings and Graphics Settings. In these areas, you will find an option where you can increase vram.  The default may be 128MB, which can be increased to reach to 256 and 512.

Each BIOS or CPU may not have the option.  In case you are not able to change anything, there will be a workaround which may help out.

Faking of VRAM increase

Since many integrated graphic solution will adjust and they will use the amount of the system RAM, they require. The details that are reported within the vram windows, they will not matter too much. Normally dedicated video memory or integrated graphics are just fictitious.  The system will report the dummy value, which means that the user will see a number while checking for the VRAM level.

This is why it is possible to modify the Registry value and changing the level of VRAM in the system reports while playing. This may not increase the value of video memory windows 10, but it will modify the dummy value.  Even if the methods shown may not fix the memory issues, they may help if you find yourself in a problem.   In case you find out that you do not have enough RAM, you may try to free RAM to use as Integrated graphics.

Can you turn RAM into VRAM?

If you are looking to increase dedicated video ram, you may think that it is possible to turn the RAM to VRAM, but this is not possible. This is because they do not work the same. However, if there is any need to increase the VRAM, RAM will be used automatically.  There is no input from the user.  However, when VRAM is using RAM memory, it will slow everything down.  The system memory will be slower compared to VRAM.  The best way to increase VRAM is to have a bigger card.

How can I Increase my dedicated video RAM without BIOS 

Most of the PC and notebook do have the HP which comes without the advanced TAB within their BIOS.  But they do have less system video memory. If they need to increase the dedicated memory, they should use BIOS.   However, it is possible to increase vram windows 10 without getting access to BIOS.  The first step is opening the RUN box at the PC when you press at Windows Key+ R. You can right click at the start menu and decide to run Windows 10.  When it comes to the run box, you should type at Regedit and then go to ok.  When you reach to the registry editor window, you should click at expand icon.  When you find the software option, you will click at expand icon.   You can then name the key to become GMM. At GMM, you should right click at DWORG value.  You can then name the value like a dedicated segment size.  You can then click at space and you can hit to enter and save. When you double click at dedicatedSegmentSize value and you modify that value, it can start from 0 up to 512, and if you already had 8GB RAM, you can make it to be 1024.


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