How To Hide Channels Discord: 2021’s Guide

When there are lots of channels on a server, it creates complications for the new users of the server. They did not properly understand what channel they need to use for their works. So that’s a problem! Therefore Discord having the option of hiding your channel. You can hide the channels you dont need at the moment, so it does not create a new user. So today, we are coming with a guide for you about how to hide channels Discord.

Also, sometimes when you muted channels on a server, they just greyed but still showing. Some of these muted channels may need for later use, but some of them dont. At the moment, you want to hide those muted channels. So also for that reason, you need to read our guide. Let’s continue reading to learn.

All about Hidden Channel & Role-Exclusive Channels

Before you know how you can easily hide your channel on a desktop, it is also important to know the Role-exclusive Channels. Both the process is quite easier than you think and easy to handle. Role-exclusive channels mean, Discord offer you to divided the channels on a server depending on different kind of roles.

Both options, the Role-exclusive and the Hidden channel make it easier to usable by newer users. When you create a channel depending on the role, they easily understand which channels need to be open. Also, when you make a channel role-specific, then other members who are not in this role, not have access to see the channel. Thus, creating a Role-exclusive channel also a method to create a hiding channel. Now, let’s know how you can create a Role-Exclusive channel on Discord.

How To Hide Channels Discord

How can I hide discord channels from certain roles?

By creating a Role-Exclusive channel, you make a role-specific channel and also able to hide it. Starting the Role-exclusive channel, you need to select the role for what you want to create the channels. Also, you have to select the team members of your server with whom you want to share this channel. Only those members are able to see what is going on these channels. Others are not. So it is totally up to you what type of channels you are going to and whom you want to involve that channel.

So, when you are thinking about the role, you need to create the channel. You can create this channel as a text or voice, which you prefer. Also, there are other categories available to create a channel, but we will discuss this later. Today we are just talking about creating a text channel or either a voice channel.

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Create a Role-Exclusive text channel

To make this Role-exclusive text channel follow the method given below.

  1. Open the Discord app and log in to your account.
  2. Then, on the settings section, just above the channel list, click on your server name where you want to create your channel.
  3. After that, from the menu section, select the ‘Create Channel’ option.
  4. Then, a box will pop up. Name your channel by typing it on the ‘CHANNEL NAME’ section.
  5. Thereafter, select the ‘CHANNEL TYPE’ as ‘Text Channel.’ And toggle on the switch on the ‘Privete Channel’ section.
  6. Then the important part, you have to select the role for the channel. It is ‘Annouce Admin’ or ‘Elite Member’ or ‘VIP’ or ‘Content Creator’ or the ‘Executive’ or many others; you have to choose depending on your choice. For choosing a  role, you have to toggle the switch present on the right side of each option.
  7. At last, select on the ‘Create Channel,’ and your Role-exclusive channel is created.

Remember, when you select a role from the above option, only those specified to the role can access the channel, no one else. And those who have not to access they also not able to see it. So, finally, you are able to create a hidden channel.

Create a Role-Exclusive voice channel

The process of making a Role-exclusive voice channel is 99% same as the text one. Just one thing is different: you have to select the ‘Voice Channel’ instead of ‘text Channel’ in the ‘CHANNEL TYPE’ section. And do the rest as same, and you will successfully create your hide Role-exclusive voice channel.

Besides this creating of Role-exclusive channels, settings channels privacy also an important option to access many things. So let’s know something about it before we proceed further.

Setting your channel permissions

The default permissions for your channel access you the entry-level performances. If you change the permissions previously, it will make your life easier to access a channel on Discord when you need to change. So, if you know how you can do this, let’s read on.

  1. First, click on the Cog icon that is present on the newly created channel.
  2. Then you can see a menu on the left side. From this menu, select the ‘Permissions’ option.
  3. In this section, you can see that  @everyone role is denied to ‘read messages’ permissions. And only those roles that are enabled that only they got the permission when you are creating a new channel.
  4. If you see the text channel permissions or the voice channels permission, look over the ‘Read Messages’ permissions and ‘Connect’ permissions and change depending on your need.

Lastly, a difference between a text channel and a voice channel is that only the text channels are hidden depending on the role, but it is not hidden in a voice channel. It can be visible by all the users on the server but only accessible by those who are on the role. Others, when clicking on the channel, there is a denied sign is shown to them. They can not access it.

Now, we are talking about how to hide a muted channel.

How to Hide a Mute Channel

You are also able to mute a channel on Discord if you want. Bit when you mute a channel, it also can be seen on the server. But if you dont want to see it, you can hide it. If you hide a muted channel, it is also easily accessible to other channels for you and lowers the traffic. To mute a channel, just follow the steps given below.

Mute your channel

There are two ways to mute a channel. The first way is to go to the channel and click on the top-right corner bell icon. You can find the bell icon in the left section of Pinned messages icon and the Member list icon.

The other way is you have to go through the Notification settings. After going to the Notification settings, follow the method given below.

  1. From the menu section, select the server name present on the top of the channel list.
  2. Scroll down below and click on the drop-down section ‘NOTIFICATION OVERRIDES.’
  3. Then, add your channel that you want to mute. It’ll be added to the bottom section by making a list.
  4. The channels you want to mute, on the box under the mute section on that channel far most right section.
  5. And last, when you finish, click on the ‘Done’ button. Now you successfully mute your channel.

Now, let’s know how you can hide your mute channel.

Hide your mute channel

When you complete muted your channel, now hide your muted channel. Follow the steps given below.

  1. First, again go to your server. On the bottom side, you will find ‘ Hide muted channel.’ Click on it, and all the muted channels will disappear from your server.
  2. Then, if you want to reappear the mute channel again, you have to click the same button. But this time, it will show as ‘Show Muted Channels.’

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I hide admin channels on discord?

First, you have to create the admin channel by creating a Role-Exclusive channel. Then to change the channel settings click on the Cog icon on the channel and then go to ‘Permission.’ Now deny the ‘Read Messages’ permissions to the role or the users you want to hide from.

Users with Administer are able to see all the changes all the time.

  1. How do you view hidden channels on discord?

To view hidden channels on the desktop is also an easy process. But remember, you are only able to see hidden muted channels. To do that, click on the top center of the bell icon to mute or unmute a channel. You can also be able to change it on the server level if you have permission.

Lastly, if you have more questions about the Discord channels problem, ask us here. Thank you!

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