How To Hardcode Subtitles MKV?

The hardcore subtitles MKV had also been called forced subtitles or burned –in subtitles.  This means that the subtitle will stream within the video while the subtitles will became the part of a video and it will be viewed without the need to add the subtitle plugins.

Hardcode Subtitles MKV

 Why using the hardcode subtitles MKV

You may softcode the subtitles with the extra streams of media file. When you do this, you will get the option of toggling subtitles off or on.   You can adjust how the subtitle does appear on a video over displayed media devices. Even if this may sound good, there are many reasons why you may still need to have to burn subtitles into video.

–        The media player will require encoding and to decode soft subs over video when you play using the softcode subtitles and this will increase the CPU usage. This can lead to some problems such as out-of-sync.

–        There are mobile media players, desktop and website which are not compatible with the softcode subtitles and they will not show the soft subs in the correct way. You will experience missing or distorted subtitles problems.

This is why the hardcode subtitles are needed since they are already burn-in and they will not require the subtitle plugins, they will be in the movie permanently. In case anyone wants to video the video on mobile phones, tvs an computer or anywhere he wants, he will feel good using the subs since they will not disappear easily.

How can I permanently add subtitles to a MKV file?

If you are aware of the burn-in subtitles, then you may start to ask yourself how you can add the hardcoded subtitles on the MKV or MP4 videos. To add the subtitles permanently in the video, you can use the handbrake, VLC media player and VideoProc.

How do I Hardcode subtitles to a video file?

Using VideoProc; visit the Go-to Option so that you may add hardcoded subs to every video.

–        It is simple: you can add embed subtitles in video of different formats like MOV, AVI and MP4 or other popular files with just one click

–        Customizable and preview in real time: you can edit the subtitles size, position, color and font whenever you need to

–        Extra subtitles: you can download the subtitles files using 1000  website  and you can use the local files

–        High quality; there is no loss of quality when you burn the subtitles in the videos

–        Fast speed: you can merge the subtitles using the video in few minutes because of the support of the GPU acceleration tech.

–        Different features: you can cut, watermark, rotate, trim and crop or convert the videos or burn or rip DVDs with the app.

Step 1: start the VideoProc on the windows or on Mac Computer.  You can then choose video option from the homepage.

Step 2: click to the plus sign of the video button in order to load the video file.  In this way, you can add the subtitles and you may choose the menu of Codec Option.  This can take you to a new page; this is where you will star to edit subtitles.

Step 3: you can then go at Edit Video and you start to add hardcode subtitles to mp4.  You will see two options which will be listed below, they are add subtitle or search subtitle file.

When you add the subtitle file, you will be able to import a subtitle file which will be saved over the computer.  In case there will be no file, you will click at Search subtitle option so that you can search for the file or you can download this file using internet.

Step 4:  you will import a saved file over the computer and you can see a screen page for it. You can check about enabled button, you can then adjust its position number in order to ensure the place where the subtitles may appear and their font. You can then click at Done button.

Step 5:  to finish, it is important setting up output path, this is to help you to get the processed file.   You should not forget checking hardware acceleration which will shorten the processing time.  You can then click at run button so that you can start the process.

How do I burn subtitles to MKV?

Using handbrake to add add subtitles to vlc  and MKV movie.

Before, while using the handbrake 1, 3,2, you will be allowed  to burn the SRT subtitles.  However, with the newest version, you may hardcode   any videos be it, MP 4, MKV, SSA with SSA, ASS, SRT subtitles.  However, you will not have the chance of changing the subtitle color, size and position.

–        Launch the updated handbrake

You can open the handbrake and then click at Handbrake. You can then go to update to check for all the updates and update the version to the latest program.  In case there is a new version, the handbrake can ask you in downloading the program and to install it in the computer before you start to hardcore.

–         Add the video files into handbrake

You will click at file in order to add a video clip which you would like to add the subtitles.  You may drag or file at the right size  of an interface so that you can load the file at once into the app.

–        Choose the right format

You can decide to use MKV or MPV files.   You will then open the interface when the video had loaded successfully.  You can go on Preset and you may choose the profile of the video.  For these options, highest resolution is of 1080P.   In case you want to enjoy a high-resolution, you can click at Save New Preset and create the customized pre-set.

How do I permanently Hardcode subtitles in VLC?

Using the VLC media player in order to merge hardcode subtitles vlc into video permanently can be tricky to people who are not used to it.  It will not be a big issue if you do not want to try out extra hardcode subtitles.

To use vlc add subtitles,

–        Open the VLC media player

–        Add the subtitles with video files

Go to the media and choose to use stream. This is going to lead to Open Media panel. Here you will need to click on the plus sign to important the subtitle file. After this, you may click at Use a subtitle file to add prepared subtitles and click at stream before you hit at Next.

You can then choose the destination where you would like to stream over to add vlc player with subtitles.  You should then choose the right profile.  You should check on the subtitle, you can then enable the overlay hardcode subtitles vlc on a video before you click at save.


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