How To Get Mending

If you do not want to use different equipment from Minecraft, you can benefit when you get the mending skills.  In order to get the mending skills to the equipment you use, then you will need to get the enchantment books but they will take some time to get.

You will get the mending enchantment, when you use two methods. The first and the easiest way, is to get it as a treasure.  This means that you will only get access to it, in the world.  You will not be able to make a mending enchanting book using the enchanting table.  This is why it will be hard to get it.  You can get it as a treasure, if you go fishing or looting the chests in mine shafts, temples or dungeons.  You can also find them in the end cities or from other locations within the Minecraft.

Fishing for the mending books is a boring activity.  You may find yourself within a good number other options. In case you are interested into this activity, you may get more books.  This will be a decent method; however, you will need to patience.

A second way of getting the minecraft mending book, is when you buy it from a librarian from the village or you can trade it.  In case there is no librarian, you have to get one villager and lure him so that he can learn about this profession.  It is better to try out only one villager, since if villagers may compete to get this professional.

After getting the librarian, you can then give him the emerald with a book and to get the enchanted book in return.  When you do not get the mending book, you should try again until you get the book.

Get Mending

Can you get the mending from an enchantment table?

The mending enchantment is the right way of keeping the favorite weapons and tools in the right shape, when playing in Minecraft. However, the player cannot make it.

Making or finding the favorite item at minecraft, it can be bittersweet feeling.  Even if it will be good to get it, it may not last for a long period.  Each items you get in the minecraft, it will come with a certain expiration date. However, when you get the mending enchantment, it will be easy in mending the items you use.

Mending is the enchantment which may be put at any tool and it will increase the durability of the item.  When the tool comes with the mending minecraft, the experience that will be collected   goes to the repair of such item. Each experience increases the item with 2 durability. With this in mind, you should know that you cannot make mending at the enchanting table. You can only trade it or fish for it.  You can also get it as a treasure from the chests of mineshafts, temples and dungeons.  Mending may be added on any item which may include fishing rods.

When the item got repaired, it will use the experience which means that the Minecraft players will not be getting experience which will be taken in order to fix the item.  The minecraft mending enchantment can repair only the items which are found in the armor slots, off hands and players hands. It will not repair the items found in the inventory of the player.

How do you get a villager to give you mending?

To be able to get the mending enchantment over the items, the players need to get the mending book first. Unlike other enchantment that will be gotten from the enchanting table, the mending will not be gotten in this way.  This is why the player should get it from looting, finding or buying it. To trade the mending book from the villager, you need to look for the one who works from the librarian and buy the enchantment book using the emerald.

Making own librarian:  if there is no mending villager who is already a librarian, you should make one. Decide on the villager who does not have any profession yet and rule him away of other people.  You can then give him a lectern.  He will take over the job and you can give emeralds to get books.  If you cannot get the mending book as you want, you should steal a lectern back and return it to the villager again to make him a minecraft librarian.   In this way, you can continue to trade with him, up to the time you get the mending book.

What are the chances of getting mending?

The best way to get mending books is by trading, if farming is not the option for you.   When you visit the village, you may find that there is a villager ready to sell you a mending book.  You should start by trading with them and to get new trade items.  You may also visit the villager farm where you will get new villagers, you can start to trade with everyone until you find the minecraft mending villager.  This is the right method to get the mending, because it does have some grinding with it.

If you have time and you do not consider fishing as boring, then it will be the fastest and the easiest way you can find the mending items.

Looting the chest; if you can find the dungeon end cities, temples or chests, you may loot for the items inside and by chance you can find that there is a mending book inside.

Can you get mending from a Level 1 villager?

Enchantment in the game will be chosen at random so it is possible to get the mending enchant minecraft at level one.  You have the same chance of getting low level enchantment and high leveled enchantment at each level.  The emeralds to pay will depend on the treasure status and the enchantment level.  Each librarian does have a chance of having mending book at 50 percent. Taking into consideration that every slot will work independent, it means that sometime 1 out of the 4 librarian will have two books.

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