How To Fix Steam Overlay

What is steam overlay?

The Steam overlay is an in-game interface that permits many Steam Community highlights while playing games. The default key-bind of Shift+Tab will open the overlay in any game where it is compatible and enabled.

Why is my Steam Overlay not working?

Check if the Enable option in the Steam Overlay during the in-game box and confirm changes. Next, Open the Library, right-click on the affected game, and open the Properties. Check Enable  Steam Overlay option while in-game box and save changes. Restart the Steam and begin the game.

Should I turn off steam overlay?

Disabling steam overlay can give you a boost in average FPS. To Disable the steam overlay, Go to the Settings > Steam Overlay > In-game > Disable Steam Overlay.

How do I turn off steam overlay?

To Disable the steam overlay, Go to the Settings > Steam Overlay > In-game > Disable Steam Overlay.

Does disabling Steam overlay improve performance?

Disabling steam overlay can give you a boost in average FPS. To Disable the steam overlay, Go to the Settings > Steam Overlay > In-game > Disable Steam Overlay.

How to enable steam overlay?

  • Open Steam Overlay
  • Navigate -> Steam -> Settings/Preferences -> In-game tab.
  • Check the box -> next to ->Enable Steam Overlay while in-game.

Fix Steam Overlay

How to fix steam overlay

The Steam Overlay is an in-game feature that permits you to enter several Steam features during gameplay. Click on the Steam Overlay hotkey Shift-Tab key to open the overlay during gameplay. Although this is a magnificent feature, there are cases when specific issues will happen. In this newest installment of our troubleshooting series, we will tackle the Steam Overlay not working problem.

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How to fix steam overlay not working in Windows 10?

Fix #1 Add an exception to an antivirus Firewall

After installation, the Steam client will communicate via the antivirus firewall freely. Still, it does not require that to be in that case.

A third-party firewall may prevent Steam from network access, which can also be an issue for beginners. Now, you can either disable all firewall settings while playing or create an exemption in both the native and third-party firewalls.

Still, entirely disabling the firewall can exhibit your system configuration to the online threats. So utilizing robust antivirus is recommended.

Bitdefender antivirus – It performs better in both protection and minimal impact on other running processes.

Additionally, the program comprises three user modes that you can enable to adjust the use of resources.

In that case, enabling the gaming mode secures a smooth gaming experience without jeopardizing the real-time protection.

Fix #2 Diable & Re-enable the Steam Overlay for individual games

  • Open > Steam.
  • Click > Steam
  • Click >Settings.
  • Select > In-game
  • Check > Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game box
  • Click > Confirm ( to enable the changes made )
  • Open > Library
  • Right-click > the affected game
  • Open > the Properties.
  • Check > Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game box
  • Click > Save ( to apply changes)
  • Restart > Steam
  • Begin the game.

Fix #3 Run as administrator in Steam Client portal

  • Right-click > Steam Overlay shortcut
  • Open > Properties.
  • Select > Compatibility-tab.
  • Check > Run this program as an administrator-box
  • Click > Confirm ( To apply changes)

Fix #4 Ensure you are running on latest version

  • Open > the Steam.
  • Click > Steam in the Main bar
  • Select > Check for Steam Client Updates.
  • Wait till updates are installed
  • Restart > the Steam.

Steam Overlay’s issues have existed for more than a few years, especially on the older Windows version.

Although the client updates its own after you begin it, you can regularly check for updates manually if anything runs wrong with the automatic updates.

Fix #5 Kill > gameoverlayui.exe process

If you encounter Shift tab not working Steam issue, Follow these steps;

  • Open > the Steam
  • Start > game.
  • Press > Ctrl + Alt + Delete simultaneously
  • Pick > Task Manager.
  • Below > Processes
  • Locate > gameoverlayui.exe
  • Terminate > gameoverlayui.exe
  • Run > the game
  • Press > Shift + Tab to permit the Steam Overlay.

It will resolve the Shift tab not working steam issue.

Fix #6 Disable third-party apps during gameplay

  • Windows Search bar > Type > msconfig
  • Open > the System Configuration.
  • Below the Services tab
  • Check > Hide all Microsoft services box.
  • Click > Disable all ( For disabling third-party services)
  • Next, choose > Startup tab
  • Go to > Task Manager.
  • Block all programs from starting with the system
  • Click > Confirm (To apply changes)
  • Restart > the PC.

The Steam application is an exemption, as it requires the user to run in the background for the Steam Overlay to run in the first place.

But several users found out that a particular third-party app that works in the background can prevent the Steam Overlay.

Also, some of them need to trigger by pressing the Steam Overlay hotkey Shift + Tab to create a steam overlay shortcut, and it is the default function for the Steam Overlay.

Fix #7 Check game integrity

  • Open Steam overlay.
  • Select > Library.
  • Right-click > affected the game
  • Open > Properties.
  • Choose > LOCAL FILES tab.

It is to ensure the game itself is not corrupted or enters incomplete files.

Fix #8 Update the Windows 10 OS

A supplementary cause for the Steam Overlay problem may recline in Windows 10, so ensuring you hold the newest update is of utmost significance.

And, of course, we recommend withdrawing the insider variants of both Windows 10 and Steam. Beta programs are not stable and, therefore, may result in stability and performance problems.

Plus, you can revert to Windows 10 if the issue began after a major Windows Update. Now, Open > Settings > Update & Security > Recovery > Select > roll back Windows 10 to an earlier variant.

Fix #9 Reinstall > Steam Client

More or less, we have already covered the maximum possible problems, and the final try is to reinstall the Steam Client.

Maybe because of the corrupted files, the steam overlay issue arises. Remove all Configuration files and hold the installed game files only. Or re-download the game file again. Now, try Steam and review the issue.

Fix #10 Try alternative Applications

The final choice is to try third-party apps that provide identical features. Discord keeps its ground quite acceptable, and several gamers use it to interact with their fellow gamers. There are few alternatives, but Discord is more than quality a try.

Disable steam overlay per game / Steam Overlay disabled

Steam holds a global setting that enables or disables the Steam overlay. Open the Steam client & navigate to the Steam > Settings/Preferences > In-game tab. Check-box > Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game. Besides, you can turn on/off > Steam Overlay per game. It will “disable steam Overlay per game” / Steam Overlay disabled issue.


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