How To Fix PS4 Controller Drift

In a video game, when your character starts moving and running in circles, owned by some unknowable force and urge to make a move without your command, it doesn’t look very comforting. But, as compared to this, there is something more terrifying. Maybe the reticle barely slips down and to the left, any time you set up a flawless headshot. Perhaps some phantom pull towards the nearest pavement is interrupting your Need for Speed. Or are you playing Dragon Quest XI and noticing that all of the text boxes are speeding up because Square Enix decided the dialogue should be skippable with just a flick of the stick?

If you face such issues, or you are currently facing them, it is said that you are experiencing “controller drift,” a common problem for many console controllers. Problems with Play Station’s 4 Dual Shocks 4 are less frequent and standard than Nintendo Switch’s infamously faulty Joy-Cons. The most straightforward reason behind this is the dirt accumulated over time without any complications.

Can you fix PS4 controller drift?

How To Fix PS4 Controller Drift

How do I fix my PS4 controller drift without taking it apart?

Once you have decided that you will DIY fix your controller, a specific list of things to be kept in mind; the first option that one should always prefer before doing anything else is resetting the controller. This can fix some of the issues that one might be facing. To reset your controller, you need to do the following.

  • Go to the settings menu.
  • Click on the devices menu in the settings menu.
  • Under this head, click on Bluetooth devices and then find the controller you are currently using.
  • On selecting the controller option, click on ‘Forget device.’
  • You may turn off the PS4 once the controller is disconnected from PS4. A small hole is located at the left shoulder button on the controller; insert a pin. Keep pressing the pin in for 10 seconds.
  • Take a USB charging cord. Attach the controller and the PS4 with the help of the cord.
  • Start the console up.

Even after doing these things, you face problems; you need to open up the controller and do some manual labor. There are many small tiny parts inside the controller that you do not want to lose. There, manually doing it is a work of risk; manage it accordingly.

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How do I get rid of controller drift?

  • Keep the controller on your workspace, open all the four screws on the back of a controller with a Philips-head screwdriver.
  • Take out the back panel of the controller gently. Some models do have some plastic between the shoulder buttons. For this case, slip the plastic over the button carefully. During this, if any button gets away or pops off, there is nothing to worry about; it can be put in later. Since there is a ribbon connecting the back and front of the controller, you need to be gentle and not rough while pulling the back from the controller’s front.
  • You can unattach the ribbon that connects the two halves once the back is properly taken out. You will be able to remove it from its socket.
  • The next step would be to remove the battery cable connector. This connector connects the red and black wires from the battery located at the center to the controller’s motherboard. Once you squeeze and pull out the connector, you can easily pop the connector out of its socket.
  • Then, please remove the battery first and the battery plate that is under it. Make sure that the battery pegs that hold it are not misplaced.
  • In the middle of the motherboard, unscrew the screw.
  • The ribbon cable that is in the top right corner of the motherboard has to be removed gently. Your controller might be having a small fastener over the ribbon cable that needs to be lifted, depending upon your version of the DualShock 4. Make sure you are very careful as the cable is very delicate and sensitive.
  • You can now remove the front shell of the controller and examine the panel that has all the buttons and the PS4 controller analog stick.
  • On examining, you will see what part needs cleaning and if anything was hampering the sticks like dust, dirt, etc. This may solve the problem of drifting up to an extent. However, if you find no dirt or dust or any grime that might be obstructing the working of the ps4 controller joysticks, you may follow these steps.
  • Pull off the analog sticks and clean the underside of the sticks by blowing off the dust.
  • Two cube-shaped structures with green coverings would replace the analog sticks. Carefully pry the green walls open with your screwdriver.
  • A small white disc hanging on the core will be seen between the green wall and the cube proper. After removing the disc, clean the area around the cube with a cotton swab. Perform the cleaning on all sides of the cube.
  • Once all this is done, replace the white disc and put back the green wall in its place with some force and pressure. Put back all the parts that you disassembled.
  • Then, reinsert your analog sticks and put the button plate with all the buttons intact in the correct position. Also, put the motherboard inside the shell of the controller.
  • Also, reconnect the ribbon cable that was taken out from the top right corner.
  • Put back and reattach the battery.
  • Reconnect the ribbon that connected two halves and calibrate the ps4 controller.
  • Tighten the back shell of the controller.

By following these steps, issues with the DualShock4 will be solved up to a certain extent. This happens when the problem is not related to any hardware issue but the same dust, dirt, and grime.

What causes PS4 controller drift?

When the character or the camera keeps moving even when the controller is not touched, there seems to be a problem with the drift. There can be two reasons to calibrate PS4 controller stick drift. They are-

The PS4 analog stick is dirty.

The PS4 analog stick is damaged.

PS4 controller problems

Most of the time, the PS4 controller works fine. It is highly irritating when the DualShock 4 randomly connects or disconnects.

Here are the most common issue faced-

PS4 controller won’t pair or connect

When this issue arises that your PS4 controller cannot get connected or paired, you may press the PS button on your controller. This will turn it on and connect to your system. When it doesn’t attach, the light bar on your controller will flash for a while before turning off. The connection issue arises when you have used your DualShock 4 with some other device.

Repairing your DualShock 4 with your PS4 is essential in this case. For this, Use a micro-USB cable to connect the controller to your PS4. A high-quality cable is recommended that is well of the work.

When the light flashes for a while after pressing the PS button on your controller, it signifies that the controller has connected successfully and has paired.

If you had connected your DualShok4 with another nearby device, say a phone or a PS5, pressing the button will turn on and connect the controller to the other device. To solve this, first, disconnect and unplug the device to which the controller is connected.

After repairing the controller, disconnect the USB cable and use your controller as usual. It will be saved in the controller until you connect it with some other device.

Always keep in mind that you can have 4 DualShock controllers connected at a time. If four are already connected, you need to disconnect one and make space for another one.

How To Fix PS4 Controller Drift

PS4 controller keeps disconnecting

There are solutions that you might take in when your DualShock4 keeps on disconnecting again and again.

The first thing to keep in check is the battery. The controller should be charged. If the battery is almost dead, the controller may disconnect. The question arises as to how to check the battery life of the controller. It is simple. Hold the PS button to get the Quick Menu on the left side. A controller icon will appear, showing the battery at the bottom.

Connect your PS4 to the controller, go back to the quick menu, and check if the battery icon is still visible. See that it is charging. After it has been charged for a while, you may remove it and use it every day.

When the battery is checked, and it did not occur to be an issue, make sure that you do not use your controller too far away from the PS4. The broad range of Bluetooth is 30feet.

Also, make sure there are no metal objects between the two objects, like shelving or laptops, that could hamper the signals. It would help if you took your PS4 out from a covered space for better signals and performance.

When the PS4 remains idle for some time, they have a default setting that turns it off. If you wish to change it,

  • Go to settings
  • Press on PowerSave settings
  • Set time until controllers turn off
  • Choose never.

Doing this will consume your battery even when you are idle.

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