How To Fix Mic Not Working On Discord

How do I fix my mic on Discord?

If you encounter a “mic not working on Discord” issue, follow these steps.

In Discord,

  • Open the Settings menu on click on the cog icon next to your name and user profile pic in the bottom left.
  • Under “App Settings,” choose the “Voice & Video” on the left in the Settings menu.

It re-direct to the menu where you can modify the settings for your microphone or headset.

Why can no one hear me on Discord?

If you are wondering about “why Discord is not picking up my mic,” then possibly these are the reason.

  1. Your microphone may not be working.
  2. It may be a lack of internet connection.
  3. It may be your CPU is weak (or the CPU fan is making PC stuttering).
  4. Driver problem.
  5. Re-configuration of recording device.
  6. Check for the mute option.
  7. Maybe your microphone (input) Discord settings are not configured.
  8. Possibly they muted you.
  9. Maybe you are not close enough to your microphone.
  10. There is more noise in the background.

Why is my mic not working?

Do many users wonder why my mic isn’t working on Discord?. Why is the microphone not working in Discord? Why is the Discord browser mic not working? Why is Discord muted? Why is this Discord mic issue not solved?  Answer to these questions are given below,

  1. Update your audio driver
  2. Reset the voice settings on Discord
  3. Quit Discord and rerun it as administrator

Try these solutions to resolve the issue.

The Discord has been the leading VOIP assistance for gamers for a few years now. Its reputation has kept growing and shows how simple it is to use the application. The development team following the application is unique, and Discord frequently updates with general bug fixes.

Unluckily, a few bugs haven’t dissolved just yet, and several external factors could be making it. Discord mic not running is a common issue that many users have encountered on more than one incident. The bug frequently leaves you hearing your friends but unable to talk back, and it can be extremely frustrating as it always appears to happen out of the blue. The issue often seems to be downloading the desktop app for PC users and less familiar with the online app.

Mic problems happen to all of us, and there are some ways to fix them.

Before starting any setting changes, there are several easy things that you can do to fix the problem. These issue fixes are for users who have already set up Discord, but sadly, they have stopped working.

  1. Close down Discord and try reopening the software. It will sometimes fix the issues but not always.
  2. Try the above and un-plug your audio/mic jack or USB and plug back in, then reopen Discord.
  3. If both the above choices didn’t work, an entire restart of your PC should bring back the use of your mic.

If the issue continues, you can also try logging out of Discord alternately closing it down. To log out, click the tiny cogwheel down the bottom named ‘User Settings.’ Log back in and observe if this has worked. Alternatively, close the app and run it as an administrator.

Check these 5 Simple fixes, which you can do by yourself.

●      Audio Driver Updating

The issue can be as manageable as an out-of-date driver or even a corrupted file. You can fix this immediately by updating your audio driver manually.

Update manually by hitting the manufacturer for your audio card and select the newest driver. Alternatively, If you utilize the motherboard’s onboard sound, then head over to your motherboard manufacturer and do the same.

●      Ensure Discord Is Using The Right Mic

  1. Navigate to ‘User Settings’ near the app’s bottom.
  2. Then, Click ‘Voice & Video,’ situated below the ‘App Settings’ header.
  3. At the top, you will notify a box with ‘input Device.’ Click this and utilize the drop-down menu to choose your device.
  4. Lastly, you should ensure the ‘input Volume’ slider found below this drop-down is maxed out completely.


●      Reset Voice Settings

  1. Initially, Navigate to ‘User Settings’ near the app’s bottom.
  2. Then, Click ‘Voice & Video,’ situated below the ‘App Settings’ header.
  3. If you scroll down, you will notice ‘Reset Voice Settings’ in red and a separate-box.
  4. Click the button and enter ‘Okay,’
  5. Next, reconnect and check to view if it has worked.

●      Try Automatic-input-Sensitivity

Possibly the mic can stop working in Discord if the ‘Automatic input Sensitivity’ was disabled.

It closes Discord automatically detecting input from your microphone, and it is effortless to change:

  1. Navigate to ‘User Settings’
  2. Click on Voice & Video.
  3. You will see a dual-color bar including the header ‘input Sensitivity.’ Please turn on the switch to the right to get it to detect input automatically.

●      Analyze Push To Talk

Few gamers own Discord set to push-to-talk at all times; but, if you do not and none of the above have accomplished, then o try this alternative to voice activation.

In case you have never practiced this before, it is worth remarking you will have to press the button you begin whenever you need to interact in the application. It may appear like an inconvenience, but you will get utilized to it.

  1. Initially, Navigate to ‘User Settings’
  2. Next, click on voice & Video.
  3. Immediately click ‘Push To Talk.’
  4. You will notice the ‘input Sensitivity’ bar switch to a ‘Shortcut’ box.
  5. If you hover over the box, it will enable you to click & ‘Edit Keybind.’
  6. It will ‘Start Recording,’ then click the mouse button or keyboard button you prefer to push to the talk key.
  7. Click stop Recording & you are finished.

Still, the issue is not solved, then there is no option left; Re-install the Discord app.



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