How to Fix High CPU Usage When Playing Games

The level of CPU usage shows how the processor is working intensively while processing the running process and programs. The value will indicate the percentage of an entire processor or the core working time which is used as data processing.  The highest cpu usage will stand at 100 percent.

How do I reduce CPU usage when playing games?

 If the game refuses to run in a smooth way or it crashes, then open application can stop to respond to anything.  The program can take time to open and this may be the result of high cpu usage.  If the computer is suffering because it is at cpu usage 100,  you should try the following.


Start by saving any work you may be having on the PC. This is because if you want to trouble anything, you may need to turn off and then turn the computer on again.  The workaround may fix such problem, mostly if the computer had stayed for a long period without rebooting.  When you do this, it will clear the temporary files and it can fix any slowdown to all the processes that take too much time.

Fix High CPU Usage When Playing Games

Restart or end the process

You can open a task manager function by using CTRL, shift and ESC. When a program begin to use around  cpu 100 usage when you have restarted the computer, then a task manager window will offer   an easy way of keeping  the eye over it.

However, you should remember that the games that use full screen will not show the Task Manager Feature since it is found behind the screen.  To avoid higher cpu utilization without realizing it, you should got at the options of a top menu bar and to set it so that will always appear at the top.  When you use a second monitor, then drag the task manager and drop it over the window of the game.


Update drivers

When you see that a game uses near cpu at 100%, you should update computer drivers.  A driver is a program which will control certain devices which have been connected over a motherboard. Updating the drivers will eliminate the compatibility bugs or issues which causes cpu running at 100.

You should start by opening the start menu and then to click at   update with security. You will then click on Check updates.  The option will update all the essential drivers. The manufacturer of the graphic cards will offer the utilities like NVIDIA GeForce Experience to use with the GPUs.  This will improve the entire performance for the gamers.

Energy saving mode

Using the power saving methods, it will limit 100 cpu usage windows 10 over the desktop and laptop.  You should look for power management option when you click at the start menu and to type on the option of changing power scheme.  When such window is opened, you may go to the Power options.  This is will be in the address bar over the window top.


Is 100% CPU usage bad for gaming?

When the computer gets too hot, it will all depend on how long a CPU will be used at windows 10 high cpu usage, before it becomes hot.  When you use the laptop and its CPU does reach on 100 degree at once, then it will not be an issue.  However, if you use a desktop computer, and it gets too hot, it can cause degradation of the CPU.   This can cause too much issue because the modern CPU, may throttle  when they  have reached to a high temperature.  You have to make sure that the computer is cleaned from the dust within and you can replace the thermal compound found within a CPU and cooler.  When this fails to help, you should get a good CPU cooler or get the case will allow enough airflow inside.

Why is my CPU usage at 100 games?

 In case you read at Task Manager to learn about the  top command,  you will not only get the information about the graphical and numerical value of the cpu usage meaning, but you also get to know about  the reasons behind such high usage.

A top command will also show CPU usage for the running process and this may be shut down, by using kill command.

Normally, if you have cpu at 100, some of the problems behind it, may be the following.

  • The CPU intensive application: the graphics and video processing application, the games which uses high resolution graphic, the programs that burns DVD, applications which convert photos and film format, they will require higher capacity, when it comes to CPU processing.  In case you see that the computer gets slow, you should run such programs, each one on its own, and you may close other a programs.
  • Auto start application: any program which will start if the operating system opens, they will be working at the background.  They may be the software that are required with cameras, printers or MP3 players. They all get connected to the computer and they will start at once, if they are installed.   If you want to lower cpu usage, you will need to disable such automatic execution by accessing to them using the Startup button under the Task manager.
  • Viruses: in case you find that the CPU usage is almost a 100, but you do not see the cause, then it may be the results of the malware or virus. The virus can be recognized easily by using the monitoring tools.  When there is a suspicion, it is good to scan the computer using an anti malware or antivirus.
  • Browser may also contribute to a high CPU usage when you open different tabs.

What should my CPU usage be when playing games?

Whenever there is a high CPU usage, it will not be something to be concerned with, especially if there is a reason behind it.  If there are problems that cause a high CPU usage, you have to ensure that each one is opened alone. So if you are playing, you should stop to use other application that may increase the CPU usage.

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