How to fix ds4 windows not working

Why is DS4 Windows not working?

The ds4Windows, not working problem, and ds4 windows not detecting controller happens typically after a Windows 10 update. Hence, you can uninstall the newest Windows 10 update to resolve the issue.

How do I get my DS4 to Windows to work?

If you experience a “ds4 windows not recognizing controller” issue, then try these tips.

  1. Download the DS4Windows
  2. Next, .zip file> extract > run DS4Windows.exe.
  3. Meanwhile, DS4 Windows starts, click on Install the DS4 Driver.
  4. Next, the driver installs, click on Finish.

Why is my PS4 controller not working on PC?

Sometimes Windows may be unable to detect the gamepad due to the overload of devices connected to the PC. Try to disconnect all the plug-and-play devices and verify still the issue continues. Besides, suppose you connect your controller via the USB hub, disconnect from the hub, and plug-in directly to the computer.

How do I get Windows to recognize my PS4 controller?

Connect the PS4 controller to the PC via Bluetooth. To connect the PS4 controller to Bluetooth, press and hold these central PS buttons simultaneously and the Share button for 3Sec till the controller’s light bar starts to flash. Then, open up the Bluetooth settings on the PC, and pair the controller to the computer.

DS4 Windows is a tool that rivals Sony’s Dual Shock 4 Controller as an XBOX Controller, letting you play PC Games upon Windows OS. Besides the latest Windows 10 updates, most users have encountered that DS4 controllers are unable to connect with their Computer/ laptops. It regularly comes up with the “No Controllers Connected” error and does not disappear despite reconnecting the DS4 controller with a computer/ laptop.

Why did the DS4 window fail to recognize the controller?

It may be because of numerous reasons; some of the main reasons are listed below.

  • Because of Windows 10 update
  • It may be because of the abnormal function of a device driver.
  • Accidentally, the controller is disabled by the DS4 window.

Tip#1 Uninstall and re-connect DS4 controller Device

Follow the instructions given below to uninstall and reconnect the controller device.

  1. Close DS4 Windows & disconnect your DS4 controller.
  2. Press Win + R keys > type ‘control panel’ >
  3. In the Control Panel, navigate to ‘Hardware and Sound’ settings > ‘Devices and Printers’
  4. Instantly, reconnect your DS4 controller to your computer. It will popup an icon of a game-controller
  5. Right-click at the icon and choose ‘Properties.’
  6. In DS4 controller properties, click on the ‘Hardware’ tab & double click ‘HID-compliant game controller’ to open its properties.
  7. Now, navigate to the ‘Driver’ tab & click ‘Uninstall Device.’
  8. Open DS4 Windows on your computer and reconnect your DS4 controller.

Tip#2 Re-enable DS4 Controller

Few users have also encountered this issue even during the gameplay, i.e., the DS4 controller stops working and gets disabled automatically. It might be a bug in DS4 Windows software, but it can be rectified by re-enabling the device manager’s controller device.

  1. Press Win + R keys > type msc > Enter
  2. Expand the list by clicking above the arrow with ‘Human Interface Devices’ and double-click on ‘HID-compliant game controller.’
  3. Please enable it to get it detected by DS4 Windows.

Tip#3 Uninstall Windows update

Update to the newest build of Windows can terminate the functionality of some devices connected to your computer. In case the earlier solutions don’t work for you, uninstalling the Windows update may be helpful. Follow the instructions given below.


  1. Press Windows + I keys to launch
  2. In Settings, click on ‘Update and security.’
  3. Navigate to Windows Update >View installed update history
  4. Upon the next window, click on uninstall updates (Uninstall the latest installed Windows updates)
  5. Select the update after which you started encountering the problem and click ‘Uninstall.’ After uninstalling the process, restart your computer after it is done.

Tip#4 Uninstall Driver and Setting DS4 Windows Up

In unusual cases, the controller doesn’t work even after passing through all of the techniques above. Try this method too.

  1. Download the “Remote Play App” for your computer.
  2. Press “Windows” + “R” > type in “Devmgmt.msc,” > “Enter.”
  3. See throughout for a “Lib32 Wireless Driver” in the device manager.
  4. Already found, right-click > select “Uninstall Device.” Clicking on the “Uninstall Device” option
  5. Next, connect the controller to the computer with a USB and allow Windows to install the drivers.
  6. Check if the Remote Play App works now.
  7. Disconnect the controller and download DS4 for Windows.
    1. Get it set up using the instructions in the setup,
    2. Connect the Controller and check if it gets recognized.
    3. Check the “Hide DS4” checkmark.
    4. Uncheck the “Swipe touchpad to change profile” option and check to see if the issue persists.

Tip#5 Scan for hardware changes

Suppose you have recently uninstalled any driver or any other application on your computer removed a driver. In that case, you should scan for hardware changes since it can sometimes get the controller working again. For that:

  1. Press “Windows” + “R” to open the Run prompt.
  2. Type in “devmgmt.msc” and press “Enter.”
  3. Click on the “Scan for hardware Changes” symbol.
  4. Check to see if the issue persists.


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