How To Fix Discord Blank Screen

Discord is a VoIP app that is utilised by everyone these days for chatting purposes. Discord has a Windows application available for Windows users. Sometimes, the Windows Discord app does not open for users. Suppose you double click the executable file; nothing will occur. For some users, it does open, but “discord showing blank screen;” just a plain background appears on the screen and nothing else. Many users try to open the app after a reboot or a complete reinstall, but that doesn’t seem to solve it.

We don’t know what is making the problem, but we know that the discord application does run. If you open the task manager, you will notice the discord.exe in the running processes. We understand that the discord runs, but it does not show up on the screen. It may be because of discord trying to log you in for people who see just the discord grey box, and it is stuck in a login process. So, “discord not loading grey screen” because it can’t log in.

Whether your discord app isn’t opening or just showing the blank screen, there are resolutions for this issue. There are different solutions, so continue trying the tricks till the issue is solved.

Repair corrupted system files.

To repair the corrupted files, use Restore to scan. This app will scan for corrupted files and repair them. Now, check the issue persists; if it occurs again, try other techniques to fix the issue.

Trick#1 Kill the task in Task-manager.

The cause of the discord app is not showing up isn’t that it hasn’t begun. The app does undoubtedly start, but it regularly is running in the background. Finding the app, stopping the process, and restarting the app has solved many users “discord invisible avatar” issues.

Follow the steps for killing the background discord process.

  1. Press & hold CTRL + SHIFT + ESC ( It will open the task manager)
  2. Choose Process tab
  3. Scroll down the list and locate the exe.
  4. Choose the exe > click End Task. (usually, there will be one dicord.exe file, if you notice multiple discord file, then end all discord files)
  5. Once it is completed, close, the Task Manager also relaunch the app.


Trick#2 Using Command prompt (Task Kill)

The task manager trick was not working for some users, so this method is alternate for those. Try this to solve the “invisible discord picture” issue.

  1. Press Windows key + R (Windows key+R) to open the Run Dialog box
  2. Type > cmd > Enter
  3. Type > taskkill /F /IM discord.exe and press Enter

These commands will kill the task(discord.exe) after that re-launch the discord app. Review for the issue continues; if so, try other methods.

Trick#3 Try the Web version

The “discord gray screen fix” issue that happens sometimes may be caused by the session/cookies. Many users have solved the problem by signing in from the web version and then working on the Windows app version. Most of the users didn’t also have to log in to the web version of Discord. The Discord app problem resolved as soon as they opened the discord web version.

Thus, run the Discord application on the PC. When it doesn’t begin or shows up on the grey screen, run the Discord web version also sign in. It will most apparently reset the Discord app’s account; also, it will start running regularly.

Trick#4 Delete the AppData Contents

Uninstalling and reinstalling the app does not appear to solve the problem. For many users, uninstalling the app plus deleting the contents of the AppData appeared to work. Once the contents are deleted, the Discord app’s reinstall resolved the “discord opens to blank screen” problem ultimately.

Follow the instruction given below,

  1. Press Windows key + R (Windows key+R) to open the Run Dialog box
  2. Type > cmd > Enter
  3. Type > cpl > Enter
  4. Find the Discord app from the list.
  5. Choose the Discord app & click Confirm any further prompts.
  6. Press Windows key + R (Windows key+R) to open the Run Dialog box
  7. Type > %appdata% > Enter (If it doesn’t work or you can’t view any folders, then do the following things)
  8. Hold Windows key + E > choose View > Check the option Hidden items > and now try step 1 and 2.
  9. Find the Discord folder, right-click it also choose Delete. Confirm any further prompts
  10. Once done, reboot your PC

Trick#5: Disable the Proxies

Discord frequently doesn’t play well with Proxies & VPNs. Hence, if you have performed a VPN or using the proxy, Discord may malfunction; also, it can prevent Discord from connecting. Because of this, it may not begin correctly. It is advised that you disable all the proxies/VPNs plus try to open the app repeatedly.

Trick#6: Adjust Date/Time

It will look weird to know that the Discord app and date/time is connected! Yes, it’s true.

Change the Date/Time settings is fixing the “discord gray screen” issues for many users.

Follow these steps to change Data/Time,

  1. Press > Windows+I
  2. Click > “Time and Language.”
  3. Click > “Set Time Automatically” toggle to turn it on.
  4. Launch > Discord app plus check to detect if the problem persists.

Trick#7: The DNS Reset

In a few cases, the DNS settings become corrupted over time and prevent specific apps from contacting the internet. If the DNS settings are interfering among the Discord apps, it may not work correctly. Hence, in this method, reset the DNS configurations on flushing the DNS. Follow the lead,

  1. Press Winky+R (Windows key+R) to open the Run Dialog box
  2. Type > cmd > Enter
  3. Type > “ipconfig/flushdns” > enter.
  4. Wait till the process complete, start the discord app also check to see if the problem continues.

Trick#8: Disable Link Blockers to Redirects via Web

We came across a different common issue where users could not open Discord because they had link blockers active on their PC. If you open the web version and join the server, the PC prompts you to open the Discord app link. Suppose you have link blockers active and click a link for redirect, the whole process gets blocked, plus you cannot open Discord.

Here, you can review your browser for any extensions that may be active also blocks outgoing links. If you are using Google Chrome, copy and paste the following code in the address bar & press Enter. Disable all Link/Adblockers.


Moreover, you should also review your Antivirus software and observe if it blocks the web links to open the Discord apps. You can further disable the antivirus temporarily and observe if this does the trick.

Trick#9: Running as Administrator

Suppose your Discord installation is found on the system drive; it may need additional computer administrators’ permissions to execute some storage device functions. Follow the lead,

  1. Right-click on the Discord shortcut on the desktop,
  2. Select “Open File Location”, or navigate through the installation folder of Discord by yourself.
  3. In the Discord folder, right-click on the Discord.exe file and select “Properties” from the list.
  4. Click > “Compatibility” tab ( in the window that opens up.)
  5. Check > “Run this Program as an Administrator”
  6. Next, click > “Apply” (to save your changes.)
  7. Once you should save your changes, click > “OK” (to close out of Discord.)
  8. Monitor to see if the discord grey box issue is fixed.



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