How to fix Adblock not working on twitch

Does AdBlock still work on twitch?

Adblock doesnt working on Twitch is further likely to happen. Suppose you are using an outdated Adblock browser-extension. Another cause can be Chrome’s Network-Service, the web browser player, the non-optimal setting of Adblock extension’s filters, browser issues or browser extension’s problems.

How do I stop ads on Twitch 2021?

  • Use a VPN
  • Watch twitch on “”
  • Install an Adblock Extension
  • Subscribe to the Twitch Channel
  • Use Twitch Turbo

Why does adblock not work on twitch

Adblock no longer works on twitch, maybe because you are using an outdated Adblock browser-extension or outdated browser.

Ublock origin twitch

Suppose you use the uBlock Origin browser extension; you are used to ads signifying blocked when browsing online. Yet Twitch developers are continually searching for ideas to show you twitch unblockable ads, even if you have the ad blocker installed. It is like a game of cat and mouse, and you are reasonably here because the uBlock Origin filters have not picked up with the newest Twitch update yet.

Adblocking browser extensions are software able to remove or alter online ads in a web browser/app. But those extensions sometimes fail to block Twitch’s advertisements as Twitch has embedded the ad directly into the stream.

There are some techniques so you can use to block ads on twitch.

Technique#1: Ensure your AdBlock extension is up-to-date

Technology is evolving day by day, plus if you do not update your browser extensions frequently, you will get yourself in a lot of trouble. So, if you are using an outdated AdBlock extension, that particular extension may not block ads on Twitch. For instance, we will use Google Chrome with the AdBlock extension installed.

  1. Open Chrome,> address bar > type: chrome://extensions > Enter.
  2. Next,> “update.”
  3. Restart > browser.
  4. Open > Twitch ( to view the problem is solved)

Technique#2: Enable Setting in a Browser Extension

Numerous AdBlock extensions begin to block ads right away after added to the browser, still hold a separate setting to control ads by Twitch, including this setting was not enabled by default. You must enable a setting to block Ads on Twitch. Thus, enabling the setting might solve an issue (Adblock not blocking twitch ads). We will use Google Chrome and AdBlock, for example, views.

  1. Open Chrome & click > “AdBlock” icon
  2. Next, Click > the“gear” icon of the popup menu to open the “AdBlock Settings”.
  3. Under “General” Options of “AdBlock Settings”, Check-mark “Enable hiding of Streaming Ads on Twitch” choice.
  4. Restart > Google Chrome.
  5. Check if ads on Twitch are blocked.

Technique#3: Modify advanced settings in Chrome

The Chrome runs a separate process (network service) that is not available to the Ad blocking extensions attached to Google Chrome. Executing this service accessible to the Ad blocking extension might solve the problem.

  1. Open > Chrome, > address bar > type: chrome://flags > Enter.
  2. Next, > Search Flags Box > type “Network Service”.
  3. Plus, in the results, Set “Runs network service in-process” also “Data reduction proxy with network service” to “Disabled” & save changes.
  4. Restart > Browser. (Review if the problem is resolved)

 Technique#4: Try an alternate Player for “”

The extension Alternate Player for ‘’, earlier known as Twitch-5, removes most live streams ads. The user will tune a player’s settings to the internet connection. That allows us to continue viewing the broadcast in another player, for instance, VLC Media Player, Media Player Classic, or MX Player, etc., which presents it very useful.

  1. Open Chrome,> address bar > type: chrome://extensions > Enter.
  2. Search > Alternate Player for Twitch (in extensions window.)
  3. Add the extension to a browser.
  4. Restart the Browser & open > Twitch (Review if the issue is solved.)

 Technique#5: Use the Filters

All AdBlock extension comes with filters lists. The filters list will be a white list, blacklist & custom list. Specific lists can be attached manually or can be related to available online lists. We will add Twitch ads stream on the blacklist of the extension, which might resolve the issue.

  1. Open Chrome also click > AdBlock extension.
  2. Next, click > Gear Icon > open AdBlock Settings.
  3. Click > the “Customize” button.
  4. Click > the button named “Edit” close to the heading “Manually Edit Your Filters”.
  5. Add these following in the list, one on every line.



Technique#6: Bypass on Android Device

Twitch is available for both the web and android. The trick can perform a small bypass to avoid the ads on the Twitch Android app. Ensure that you can use an Android Emulator, e.g. BlueStacks on PC, to use this solution.

  1. Open > Twitch > Android
  2. When the ad begins to display, next click > “Learn More.”
  3. Furthermore, next, instantly hit on Back Button, then the entire ads will skip.

Technique#7: Use the Streamlink

Streamlink Twitch GUI is a web app composed of JavaScript, HTML and CSS and is being run on a Node.js powered version of Chromium. Including Streamlink Twitch GUI, you are not dependent on the system’s web browser, and the user can view streams in any video player as per your desire, which will enable smooth video playback. Furthermore, Streamlink Twitch avoids any ad by the ‘’

  1. Download the Streamlink as per your OS.
  2. Download the Streamlink Twitch
  3. Install and run it also to see if the problem is solved.

Technique#8: Using the HLS AdBlock

Twitch plays ads whenever the user begins to watch a new channel. Twitch staff embed ads into the HLS stream directly. HLS AdBlock extension covers the technique that Twitch manages and edits the m3u8 playlist that is asked every few seconds to remove marked segments as ads. Therefore, installing HLS AdBlock can resolve the issue (block twitch ads).

  1. Download > HLS AdBlock extension as per your browser.
  2. For Chrome
  • Unzip into a folder
  • Go-to > chrome://extensions/ > enable > Developer Mode.
  • Hit on ‘Load unpacked’ also go to the directory with the extension (locate if “json” is in the directory)
  1. For Firefox:
  • Download the newest release (‘xpi file’)
  • Go-to > about: addons also load the HLS AdBlock addon (from the downloaded file)
  1. Now Run the Twitch to view if the issue is solved.

Technique#9: Use the Adguard

AdGuard is the ad-blocking extension. It efficiently blocks all types of ads on all web pages, including video ads, rich-media ads, unwanted pop-ups, banners, text ads, etc. AdGuard can control most of the AdBlock bypassing scripts, the technique utilised by Twitch.

  1. Open Chrome,> address bar > type: chrome://extensions > Enter.
  2. Search >Adguard (in extensions window.)
  3. Install and run. (Review if the issue is solved.)

 Technique#10: Using “uMatrix.”

On uMatrix, you point & click to allow or restrict requests caused by the browser. It can be applied to block iframes, ads, scripts, etc.; uMatrix sets you in the handle of the connection, downloading and execution of data-types.

  1. Open Chrome,> address bar > type: chrome://extensions > Enter.
  2. Search >uMatrix (in extensions window.)
  3. Install and run. (Review if the issue is solved.)

  Technique#11: The Ublock Origin

Ublock origin is an effective ad blocker that is simple on memory and CPU and can load & enforce thousands of filters than another popular blocker. It is more of the “adblocker” as it can further create filters from host files.

  1. Open Chrome,> address bar > type: chrome://extensions > Enter.
  2. Search >uBlock origin (in extensions window.)
  3. Install and run. (Review if the issue is solved.)

Technique#12: Use the Brave Browser

Brave browser is the open-source and free web browser developed by Brave Software, Inc. Brave is based upon the Chromium web browser. The browser blocks website trackers, including ads.

  1. Download Brave Browser.
  2. Install and run it.
  3. As Brave is Chromium-based, therefore browser can manage chrome extensions with it.
  4. Next, use Brave to access Twitch plus view if the issue is solved.

 Technique#13:  The User-Agent Switcher

Here we will handle a Chrome extension User-Agent Switcher, with which we will change the user agent in Brave Browser to be iOS or Android. Plus, this might solve the issue. But before moving further, ensure you have Brave Browser installed, including Ublock origin and Umatrix extensions added to it,

  1. Open > Brave Browser.
  2. Open > User-Agent Switcher in Brave Browser
  3. Add > User-Agent Switcher > Brave Browser.
  4. Next, click > icon of User-Agent Switcher> click on Android (if you need to switch to Android).
  5. Then open > Twitch > Brave Browser. ( If an ad pop-up, click on Learn More plus, then click on the back button, and click will jump the ad. Now you can turn back to Chrome in the User-Agent Switcher.)

 Technique#14: The Twitch Turbo

If you dislike ads while watching, streaming also can manage to pay the fee, then Twitch’s subscription service named Twitch Turbo is an excellent choice ‘to think about.’ Twitch Turbo begins with ad-free Twitch viewing with additional features as well.

  1. Open > Twitch Turbo Subscription Page > subscribe to the Twitch Turbo.
  2. Use Twitch Turbo to watch Twitch, and also, there will be no ads anymore.



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