How To Factory Reset Google Home

How do I start over with Google Home?

There are several reasons where you might want to consider the factory reset of your Google Home Smart Speaker, and if not that then the display to factory settings. One of the reasons for factory reset can be that it has stopped working out of nowhere and, you have tried all the permutations and combination to revive it How To Factory Reset Google Homeand troubleshoot the problem. If not this, maybe you are planning to upgrade the Google mini with the better sounding and upgraded Nest Mini.

A word of advice would be not throwing the old speaker once you buy the new one, as no matter what you can’t rely upon a machine for long terms so in case the new speaker creates unwanted issue you’ll have a spare. Whatever reason you might have, it has observed that factory reset Google home mini; works like CPR and can breathe a new life in the old device.

Coming to the term of factory reset, once you go for this solution; you’ll end up wiping off all the information from your device (personal information too), and, you will reset the device in the same condition it was delivered at your doorstep, well, from the factory.

There’s another reason few people consistently factory reset their devices is the alarming rate of privacy issues surrounding the listening device; these issues are getting serious as ever. People prefer to keep their data safe by resetting the device now and then.

As you know, we will learn the factory reset of Google Home Mini:

The Google mini speakers have two generations as of today:

  • First-generation Google Home Mini
  • Second Generation Google Nest Mini

Sometimes these speakers trouble the user by either not connecting to the Wi-Fi or just won’t play the music or will constantly disconnect or pause the music. And you might think to throw it away but you should consider resetting the whole device.

Well, it is known to you that once you factory reset the speaker you will have to start the information and details from the scratch. Now as mentioned above there are two versions of Google mini, if you don’t know how to identify from them here is an easy way:

If you flip the device and you see a wall mounting screw in it then the device you are holding is the Google nest Mini and if there is no such screw walled upon the device you have the older version of Google Home Mini.

How do I reset the Mini Gen 1?

To locate the reset button, look at the power cord attaches, at the bottom of the speaker and look next to it there is your factory reset button. The button is a small circle:

Steps to reset the Google home mini:

  • Press and hold the small circle for 5 seconds, after that, you will a warning that “the Google home will completely reset”
  • Once you hear the warning continue to hold the button for 10 seconds, after that you will be able to hear a tone.
  • Now let go of the reset button, the speaker will reset itself and you can restart and voila. Technically the speaker won’t give you any glitches now.

How do I reset my Google home Mini 2?

  • If you look at the side of your speaker there is a switch for the microphone, you will have to slide it to the off position. Once you slid it off the Google Assistant will announce that the microphone has been turned off and the lights on the speaker will turn orange.
  • Now press and hold the centre of the speaker.
  • After some seconds there will be a warning stating “the device will reset completely”, continue to hold the speaker.
  • A few seconds later, there will be a tone, you should release the finger. And the speaker will reset itself and restart thereto and the reset nest mini process is completed.

Another way to reset the Google Mini:

If after following the standard set up to reset the speaker, the Google Mini is showing technical glitches, you have another option to reset the speaker. But this method is not as easy as the one mentioned above, you will have to be patient with this step,

Now there might be a chance where the usual reset setting won’t work in your favours, in such case, there is a hard reset Google home mini

This is a backup method added up by Google but it is laborious and time-consuming. But in case the above method doesn’t work and you are not willing to contact the tech support try this method:

  • Unplug the goggle mini,
  • After unplugging it wait for 10 seconds.
  • After 10 seconds plug the Google Mini back and wait for all the four lights to light up.
  • Repeat the above step 10 more time, (told you time-consuming)
  • Unplug, wait for some time, and let the LED light lit up, repeat.
  • You are supposed to do this step 11 times in quick succession.
  • The last time you perform this step when you plug in the mini back, the device will restart slowly and while it’s restarting, it’s also resetting and this time when the power backs on the whole device will reset Google home to factory settings.

Now that you have learnt about the factory reset instruction, let’s peep into the feature of the speaker. The Google Home Mini is a voice-controlled speaker, which allows the user to play music and control the gadgets, create events or reminder or appointment.

Apart from this Google also added a feature to make calls from the home speaker and will also help you locate your phone. But before you use your speaker to locate the phone try looking at the couch or under the pillow (it’s always there).

Considering the device upgradation a mini speaker helps the user in many ways. Technology is advancing every minute today and it’s time to utilise them.

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