How To Disable Laptop Keyboard

How do I temporarily disable my laptop keyboard?

To disable laptop keyboard, follow these steps,

  • Go-to > Start Menu
  • Type > Device Manager.
  • Open > Device Manager
  • Navigate to Keyboards and click the arrow to the left of it.
  • Here you can find your laptop keyboard. Right-click and click > Uninstall.

How do I disable the keyboard on my laptop Windows 10?

To “disable keyboard windows 10.”

  • Press > Windows + X
  • Choose > the Device Manager from the list.
  • Locate Keyboards in the list of devices
  • Click > the arrow to expand it.
  • Right-click > the internal keyboard
  • Click > Disable.
  • Suppose there is no Disable option listed there. Click > Uninstall.

How do you lock the keyboard on a laptop?

To lock your keyboard, follow these steps,

  • Press Ctrl+Alt+L.
  • (The Keyboard Locker icon changes to show that the keyboard is locked.)
  • Nearly all the keyboard input is now disabled, including function keys, Caps Lock, Num Lock, and all the special keys on media keyboards.

Can I disable laptop keyboard when using external?

To disable laptop keyboard, follow these steps,

  • Go-to > the start menu
  • Type > device manager and Press > enter
  • Click > device manager
  • find > the keyboard in device manager
  • Click > + sign for a drop-down menu ( to disable the keyboard driver)
  • Please reboot the system to make this permanent or uninstall it.

How to Disable the Laptop Keyboard?

Many laptops have a built-in function to disable the touchpad suppose an external mouse is connected. But there is no button to disable the laptop keyboard. Still, it is a bit harder to disable the laptop keyboard.

A laptop is not a desktop PC because it requires essential accessories like a mouse, a keyboard, and a monitor to run a desktop PC. But, for a laptop, you have got all the peripherals devices in one unit. In case you drop your laptop accidentally, and now the keyboard is not working accurately. You can disable the laptop keyboard and attach an external one to work, or you can substitute the whole built-in best membrane keyboards, which will be pretty expensive.

If you like to “turning off laptop keyboard” to prevent unwanted or unintentional alphabets typed on the word document.

How To Disable The Laptop Keyboard In Windows?

There are lots of OS in the market, and each has different ways to do it. Disabling the keyboard in Windows is simpler if you are doing it temporarily. Nevertheless, if you need your keyboard to be disabled forever, it is a bit harder.

How To Disable The Laptop Keyboard Temporarily?

If you need to disable your laptop keyboard till your next restart, then the process is simple. Let’s get this clear to give you a decent idea of how to disable a laptop keyboard. To uninstall keyboard drivers that will disable the keyboard till you restart your PC. Since most of the Windows OS has a feature to install drivers automatically, Windows will automatically install default drivers if you restart your laptop.


  • Open > the Device Manager.
  • To open the device manager > Right-click > start button > select Device Manager. or
  • Open > the Run Dialog Box (Winky+R)
  • Type > devmgmt.msc
  • In Device Manager, navigate to the drop-down menu Keyboard and see that keyboard you need to disable.
  • Right Click > select > Uninstall,
  • Next, it will prompt for confirmation to accept all the prompts.
  • Don’t restart the laptop.

Disable Laptop Keyboard Permanently By Using Group Policy Editor

For permanent diable of laptop use Group Policy Editor, it will prevent the keyboard’s automatic enabling on every restart.

Follow these simple steps to disable the laptop keyboard permanently.

  • Open the Run Dialog Box (Winkey+R)
  • Type > “gpedit.msc” ( will open the local group policy editor.)
  • Navigate to > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > Device Installation; here, you will view an option named Device Installation Restriction.
  • Navigate to > the policy “Prevent Installation of Devices not described by other policy settings.”
  • Next, click > policy setting, or right-click > select > Edit to change the policy.
  • Lastly, Enable the policy, and now the keyboard is disabled forever.

Repeat the above steps, which are used to disable the keyboard temporarily. The policy editor will prevent reinstalling the driver on every restart.

Disable Laptop Keyboard With The Third-party Apps

Many apps are accessible on the internet, enabling you to disable the Windows OS keyboard. Here is the solution if you are searching to disable the laptop keyboard in windows in a few clicks; here is the solution on the internet, which is identical to the Windows built-in device manager, but it provides accessibility. Use this software to disable the keyboard in few clicks.

Disable The Laptop Keyboard Permanently Via Device Manager

Warning: It will disable the trackpad too. Attach an external mouse for more excellent usability.

Here update the keyboard driver by an incompatible one. Initially,

  • Go-to > the Device Manager
  • Expand > the Keyboard section also choose > the desired keyboard device (you want to update.)
  • Right-click > the device
  • Click > Update.
  • Choose > a “Browse my computer for driver software.”
  • Choose > a “Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer.”
  • Next, uncheck > the option which will show the only compatible driver.

It is a vital part. 

  • Select > any driver, except that one that is compatible. Windows will prompt you a warning that the driver might not be able to function the hardware accurately.
  • Select > Yes.
  • After installing the driver, reboot the computer. And now the built-in keyboard is not working. It will disable permanently.

How To Disable Mac Keyboard?

MacBook is the best laptop out in the market. However, if you need to disable the MacBook keyboard, you need to disable it. There is a method to disable it too. It is complex, but it is an easy method to disable the MacBook keyboard with terminal commands. There is also software available on the internet which will enable you to disable the keyboard on MacBook.

Use Terminal To Disable Macbook Keyboard

The Terminal is like Command Prompt in Windows; It will let you control the macOS system in a developer mode. You can disable the MacBook keyboard by pasting commands in the terminal interface.

Now, go with the command.

Sudo kextunload /System/Library/Extensions/AppleUSBTopCase.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AppleUSBTCKeyboard.kext/

Just enter the password when it prompts for the password, and the keyboard will be disabled. If you need to enable the keyboard on the MacBook again, follow the below code.

Sudo kextload /System/Library/Extensions/AppleUSBTopCase.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AppleUSBTCKeyboard.kext




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