How To Disable Avast?

When you are using antivirus software, it may stop to recognize and to allow the installation of some applications and programs.  The antivirus may also try to stop the favorite website from time to time. When this happens, you will have to choose to delete the antivirus at once but this will make the computer vulnerable to different types of threats or you may decide to disable to software for some time.

In case you use Avast product, try to turn off the antivirus at once, or stop some shields.   It is simple to learn the steps needed to achieve this.

What are 5 ways to disable Avast Antivirus?

 Avast is among the popular antivirus software which you can use to protect the computer against any threatening virus. It will protect software, files and browser and others.  However from time to time, it may be important to temporary disable avast.  You don’t need to uninstall and then reinstall the program; you can only disable it when you need it.

If you are using the computer, you can disable the antivirus in two different ways.

Disable Avast using system tray:

  • You should start by clicking at the disable Avast using the system tray and click at the right of an Avast icon from the system tray.
  • You can then go to the Avast Shields control
  • You should then choose the minutes you want to disable avast temporarily. It may be one hour or few minutes. You can also turn it off permanently. You will be asked to confirm by clicking at Yes.

Disable Avast using setting

  • Open the Avast using the settings tab. You should then double click at the icon found at the desktop or at Avast icon in the tray
  • You can then open the setting icon, found at right corner
  • Click at components so that you may disable the field system shield, web shield and mail shield. After this, you have to decide about how long you would like to have the system disabled and you should confirm such selection within a dialog window.
  • You have now finished to disable avast antivirus.

How To Disable Avast?

How do I disable Avast over Mac?

If you use Mac, you have to follow the steps on different ways of disabling Avast on the Mac.

  • You have to open up the Avast security once
  • You should click on Preferences where there are three points for Avast Shield
  • Click at Disable at the shield about the ability you want turned off.

Having avast temporarily disabled 

Sometime you will need to disable Avast because of different reasons, such as if you want to install the drivers, the video programs with different applications that cannot pass the protective shield.  The software may fail to be recognized when Avast software was turned on.   When you want to disable Avast for some time, you should follow the following steps.

  • Open a notification area, and then click at small triangle at the window taskbar. You can right click on Avast antivirus icon to get the  options of security programs
  • Go the shield control of Avast. You can choose any option, according to how long you wish to disable the Avast Antivirus.
  • You will be asked to click on Yes so that you may confirm what you have chosen.

Pause avast for email signature

If you have installed Avast as the default antivirus, there will be the email signature which will be turned on.  It can be annoying having to read for all the outgoing emails that the email is virus free.    You can get different message like the email was sent using a virus free computer under Avast protection.  If you do not have to deal with this message whenever you send the message, you can do the following

  • Right click at the Avast icon, you can then click at Open Avast as user interface
  • Click at the menu found at  right corner and go to the settings
  • Ensure that you are in the general section at the left hand and then find at enable email signature at setting and then uncheck the box
  • Click at clock and close up settings
  • You should restart the email software using the web browser also. The Avast email signature will not appear with each outgoing message

How you can disable the Avast Popups

The How you can disable the Avast Popups

 Turn off avast popups

Avast feature the notification method which let you know how you may disable the popups, the avast activity and popups, the product warning, alerts and updates.  However, if you do not like to be disturbed by the pop ups, you can disable it

  • Open user interface of Avast and then you should click at the Menu and then go to the settings.
  • At the left panel, you should check on general and click at notifications
  • You should uncheck a box found near the User silent mode and then turn off messages, alerts and pop ups. The notification will be silent from now on.

How do I completely disable Avast?

Sometime you may wish to turn off avast anti virus, but without having to uninstall it, it is possible to disable all the features of the app permanently by visiting the system tray.   In case you wish disable avast free antivirus, you should start by clicking at the Avast icon found into the system tray.   If you do not see an Avast Icon from a system tray, you have to click at the icon which will resemble the bracket pointing at the lower right corner and you will see more icons from the system tray.

Go to the Avast Sheilds control which is a second option at the popup menu which will appear at the right click of an Avast antivirus icon over the system tray.  You will get a chance to decide how long you want to avast disable, so if you want turning off avast, completely, you should click at disable permanently.


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