How To Clear All Conversations On Snapchat?

Snapchat is one of the best social media platforms as it provides greater access to have control over your privacy and content. Facebook and Instagram let users post and share content selectively with their friends and other people. But, Snapchat provides more features to be shared with friends and close friends.

On Snapchat, many features are limited to only Snapchat and make it unique. The best friend’s emojis, Snapscore, can restrict the audience from seeing your content and even what they can do with your content. The regular users of Snapchat can get through its new features and functions quickly, whereas those who are new to the app may find it challenging to use and struggle with its system and interface initially.

However, Social media users worldwide can find a paradise of online privacy by creating an account on Snapchat and using it. For instance, A user can send a snap to one person and set the settings to disappear as soon as they open and view it, or you may share it with everyone in your friends’ list and put the settings to view for 24 hours.

Also, some users press the “send” button and instantly regret it. The article will guide you on deleting those messages even before the user can view or see them.

How to delete a Snapchat message?

There is an effortless procedure to delete a snap message. All you need to do is log in to Snapchat and follow the below-mentioned steps-

  • On the lower left side of your screen, click on the ‘Chat’ icon.
  • Look for the contact you want to delete the message of. Select the contact with the message you want to delete.
  • Now, long-press the message. Options will pop up; click on “Delete.”
  • Click on “Delete” again to give it a confirmation.

Clear All Conversations On Snapchat

Can you clear all conversations on Snapchat at once?

An entire conversation can be deleted by going through contacts one by one and then following the below-mentioned steps-

  • On the contact, make a long press and click on “More” from the options.
  • Many options will be appearing. Click on ‘Clear Conversation.’
  • For confirmation, click ‘Clear’ again.
  • The conversation will be cleared.

How to set snaps to delete automatically

Delete and clear options are available only for chats and not for snaps. Over the snaps, the long press and delete option is not available. This is because they get deleted automatically after some time. Settings can be modified whether you want the snaps to delete sent snaps just after being viewed or after 24 hours.

To set snaps to delete automatically, all you need to do is long-press the contact and then click ‘More.’ After this, you need to follow the steps-

  • Click on “Delete Chats.”
  • After clicking on it, you will get a pop-up asking when you want them to be deleted. Choose ‘After Viewing.’
  • After clicking on this setting, snaps within that Snapchat conversation will be set to delete as soon as the user has received, opened, and viewed it.

How to delete Saved messages

The main feature of Snapchat is that nothing lasts forever in this message or snaps. The app has an exclusive feature to hold on to some memories or conversations. Therefore, the makers of Snapchat gave in the option to save chats. Also, messages cannot be saved without letting the other user know about them. When a message is saved, it turns its background to grey, which means it is saved. Thus, irrespective of the settings for the messages and snaps, those saved chats will last forever until they are deleted.

Now, the question arises as to how you can unsave a chat? The answer to this is simple.

  • Look for the saved chat.
  • Long press the chat. Click on “Unsave in chat.”

How do I delete all conversations?

Some sites make it extremely difficult to delete all the messages at once. But, Snapchat is far better and does not provide any such issues. Messages can be quickly deleted on Snapchat with just some clicks. Take the following steps-

Open Snapchat. On the upper left-hand corner, click on the profile icon. After that, click on Settings in the upper right-hand corner. Scroll down, and you will find an option to clear conversation Snapchat. Click on “Clear Conversation.”

Tap the ‘X’ next to each contact, then confirm in the pop-up window. Keep in mind that this will not erase any messages that have been saved.

How to recover deleted messages

There are times when a user deletes their messages by mistake and thinks if they can restore them. However, it can be done, but the process is not simple.

The saved messages can be found in the contacts list, whereas the message list will be blank if there are no saved messages.

One option is to download the data from the Snapchat website. When you log in, options will be there for you. Click on “My data.” After this, at the bottom, the submit request button is there. Proceed further by clicking on it.

This is not full proof as some users claim they have recovered and some claim that they haven’t.

Some certain third-party apps and services guarantee you are recovering your last data, but we have not tested it. But, it is advised that before letting those apps allow access to your accounts, have caution and have researched over the developers for getting back your messages.

How do you clear all messages on Snapchat?

  • Open Snapchat.
  • Swipe right to visit the Friends page.
  • Choose the chat column from the list.
  • Either select a message that is already sent or send a new message.
  • Tap the message and hold it to delete it.
  • Select Delete.

Now that the message has been removed, which acted as a Snapchat message eraser, participants in one-on-one or group chats will not be able to view what you sent. They will note, though, that you have erased a line of text.

Can you mass delete Snapchat?

If you want to delete your Snapchat account permanently, there is a full-fledged article to guide you. But, if you want to delete your account to remove all of your messages from someone else’s view, this would not work.

If you want to delete your account, you need to delete your messages by following the steps mentioned above. Otherwise, Snapchat messages won’t delete. Also, if you have already deleted your account, you can reactivate it within 30 days and then delete the messages.

Blocking and Snap messages

Users have a question whether blocking a user clears chat history. If you do not delete or unsend Snapchat messages previously sent, a blocked user will view them as they want. However, you will not be able to see their messages or receive updates from them.

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Snapchat is growing, and with this, it has new updates and features, which makes it confusing, and users have something to learn.

If I delete a message that someone has already read, will that message be deleted from their end too?

The answer to this question is Yes. If you delete such a message, it will be deleted from both ends. Even though the user has saved the messages in chat (not about screenshots), it will delete them.

If I delete my account, will it remove my messages?

No. If you delete your account, it will not remove your messages or the snaps that have been sent. Your personal information and your profile from the account will be deleted. Also, keep in mind that a snap sent to a friend will not be deleted until the user has Snapchat opened it or it has expired.

If I clear a conversation, does it delete the messages for the recipient too?

When you clear a conversation, it only deletes the conversation on your side.

My friend knew that I deleted a message. What happened?

Snapchat has a feature that lets the other user know that you have sent a message and then deleted it. When the user scrolls his chat, a small gray message will reveal that there are deleted chats.

I cleared conversations, messages are still there. What’s happening?

This is a general question as to why messages are still there even after clearing the conversations. First, removing the conversation does not necessarily delete stored messages from Snapchat, but it does erase the contact from your messages list. To delete them, go to your messages and press the message symbol in the top right corner. Put the name of the person you’re looking for in the search box.

Open the message in the contact and long-press the message unsave it. All the Snapchat saved messages will be seen with a gray background. By recognising them, you can view save messages

If a message doesn’t delete, try uninstalling and reinstalling Snapchat or upgrading it if available in the App Store or Google Play Store.

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