How To Choose Power Supply

How to choose power supply

When it comes to the PC components, power supply is the least exciting components but it is the most important. PC uses electricity and it will not be provided without any components to transmit it into the case of the PC.  It is important to have the electricity route which will start from the alternating current AC which is provided by a power company into a direct current or DC which will be used by the PC components, keeping within required voltage.

Anyone can think to get any pc power supply, and to use it for his computer. However, this is not the right thing to do. The power supply should provide a clean and reliable power so that it does not cause any problem which includes the instability which is hard to find out.  Failing of the power supply, may lead to problems like random freezes or rests which continue to be mysterious.

How do I choose the right power supply?

When it comes to the right power supply, you have to consider the storage options, RAM, GPU and CPU. When you pick the best power supply, you can get the right performance and it will contribute to reliability.

How To Choose Power Supply

How many watts power supply do I need?

How much power do you need?

When it comes to choosing the power supply, there are many factors that you have to consider.  You should learn about the level of the power supply that you will need for the outputs.

There are tools that will show you how much power, RAM, GPU and motherboard require.  Even if the tools may not go into details, you will be able to decide about the level of power you will need for your computer without having to guess everything. However, if you find out that your computer requires 576 watts, you may go to 600 watt to be at the safe side.

 Think about the future

If you think that you will need to upgrade your computer in the near future, you can buy power supply, with better watts.  This means that when it comes to choosing the power supply now, you should not consider the current needs, but you should also think about the future needs.

While deciding on the computer power supply, you have to understand the peak power is not the same as continuous power. Maximum power is the power supply which will refer to stable or continuous power that will be available for psu computer.  Peak power is about the maximum or surge power which a PSU may deliver.  This can take place for some seconds.   If you are looking for the right atx power supply unit, you have to ensure that the continuous wattage is capable to meet the needs of the computer, while at the same time making sure that the computer will not run into problems if the PC is on the full load.

You should also remember that even if you will be buying a power supply with a high rate, it means that you will  pay for more power.  The power supply can only put out the electricity which will be required by the components of the PC. Even if you may pay more if you are buying a power source, it will not cost you more, when you use it for the computer.

What it is the best type of power supply?


The manufacturers of the power supply pc add the protection in their equipment to ensure that the computer will not suffer because of any power related problem.  The protection can add the cost to the power supply; however, it will bring peace of mind.

The first one is the protection for over voltage.  This will refer to mechanism or circuit that can shut down if the desktop power supply is more than needed.  This is an important protection because higher output may damage the computer components which will connect on the power supply.

The next protection is the protection for overcurrent:  these are the circuits which are designed to protect power supply unit or the computer when it shuts it down, if there is an excess of the current.  It will also stop too much power load and short circuit current.


Wattage is a type of the measure for the performance of the power supply; the second one is the efficiency rating. This is about the level of the DC power that enters and how much power supply computer will lose to the heat.  Efficiency determines how long the PC will keep the power.

The example is when you have the power supply that has a 85 percent as efficiency rating, the PC will be pulling out 353 watts, if it requires 300 watts for its power.  However, when the power supply is only 70 percent efficient, it will be pulling the power of 428 watts.  This means that if you want to save money, you should go for an efficient power supply which can save some money from the power bill.

Another benefit of an efficient power supply is that the PC will be cooler.  Each PC components can generate a certain level of heat and this will prevent the optimum performance.  If you get a good power supply, it may dissipate low heat and the system will work quieter because the fans do not have to run long or faster. This will mean long lifespan and better reliability.

Will it fit?

The power supply should not only be suitable, but it should also fit into the psu computer term. The power supply should be able to fit into the case physically.

Atx power supply unit are the update from the old power supplies known as AT that are phasing out.  The current choice of many people are using ATX 12V.  They are found in different version and they will deliver the power into the processor.  However, ATX form factor are of the same physical size and shape as the ATX12V.  Other types are SFF, EPS12V, CFX12V and LFX12V.

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