How To Change Twitch Username

In this article, we will tell you how to change twitch username for all versions of the app. As we all know, with many social accounts, we can sometimes be too early in selecting a username. In a very short period of time, you may also realize that it is just not the name that you wanted.

It also can be your current brand that does not match the name that you have selected. For any reason, you will not need to create a new account to get a new name.

Can You Change Your Twitch Name

You can also change your username once in every 60 days. Simply you will have to go to your Profile Settings and also with your username you will be able to see a new option to make some changes. When you have changed your name, the username will be held by Twitch for a minimum period of six months.

When you have changed your name, the username will be held by Twitch for a minimum period of six months. And after that, we may have to decide to return it to the pool with available usernames for the community and for some of the new users. We will not be able to recycle partner usernames, excepting some special scenarios.

We will also receive requests for taken but not by using the inactive usernames. Unfortunately, at that point of time, we are unable to accept direct requests to take a name from another account. But most of the inactive usernames are subject to our username recycle and reuse policy as well.

How To Change Twitch Username

How Can You Change Twitch Name On Your Mobile App

If you already had a Twitch account for some time, you may also feel like you have outgrow the username which you selected when you signed up for the first time.

Maybe it was an old nickname for which you are no longer fond of, or you are still interested in a different direction for your channel and want your username to clear that.

  1. First of all, you will have to open the Twitch website in a web browser on your PC and then log in, and after that you will have to click on your profile icon which is located in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  2. After that, In the drop-down menu it appears, click “Settings.”
  1. Then you will have to scroll down to the “Profile Settings”.
  1. And after that, in the section “Username,” you will see a pencil icon at the far right. You will have to click on this icon.
  2. Then, type your desired Twitch username in the given field. If you will see the username which you want is already taken or otherwise unavailable,then a message will surely appear in red text explaining the issue.
  3. At last, to finalize your selection, click “Update.”

Always keep in mind that you can only be able to change your Twitch username once in 60 days. If you want to change your username to something that you end up disliking, you will finally be stuck with that username for two months.

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How To Change Email On Twitch

If you want to be more updated on all the latest videos on Twitch, you will need to connect it with your other online accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Steam, and YouTube. Most probably, you are active on these such accounts. You can also connect even directly to it on your email. And by connecting Twitch on your email address can also let you receive all the notifications based on your description. And if you are already signed up to Twitch, you will need to put your email address.

Here are some ways on how you can change your Twitch email address:

  1. First, log in to the Twitch account.
  2. After that you will have to look for “Security and Privacy,” then select.
  3. And then, Under the Email, click on the pencil icon which you can easily find at the right side.
  4. You can also be able to see your current email address. You will have to just edit it and place your desired email address.
  5. At last,  click “save.”

And really yes, it is very simple. The email address which is connected to your Twitch account is very important. It is where Twitch sends important information like newsletters and notifications. If in any case you forgot your Twitch username or password, you will be able to refresh your account by using your email. And this is the main reason why you should check your email address on your Twitch account.

How To Change Twitch Name Color

There are mainly two ways by which you can change the color of your name on Twitch. The first way is by clicking the wheel next to the chat button > then click edit > then select the color which you want your name to be.

If you are about to change the color of your name by clicking the options wheel, then first start by clicking the options wheel which is next to the chat button.

When you click on that options wheel which is next to the chat button then the chat settings will automatically pop up. Then you will have to click the edit button.

Now from the new screen you will be able to easily add any custom color that you have earned as well as you can also change the color of your name.So you will need to click on the color of your name and you are about to exit out of the chat settings. These changes are automatically saved.

The colors they usually offer you are very simple, and for me personally I am quite cool with them; moreover, if you want some more colors to choose from the list you can also click the “more colors” button and you will be taken to a screen where you can easily buy Twitch Turbo just for a small monthly fee.

Twitch Turbo basically offers some more sets of colors, more emojis and also ad free viewing between other things. If you are going to stand out in chat for some more time, by having a unique colored name can also help you in doing so.

Also, if you are already signed up for Twitch Prime through Amazon then you already have Twitch Turbo and have access to all of the extra colors. So if you want Twitch Turbo, you should consider just spending a few extra money in a month on Amazon Prime and then you will be able to get a free Twitch Prime Sub every month along with the Twitch Turbo.

So, now if you are about to change the color of your name by simply typing in chat, then the first thing you will need to do is type  “/color” in the chat box, without any type of quotation marks like this:

Now, you will have to click enter and a box will also appear where you can easily type in the color that you want to change your name to:

There will be some common colors such as red, blue, green, etc; moreover, if you type in a color and which is not available, or you will have to just type in a random letter and hit enter, a screen will automatically appear that shows you a list of the colors that you can easily select from the list.

How To Change Twitch Email

The email address which is attached to your account is very important. We will send you some important information like notifications and/or newsletters to the given address if you have already enabled it. Finally, you can be easily able to recover all of the lost account information – like your username and password – by using this address.

Changing Your Email

When you are on the account page you will simply need to click on the Manage Twitch Button that will already take you to a Twitch settings page for the settings of your Twitch account.

And on the Twitch settings page you will always need to scroll to the section named as “Email”. It will be the very first setting on the page. When you locate that setting you can simply go ahead and type in your new email address which you want on your account.

When you will have the new email address entered then go ahead and press the “Save Changes” button which is located at the top right hand side of the settings. You will also be able to find that button at the bottom right hand side of the settings.

twitch can't change username

Change Twitch Username Not Working

Twitch is known as the largest streaming platform for gamers. But, most of the people usually report that they can easily encounter the “can’t change Twitch username” issues. If you are also one of them and going to fix the issue.

  1. Clear Browser Cache and Cookies

Step 1: First of all, Open Google Chrome and click on the three-dot button on the upper right corner.

Step 2: Then Select More tools and click on Clear browsing data.

Step 3: After that, in the pop-up window, you will have to set the Time range to All time. Then, check the Cookies and some other site data and Cached images and files options. Then you will have to click Clear data.

  1. Open Twitch in Incognito Mode

After following the way of clearing browser cache and cookies in your twitch account. And you are at the same issue now also. Now there are some more ways which can help you in fixing these types of issues. So let’s come to other ways for this issue.

If you are facing the “can’t change Twitch username” error, then you can also try changing the name of your account in Incognito mode in Google Chrome. You will need to click the three dots icon on the top right corner of Google Chrome. Then you will have to select the New incognito window by scrolling the menu.

  1. Change Username from settings

When you are unable to change your Twitch username, you can also try to change it from the Settings. You can also follow given steps for this:

Step 1: First of all, Log in to Twitch and then go to Your account settings.

Step 2: Then, You will need to select the Edit button and then you will have to type your new username.

Step 3: If the selected username is available you will see a green right mark. Then, you will have to click on the Update button.

Step 4: After that, enter your Twitch password to verify, and you are ready to go.

  1. Try Another Browser

If you are still encountering the “Twitch change username not working” issue, it is recommended you to try some other browser. Now, “can’t change Twitch username” issue can be fixed automatically and you can also change it successfully.

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