How To Build A Gaming Laptop And Why It Is Best

For gaming, it is best to build a gaming laptop rather than using the traditional one. And that has most of the benefits. Also, you need special knowledge and skills for building a gaming laptop. But before you go to build it you should know about it. So let’s read!

What is a Gaming Laptop?

A gaming laptop is not the same as a traditional laptop although they look like them. It contains some extra features and extra capability to give you a pleasing gaming experience. For playing AAA games you always need a high bit-rate, high resolution, sharp visuals, that you can not find on a usual laptop. A high-powered processor game consuming a lot of battery power. So if you play games on your normal laptop then you should need to charge your laptop all day. Therefore the gaming laptops come with extra battery life. Also, a gaming laptop needs an efficient cooling system and a high-speed fan for the intense system to use as a resource during the gameplay. These gaming laptops can be 2 types – pre-build or custom.

So if you are thinking about going to build a gaming laptop rather than a pre-built one, then the first thing you should know is what you can customize to build your laptop.

 Build A Gaming Laptop And Why It Is Best

What are the components you can customize on a gaming laptop? 

When you are deciding to build your own laptop then there are many options available for you that you can customize. You can customize your laptop to look as cool. These custom options can tell you how much power you can get and also it will help with the budget. However, to build a laptop the basic components you need are a laptop case, motherboard, processors, RAM, power supply, GPU, HDD/SSD, and an optical drive.

Graphics Card or GPU

The term GPU or Graphics Processing Unit is used as a similar term with the Graphics or Video card. This GPU uses PCs to display images or videos. The main difference between a GPU and a CPU is that the CPU comes with a few core processing, so multiple tasks at a time can slow down the laptop. On the other hand, GPUs can handle multi-tasking easily because it comes with thousands of core processors.

The GPU has two types – integrated and discrete. The integrated GPUs are present within the laptop and they use the memory with the processors. But the discrete GPU was present on separate cards, so they did not use the internal memory unit for graphics rendering. And by this, it can provide the optimum performances. Considering the gaming, most games need the ‘recommended’ and ‘minimum’ settings. The best quality type graphics on your laptop is giving you the best ever display, better performances, realistic graphics, or higher frames per second.


If you are a gamer you know it’s perfect that while you are playing a game it utilizes the RAM. So for a gaming laptop, at least 16GB of RAM is a good idea. To build a gaming laptop you need to always keep an eye on the basic requirements. Although most gaming laptops come with 8GB RAM. But this is not good for quality type performances. So you need to customize the RAM to 16GB to experience your quality types of games and most high-performance games. Also, note how many memory slots your gaming laptop has. Memory can be expendable, so if you need to add extra memory so you can add the memory on an extra open slot.


Storage comes with two types – Hard Drive (HDD) and Solid State Drive (SSD). Both types of hard drives can be used on your gaming laptops. The faster spins on your 1TB HDD the better it will perform. This means that a 720-rpm 1TB HDD has the ability to outperform a 5400-rpm 1TB drive. However, the SSD gives you higher performance. Because it contains non-volatile flash memory that has a higher processing speed. The drives on your laptop can work in tandem using the SSD as the boot drive. And it will decrease the loading time and give you a faster starting gaming experience.

Optical Drive

An Optical Disk Drive or ODD is a component on your laptop or PC that collects data from an optical drive such as a CD, DVD, or Video Game Disk. The ODD collects this data by using the laser light and reads then writes the data from these disks. The faster your optical drives work the better you see the display on your screen.

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What are the components that you can customize for your gaming types?

You have to remember that the components you choose for your laptops are unique for different game types. The recent game types that come with the most realistic graphics need more resources than the latest components can deliver. But most of the games do not need that many requirements. Each type of game has its own ‘recommended’ and ‘minimum’ requirements. Therefore, before you want to start building your gaming laptop you must think about what type of games you will be playing for the next few years. Better components help with the future-proof gaming laptops, so you can happily play the latest newly released games with full rhythm.

Virtual Reality or VR games demand much higher hardware than non-VR games. For playing a VR game you need some extra components that can fulfill the gaming additional requirements. During go to build your laptop must remember to add responsive GPU and a sufficient amount of RAM so it can perform the peak performances. Also, notice other hardware requirements like sufficient numbers of USB ports, headset, and other sensors that are used for the room-scale gaming experience.

Now as you gain knowledge about building your gaming laptop maybe you wonder about the cost.

Is it cheaper to build your own gaming laptop? 

As of this year, to build a high-end gaming laptop you need to spend $1200+, for a middle-range laptop the price will be $500-$1200, and for lower-end, you have to spend $500.

So depending on your need that you want to build a high-end or low-end or mid-range the price will be higher to cheaper.

What do I need to make my laptop a gaming laptop?

The answer is you can not make your traditional laptops into gaming laptops. As with most laptops, you can not change the hardware, especially the  RAM and Hard disk. It is an essential part needed for gaming. But for a normal laptop, you can not upgrade them and you can not use it to play your AAA games. Other most important things for a gaming laptop are the graphics card and motherboards, also most of the time you can not replace them on basic laptops.

That’s the reason that you can make your basic laptops into gaming laptops. Rather you can build a lower-cost gaming laptop on your own.

Final Words

So finally if you are getting all the information for building a gaming laptop, now it is time to list your favorite games you love to play most of the time. Then from the list configure and find the configuration of the components that you need to enjoy all your game. Enjoy, happy building!


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