How To Breed Turtles 2021

Around 3000 fish species, including Bubble Columns, Drowned Zombies, and Sea Turtles, were added when Minecraft Bedrock was released almost a decade ago. The sea turtles can be bred by the player, though most of the added species cannot breed.

Some players need help learning how to breed Sea turtles, though it has been years since it has been released, and people are aware of it.

Breed Turtles

How do you breed turtles in Minecraft?

You should know how a person approaches breeding the turtles before knowing more details on Sea Turtles in Minecraft. To breed sea turtles, two things are needed-

  • Two members of the species.
  • At Least two seagrass items.

Find at least two turtles.

Two-parent turtles are needed to breed turtles. In Minecraft, fully grown sea turtles Minecraft may be found in beach biomes. They could be found in two ways-

  • Walking along the beach.
  • Swimming in the water.

A trick can be used to breed a turtle or a Spawn egg, but this is not in the spirit of Minecraft.

Given that you won’t be able to pick up a turtle and transport it to a specific spot, dig a hole in the sand around (at least) two turtles. The Sea Turtles will not mate if they are just left in the hole. You’ll have to “encourage” them.

Craft Shears

Shears item is needed to get your hands on seagrass. Two iron ingots are needed for this item, which is made using iron ore. Iron Ore may be mined in the most mountainous area. Since two iron ingots are needed, and one iron ingot will produce one iron ingot. Therefore, to create an iron ingot, go to the furnace, add some coal and iron ore. Follow this procedure two times.

Now, go to the crafting menu; in the first row of the 33 Crafting grid, in the second box, put one iron ore. After this, in the second middle row, put the other iron ore in the first box. Now, when you have created two iron ingots, you can craft shears.

Obtain Seagrass

It’s time to dive into the ocean at the Ocean biome area with Shears at your disposal. The seagrass should be found submerged along the coastline. You should hold the shears into your hand just as you hold any weapon or action item in Minecraft. The seagrass can be collected using the Shears by pointing towards a bed of seagrass. Two of them will be needed minimum.

Feed the Sea turtles

Select seagrass in the Hotbar on going back to the turtles. Now, feeding the turtle needs to be done with seagrass. After having fed the turtles, red hearts should show above them. This symbolizes that the turtles have entered the “love mode.” As time passes, hearts will disappear. One of the sea turtles should then digging and lay up to four eggs on the ground.


All the process has been done. All that is remaining is waiting for the baby Sea Turtles to hatch. The hatching process will only be done at night. Therefore it is recommended not to wait during the daytime. Feed the baby sea Turtle Minecraft with ten Seagrass items to grow a baby sea turtle into an adult.

Sea Turtle and Egg behavior

In the category of passive Minecraft creatures, Sea turtles are included. This symbolizes that they will not fight back h=on being attacked. It has to be continuously considered and kept in mind because the Minecraft creatures starting from Zombies to Rangers, occasionally attack the turtles. Put on some protective measures in place if you plan on starting a Sea Turtle Farm.

The sea Minecraft turtle eggs are very delicate once they are laid. The chances are that if you or Minecraft entity stands on an egg, it will break. Further, if an egg drops, it will result in shattering. Therefore, it is advised that there should be proper caution exercised to deal with them. Also, keep in mind that adult turtles can also shatter and break eggs. So, to protect them, you need to ensure that they are hidden away.

There is another reason to have the Sea Turtles mate. This is because young turtles are the tiniest mob in Minecraft, at 0.12 blocks.

Also, keep in mind that sea turtles are slow in dryland whereas fast in the water. This should be an essential fact for you to collect them.

Breed Turtles


Do Minecraft turtles breed naturally?

No, Minecraft turtles do not breed naturally. They only breed if they are fed with seagrass. Also, they will not look for it or eat it on their own; they have to be fed. Therefore, to breed, the sea turtles need to be fed with seagrass and close vicinity to each other.

Are there any ways to get turtles to breed?

No steps can be listed here as there is no way to make turtles breed themselves. One has to feed them with seagrass.

How do turtles lay eggs in Minecraft?

A turtle that is pregnant will dig a hole in the sand and lay one to four eggs. It should be noted because each turtle has its own house. Therefore, a turtle will lay eggs only on the beach where it was born. After entering the love mode, don’t be shocked if you witness a turtle Minecraft straining to go back to her home beach.

What can you do with turtles in Minecraft?

Breeding turtles is a lovely and enjoyable experience. However, the attractiveness and pleasure of Minecraft turtle breeding are not the only reasons to do it. Over time, Minecraft baby turtle matures into an adult. They will drop a scute as soon as they mature from baby turtles into adults. These dropped scutes can be gathered and collected to make a turtle shell of five scutes which you may either put on and wear underwater to activate the water breathing perk.

“Turtle master” is a potion that can be crafted with the help of turtle shells. This will enhance the player with Slowness IV and Resistance IV.

Sea Turtles can be seen spawning in Minecraft, but it might take a long time to find five of them. The best way to get here is to take matters into your own hands.

Where do turtles spawn in Minecraft?

The turtles can be found across the OverWorld, especially at the beach/ocean biome location.

This has to be kept in mind that they won’t occur on stone coastlines or in the snowy version of the location. Keeping the ratio to 10% of the newborns, they tend to travel in groups of five. Two to six-level seven (or higher) turtles are generated in Minecraft Bedrock.

How long does it take for turtles to mate?

Mating can take a long time. Following that, the male will attempt to cling to his partner’s shell to prevent other men from mating with her. Several males may compete for the same female simultaneously, biting his tail and flippers to force him to release her. For a female sea turtle, mating is a difficult task.

How long does, in Minecraft, it take for a turtle to lay eggs?

The turtle will dig a hole in the sand in just a few seconds as soon as it reaches the home beach. It will start laying eggs after that. It takes around 10-30 seconds for the turtles to lay eggs. However, the process of hatching takes some time and occurs only in the nighttime.

How do you breed turtles at home?

Turtles do not breed except for their home beaches where they are born. Therefore, there is no way to breed them except by feeding the seagrass.

Why won’t my Minecraft turtle lay eggs?

When the turtles are gathered and produced to mate with each other, one turtle tries to run away, and no one among the mated turtles lays eggs. The reason behind them not laying eggs is already told that they require their home beach to lay eggs. Therefore, to create a Minecraft turtle farm, make sure it is a turtle beach that makes it comfortable for the turtles to lay eggs. Also, instead of going to other beaches in search of turtles, check for them near your home.

Minecraft and Sea Turtles Conclusion

As discussed above, one can quickly understand that mating Sea Turtles is not a difficult task. Not many items are needed for the process. It is a fun activity. Also, baby turtles drop scutes which can be collected to create turtle shells. These shells can further be used for underwater breathing. It also lets you create a potion to enhance durability. Killing baby turtles won’t let you have scutes; they are only dropped while baby turtles grow.

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