How To Become A Cop On GTA 5?

Grand Theft Auto V is an open-world action-adventure game that was launched in the year 2013 by Rockstar north.  The whole game is set within a fictional state name San Andreas.   This adventurous game is played by a single player who gets followed by three protagonists the bank robber, the street Gangster and the drug dealer.

The key features of the game are that this game can each be played with a third-person prospect or a first-person prospect. Aloof this the entire world of San Andreas can be driven or explore either through walking on the street or vehicle.

How To Become A Cop On GTA 5?

The whole game was made more interesting when the police mods GTA 5 were segregated into five categories

  • LSD first response
  • Police menu V
  • Crime and police rebalance and enhancement
  • Unarmed Police
  • Arrest peds V

How To Become A Cop On GTA 5?

How do you play as Cop in GTA?

The GTA V is known for their creativity and especially the mods that have been added to it.  The police mods add some audacious flavours to the game and make it more fascinating for the player.

The game has different features in GTA 5 police mod from being able to act as police and having the power to arrest the pedestrians. There is no denying the fact that the presence of the police Mod makes the GTA games more adventure.

When a player is playing GTA 5, fun is not always in pulling the heist; it can be more adventurous when the player can be a member of the law enforcement itself and work against his people.

Being a police officer in the GTA 5 is much more different than in real life because in the game you’re not supposed to join the Police Academy or give an examination or get trained all you need is to get the Cops uniform.

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In this article we’ll explain the various techniques to get a Cops uniform:

Step 1

This is a pretty obvious and implied step. The character has to steal a Police officers car. You can’t be a police officer without stealing their car. After you are succeeded in getting your hands on a police car you are supposed to store it in Michael’s garage.

Now in order to steal the car, you can go one of the two ways, first, if you are willing to lose the wanted level; you can steal the police car from the GTA 5 police station present in the game.  If not that, then, all you have to do is create some frill on the street and wait for the cops to show up to arrest you and this is when you steal their car. This method is famously known as the old fashioned, rogue, plunters way to get a car in the GTA V.

Step 2

Now that you have acquired the mode of transportation all you need is to get yourself a uniform.  There is a unique feature in this game known as the rockstar editor which aids the player to make some clips or movies.  This is how you actually begin your career in LSPD:

All you have to do to find the rockstar editor, and for that, you will pause the game and start looking for the main menu categories.  You are looking for the editor icon and then click on the Director Mode.

Now that you’ve chosen the Director Mode you can observe on your upper left hand a casting menu.

Select the following:

  • Actors;
  • Emergency services; and

When you are scrolling down the options in the menu you will observe that Michael is standing at a trailers entrance.  Michael’s cloth will change as per the options you choose from the menu.

Once you choose the LSPD option you will go back into the game.  Now all you have to do is get into your own police Cruiser and get to work.

Step 3

Now that you are finally a cop, you might think that there are so many things to do as a part of law enforcement. For instance, tracking down a criminal or running after the offenders but that is not true when you are playing GTA V. In this game, there are no police jobs for you to perform.

So your target is to look for the task that you can perform as a Police Officer but the list for the same is pretty short.

  • If any Cops are controlling the traffic you can help them do that.
  • You can help the police to tase the suspect.
  • If you witness a police car that is chasing down a speeding car, you can assist them to stop the car.
  • If you get into a fistfight or a firefight you can call for backup and the cops will arrive for your assistance. To call the cops call 911 emergency services.


How to get a cop uniform in GTA V:

As mentioned above, you can still a police car and get the police uniform but if you don’t want to follow those steps this is another way to get a sheriff’s uniform.

Let’s say that you are involved in a casino heist, whose complete outline is for you to get certain key cards. While completing the mission you steal a police bus and when you do that you get a police uniform.

Now when you complete the whole mission and get out of the car will be wearing the uniform. If you want to customize the outfit as per your convenience you can go and save the outfit in the closet and customize it by putting on gloves or sunglasses or even change the shoes of the uniform.

These were few ways to get a cops uniform in GTA V the game is very adventurous, lucrative, enticing and the police Mod make the game more thrilling for the player. This game has the best experience in GTA 5 police mods Xbox 360.






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