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Applying housing loan is the biggest decision in life. We can make our dream house by taking home loan and it also makes happy to family. For making your life easier by taking loan android app have recently added a new category of Home Loans, it makes all the people easier to apply for a home loan from home with rental agreements. has recently launched ‘Rental Agreement’ for the Bangalore users, and a product that helps people create and customize property agreements online. These products allow customers to draft their lease documents by giving inputs like rent, property area, security deposit and facilities available for a basic fee of R.75 besides the cost of stamp paper and taxes.

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Finding the right house makes us too tough and real estate transaction is full of paperwork, huge transaction, and confusing legal documents which forces tenants and landlords to spend days and days for getting the agreements from the registration office. In India there are over 5,00,000 houses which is on rent every month and legally required a rental agreement after the transaction takes place.


How works? Helps people create and customize an agreement from whenever they are as long as they have access to the internet. The User gives input like house rent, property, area, security deposit, and facilities available etc. Whenever required you can also review the clauses in the background. unique feature of Rental Agreement is that pays stamp duty on behalf of tenants and landlords, and delivers the e-stamped rental agreements at doorstep just within 48hours. This platform also has an e-stamp calculator that ensures users pay for the correct stamp-duty.

People usually stand in the office for more than hours on average at the registration office for trying to get their rental agreement paperwork done. But Rental Agreement will let people do the same thing online just within 5 minutes. Home Loan Solutions:

Housing Home loans is a tool that helps home seekers find a Home loan, which is customize to finance their purchases and Housing have a partnered with major banks and the top financial Institution for integrating deeply into the Home Loan process and a set of rule engines. This Rule Engines incorporate the banks term and policies to give the user an accurate calculation of the rate of interest. The user can not only compare an array of Home Loan offers but also go ahead and apply for the Home on the platform itself. By controlling the home Loan amount and tenure people can compare the total cost of each loan offered by the banks and minimize it to find the most suitable Home Loan offer for themselves. have already partnered with 6 Top Financial institution they are:

  • Axis bank.
  • L & T Finance.
  • PNB Housing Finance.
  • Bajaj Finserv.

These are the 6 banks in which have already partnered with. Housing ensure total privacy for their users and not request for their contact number or email-ID till the users themselves reach out to the housing. This app is available on the Android and iOS and beyond this Housing has established a Home loan expert team which is available throughout the day. Whenever you have any queries to ask, you will always find them to answer your questions and clear your doubts.

The Android app has helped many people who are seeking for Home loan and home rents. Each and every clients are happy with the services they provide. Before you choose any Home loan you will be guided and home loan eligibility, home loan process articles are given clearly on their Main site. have never disappointed their customers till today.

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