How To Appear Offline On Discord

Getting invisible or offline on Discord seems to be a disagreement since it is a social platform for gamers. There are times when you might need peace and calmness around without logging off from the platform, whether you are preparing for a mission, or taking care of help tasks of the association, or focussing on crafting or leveling. These are the times when you want to be invisible being online too.

How do I appear offline on discord 2020?

Logging out of Discord might let you miss important messages, calls for help, or some interesting chat, even though it just takes a second to do that. ‘Invisible’ status lets you log in without even informing everyone that you are in DND.

The colored dots next to an Avatar indicate the activity of the user. You would know this if you are familiar with the platform of Discord. The colors say-

  • Green for Online,
  • Yellow for idle,
  • Red for Do not disturb,
  • Grey for You are not online.

If you are planning to use Invisible status for privacy or maybe you need peace, it will appear offline.

The invisible feature of Discord is a distinguishing feature. It lets you connect with all your conversations and updates and play games or perform various tasks undisturbed.

appear offline on Discord

How do I change my online status on Discord?

The users have access to four discord online statuses. They are-

  • Online
  • Idle
  • Do not Disturb
  • Invisible

Being on ‘Online’ status shows all the other users that you are available and open to work and communications. You are hence, interacting and playing a part.

There is a certain time which is set by the admin after which the system declares the user to be ‘Idle’. This symbolizes you are away from your keyboard even after the time set.

When a user is in DnD status, it means he is not ready to accept any communications. During this status, if someone tries to initiate a conversation, a red circle shows to the user. It simply means that a person is online but is not ready to chat or communicate.

‘Invisible’ status is such that it keeps you logged in but does not inform anyone of the same. It is a kind of unofficial log out setting.

Online and Idle are usually server automated settings. As soon as the user logs in, the status changes to online, and when he is away for a longer time, it is set to Idle. Although, a user too can manually set the status to Idle when he is not working over anything.

Whereas, Discord Do not Disturb and Invisible are user automated settings.

To set yourself to ‘Invisible’, all that you need to do is click on the discord invisible avatar that is located on the bottom left corner of the application. A pop-up box will appear. Click on ‘Invisible’ in the pop-up box. Until you log out from the app, or you change the status to something else, it will be set to ‘Invisible’.

As previously mentioned, on ‘Invisible’ status, you can play your games and perform necessary tasks undisturbed without even people knowing about it. This is the only feature that lets no one know that your status is set to invisible.

Invisible Status Per Server

Though invisible status lets you unnoticeable among the other users and servers, yet you have an option to make yourself partly invisible. You can do that for different servers on which you would like to be invisible.

For instance, When playing a mission on a server, you can set yourself online to the respective server whereas you can put yourself invisible on other servers so that you may be prevented from any sort of disturbances.

This will encourage you to talk freely with the people you’re playing with without being interrupted by anyone. Some people have a frequent group of friends with whom they play. Setting your status to “Invisible” will help you avoid hurt feelings and negative conversations.

Custom Status

Setting a custom status is another important feature of the Discord app. This option lets you put any status message on being visible.

You can let your friends and groups know whatever you are doing by putting it as your status message and the reason why you are not available for chats.

There is a ‘Clear After’ option that lets you set the time till which your status message should be visible to others. It may vary from four hours to an indefinite time period. It is a great way to communicate your current activities.

How to know if someone is invisible on Discord?

No matter if you are a server administrator or another user, there is no option to tell for anyone whether a particular user is invisible. Therefore, an invisible user remains the same for everyone. Infact, any server admin could not even tell if there are any invisible users at a given point of time.

If you run a Discord server and want to know the peak and low times using numbers, or if you’re organising an event or raid, this may be a challenge. So far, most admins have worked through it by shouting out or DM. Invisible users will receive messages, both verbal and Direct Messages.

Can you hide what game you’re playing?

Yes, you can hide the game which you are playing. The discord app has an option- “Display currently running game as a status message’ wherein the current running game is shown on the status message. Not all games can be auto selected by the Discord app, but most of them are whether they use the Discord. This setting can also be put off as needed.

Here are the steps-

  • In the bottom left corner of your Discord tab, choose the tiny cog Settings button.
  • From the left menu, select Games option.
  • Put the toggle of Display currently running game as a status message to off.

This should be toggled off anyway since most servers do not have access to use Discord.

Managing Friend Sync

To get notified what applications your friends are using like Steam, Skype, or This feature could also be turned off if not needed. The feature is safe and stable, with adequate protection to protect your records, but it is a theoretical flaw in an otherwise safe system.

The steps to turn off Friend Sync-

  • Log into the Discord app and select User settings.
  • Select Connections
  • Select Disconnect Sync and turn it off.
  • Toggle off the display username.

Using sync has no security ramifications, but it is one setting you would like to alter if you want to optimise privacy.

Can you make yourself appear offline on discord?

When you set Do Not Disturb (DnD), your avatar will appear with a red circle around it, and any desktop updates will be muted. Setting yourself to discord Invisible would render you fully invisible, but you’ll always have full access to Discord. By these two methods, one can make appear offline discord.

How do I go offline on discord mobile?

For to discord appear offline on the mobile application, you need to follow these steps-

  • Open your discord application on your mobile.
  • Login to your discord account.
  • On the bottom left side of the screen, you will see your profile icon. Click on that.
  • The user settings page will open.
  • Next to set status, click on ‘online’.
  • After this, click on ‘invisible’ to go and appear offline in discord.

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