How The Snapchat Score Is Calculated

Let us know about “How The Snapchat Score Is Calculated”. You may also have noticed a specific number near your username on Snapchat, and also how it keeps going upwards. And this is basically known as a Snapchat score, which is a special number which is combining the number of Snaps which you have already sent and received, then the stories which you have posted and also some other factors, according to Snapchat’s website.

Basically, it will show you how active you are on your snapchat app. You can also be able to view your Snapchat score by just scrolling down on the Snapchat camera screen and the figure will usually be displayed just next to your username. Click once on your Snapchat score to know the number of all sent snaps over received snaps.

How is Snapchat score calculated?

Snapchat has also basically mastered the art of getting its users to interact with us. They have also modified their app with the Snapchat score, an unknown number that will let you know a rough estimate how active you are on the social media platform. Also, they are not even forthcoming with exactly how that score is calculated.

If you are looking at the Snapchat FAQ about this specific score, they will refer to it as a “super secret special equation.” They will also give you a hint that this equation usually involves the total number of snaps which you have already sent and received.

Snapchat Score Is Calculated

What raises your snap score?

There are a variety of tech blogs and third-party sites which have basically attempted to compete with these scores to get to the bottom of how Snapchat activity usually affects them. Most of them also have managed to locate some of the elements in common. Also, they have not necessarily been confirmed by the app developers.

  • Snaps Sent and Received – Let us know about an easy way. Snapchat has already made you confirm that all these basic functions play in the score.
  • Users Added – Number of persons you follow. How many are you friends with?
  • Snap Frequency – How usually do you use this app?
  • Length of SnapStreaks – You can also have SnapStreaks with some friends by sending and receiving snaps for several days.
  • Stories Posted – How usually do you post stories?
  • Bonus Points for Coming Back 

How to Find Your Snapchat Score

But, you will also need to wait for some time. And this is the first time when you’ve been hearing about these scores. How do you know what is your app score? And what about your friends’? Are their scores bigger than yours? It is actually much easier to find Snapchat scores than you think.

Find Your SnapScore

  1. So, first of all go to your profile screen. Then, you can also do this by clicking on your Bitmoji icon or the circle which is at the upper left-hand corner.
  2. After that, find your display name under your Snapcode image. Look beside that to find some more information. The number should be in between your username and zodiac sign which is basically known as your Snapchat score.
  3. Then, you will have to click on the Snapchat score to reveal two other numbers. These are the same numbers of snaps which you have sent and received.
  4. Don’t even try to do the math with the number of snaps sent and received. It would not add up to your score in a way that makes sense.

Does snap score go up from chats 2021?

Snapchat changes usually and it can be really difficult to keep everything on the track of what its features generally mean or not. If you’re not a regular user, then you should have to learn to use the app again after a term of three months.

Sure, most of the people are well-aware of how they can change the photo compression from time to time or how the OS usually supports Android but is still very useful to what the app offers to iOS users. And, even something like the Snapchat Score is a concept that’s supposed to be changed.

For sometime, most of the users believed that the score was the total amount of sent and received snaps. But in reality, this is not even much close. The score may be affected by a large range of different factors, so let’s see what can easily improve your score which is based on Snapchat’s ever-changing points system.

But the only thing which anyone knows for sure is that users can earn one point per sent or received snap. You can also be able to test this yourself by just opening unopened snaps and watching the score.

By sending text messages or reading them you cannot be able to alter the score. You will also be unable to increase if you want to open a story update.

There are also a lot of glitches that may also come up. Sometimes it can be possible for the score to stay the same at a certain value. You may send out a lot of snaps and be unable to see any change in your score. No one can be able to really know why this is happening because of how large the Snapchat feature descriptions and algorithms are.

Is a high snap score bad?

And having a higher score obviously means that you are not using a fake identity and also not making your account just to stalk. Also, having a snap score around a million is not seen as highly respected.

The first figure should be equal to private snaps which you have already sent and the second is the number of snaps which you have received. The ‘other factors’ which are larger and could be extracted to anything – is the actual reason why your score will be higher than the number of snaps you’ve sent and received.

You will be receiving a point for sending a picture, you will be receiving a point for opening a picture, but there are no more points for just texting on Snapchat. You will also receive a point for posting a picture to your story. Even also, Snapchat scores can not increase if you are watching a story. But also some additional points to your Snapchat score can take a moment to register and may also come at once.

If you have not been active on Snapchat for some time then the first picture which you will send on the app will automatically add 6 points to your score. You can also be able to see your friends Snapchat’s scores when you are swiping right on their name to start a chat with them, then you will need to click the three blue lines on the top left corner of your screen. Their score will also be displayed beside their username. A Snapchat score is the same as a followers list or a friends list on other apps, it will also give your profile some authority and show people how strong your snap game is.

If you are going to add up your sent pictures number and received pictures number you may also be surprised to get a different result to your final Snapchat score. It can also be due to the main fact that Snapchat can also award you with various points which are basically depending on how you can send the picture. If you are sending a snap to many different users then you will be receiving a point for every user which you sent it to and then some other point for sending the picture itself.

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