How Does Snap Score Work?

Though Snapchat is not so much talked about as Tiktok, it is still used by millions of users all across the world.

Snapchat has a list of huge followers, and it is adding more new features regularly to keep users intact.

The recent feature that Snapchat has added is to let users watch the Creator shows. It is similar to watching shows on Netflix or YouTube.

Even though Snapchat brings and updates more new features, still it has already been at the top due to its original features. One of them is Snapchat Score. The question arises how do snap scores work 2020? The article gives you the answer for it.

What is a Snap Score?

The number written beside your username and with your activity with the other users added as your friends increase up and up is your Snapchat score. 

The score is calculated and rises based on the number of snaps sent and received, the number of stories you have posted, and other factors. 

It signifies how active you are on Snapchat and how frequently you interact with your friends. 

The question arises how do you get to see your Snapchat score. The answer to this is simple. Swipe down the Snapchat camera screen, and the score will be displayed next to your username. 

Also, by tapping once on your Snapchat score, you will see the number of sent snaps vs. several received snaps.

Snap Score Work

What is the Snap Score breakdown?

How many points do you get per snap?

Snapchat rewards you with points for sending a Snap, and on opening a snap, you receive a point. But, no points are given for messaging on Snapchat. 

Also, if you post a story on Snapchat, you receive a point.

Watching a story does not give you any points. 

The Snapchat score takes a while to update and present near your user name all at once. 

Also, Snapchat gives you six points to add in the score when you send a snap to someone after being inactive on the app for a while.

Apart from checking your own Snapchat score, you can also see your friend’s Snapchat score. For this, you need to swipe right on a friend’s name to chat with them, and then on the top left corner of your screen, you will find three blue lines. Click on them to know the score of your friends. Their Snapchat score will be displayed beside their username.

A Snapchat score is equivalent to a followers list, or friends list on other apps in that it lends authority to your profile and tells users how good your snap game is.

What if Snaps don’t add up?

People sometimes view that if we add up the number of sent snaps and the number of received snaps, we will get to our final Snapchat score. But, this is not true.

Snapchat awards you with different points based on how you have sent snaps to your friends. 

If you have sent a snap to many users, you will be given points for each user you sent it to and another point for the snap itself.

However, there is no fixed way for Snapchat to calculate your score. It may vary depending on other factors, which might keep changing, thereby leading to different scores.

How can I increase my Snapchat score?

Send Snaps regularly and be active on the app.

However, if you want to see your Snapchat score increase rapidly, here is a hack for you. 

You can add a celebrity Snapchat account to your friend’s list. Their stories are not only used for getting yourself entertained but also to increase your Snapchat score.

Celebrities may never respond in any way to your snaps, but it lets you a point on every snap sent. Also, it doesn’t disturb your friends on frequent snaps. What does snap score mean?

Snap score meaning is way different from that of Instagram and Twitter, wherein you can gain and increase followers by some of the other hacks. In Snapchat, no such hacks could be done.

 Beware of any such program that says they can let you increase your Snapchat score. 

Does snap score go up from chats 2020?

Changes in the Snapchat score are associated with mainly sending and receiving snaps. Messaging or chatting on Snapchat does not increase your score. It can be used as a means to ask your friends to send and receive snaps so that both of your scores can be increased.

What raises your snap score?

Snap score increases when you send snaps to friends, open snaps that you have received, and post snaps on your story.  

Sending and receiving snaps to friends increases your score. You are given a point every time you send snaps and view snaps. Also, on posting a story, you get the point. All these activities increase your snap score.


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