Hide your Game Activity on Steam

Steam is an application in which you can share your gameplay activity. Playing with your group of friends is a virtual enjoyment. When you purchase a steam activity, it tells your other friends about your purchase and appears in their newsfeed; it also shows which games you recently played. It’s not private, right, so if you prefer privacy about this, you can follow the tricks given below to hide your activity from others. The users have tested these tricks and accomplished their test, so you can use them with the assurance that these ticks will work for you. Let us get started.

Trick 1: Hide activity in Privacy settings

This is the most used trick by all the users; all you need to do is change your privacy settings. And now your friends, office colleagues, and others won’t be able to see your activity in Steam. This trick only hides all your activity, so dont be afraid about all the other settings in your Profile; those would be unchanged.

what you need to change in Steam Activity Privacy settings:

  1. Go to the Steam ribbon bar at the top. Then select your name on the Profile.
  2.  Click on the Edit Profile option.
  3. Click My Privacy Settings which is on the right side of the screen in the Profile Editing options.
  4. In the Privacy Settings, search for My Profile entry and select the Public menu Game Details; from that, you will get a drop-down menu box, choose Private from the options.
  5. You can confirm whether the trick worked or not.
  6.  Right-click on any space in Steam and Copy the Page URL. Then, paste the copied URL in another tab or browser, and now you can see if your game activity is hidden or not.

Trick 2: Free episode to watch

You can remove your steam activity by watching the free watchable episode given by the server. It seems to work for many users.at hearing first, it may be not a good idea to do, but it will work, so why dont you give it a try

Steam won’t recognize a video that is played till it loads and starts playing. So when you press the Watch button, Steam thinks that a new option is called. When you close the video before it loads up, Steam will remove the Recent Activity sessions.

  1. Go to Steam and click on Store from the ribbon bar.
  2. On the Store page, search for “Making of Fury” using the search function.
  3. Click on the Making of Fury listing when you see it.
  4. From the making of Fury, click the Watch button with Episode 1.
  5. When you click the video, a small screen with the video opens up, and you need to close it.
  6. Repeat step 4 and step 5 with the next two episodes.
  7. Now go to your steam profile and check your Recent Activity; it will be removed entirely.

If this trick doesn’t work for your Profile, you can use alternate methods.

Trick 3: Set Steam Profile in Private

The last trick is this you need to change your steam profile to private, but when you change this, you will be completely separated from your friends and office colleagues, and others. Your details, activity, and your access to comment on other’s posts will also be reduced.

Follow this to change your Profile to Private:

  1. Go to Steam and click your name from the list of tabs. In the drop-down menu, click on the Profile option.
  2. In the profile screen of Steam, click the Edit Profile option.
  3. On the next screen, click on My Privacy Setting placed in the right-side menu.
  4. From the Privacy Settings menu, Set the status to Private. When you select private, all the settings will be changed default.
  5. Now check your Profile in it your Game activity will be hidden.

How do I turn off game activity?

You like to play this specific game; it stirs you up, but you dont want your friends to get notified that you’re playing this game. You dont even care about the notification showing that you’re playing this game on your Profile, but you are concerned about your friends, so you need to hide it.

Steam helps you by being offline or invisible to play these types of games

let us learn how to do that

  1. Click the “Friends and Chat” option in Steam, select your username, and select “Offline” or “Invisible.”
  2. Now Your friends cant see which game you’re playing currently, but this update will appear on your page feed.
  3. Keep note that changing the “Game details” to Private will prevent your friends from seeing the games you’re playing and hide your online status in Steam chat.


We hope that these details would be useful to you while playing in Steam with your friends, family, and colleagues.


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