How To Fix GPU Fan Not Spinning

One of the most common problems for first-time builders is building their system, and the GPU Fan Not Spinning. This will be one of the frustrating problems and is a signal that there is something wrong. But when it comes to most people, the reality will be a simple mistake that they missed during their build. So in this guide, we will cover the common reasons that are causes for this problem and provide solutions to this problem.

GPU Fan Not Spinning

Why are my GPU fans not spinning?

Some graphic card fans won’t spin until they reach a specific temperature. They come with a passive cooling mode that helps to remove the system noise. In this problem, many of the builders start using their system, and after some time, they notice that their GPU fan is not spinning and may think that something is wrong as they are designed like this to operate.

Knowing whether your graphic card fan is working or not, put your system under pressure by running a game or running a benchmark that will put some pressure on your graphics card. You can also install MSI Afterburner that will help you to run the fan manually. If your graphics card fan is not working after running a game or a benchmark or increasing your fan’s speed manually by using MSI, there might be a different problem.

Are GPU fans supposed to spin?

Yes, GPU fans are supposed to spin. But in the modern Nvidia, cards do not consistently spin. They spin at a specific temperature. When you are playing a heavy game, and once your GPU temperature reaches around 50 to 55 degrees, they tend to spin. After cooling down your GPU to 30 degrees, it will stop spinning. They will not spin when you power on your CPU or computer.

How do I make my GPU fans spin?

  • Go to Nvidia’s official web-page and download the newest drivers for your graphic cards.
  • Now install these drivers and restart your computer when prompted.
  • Download and install Nvidia system tools. This application will add all the advanced features for your graphics card, like increasing the fan’s speed, etc.
  • Right-click on the desktop and go to the Nvidia control panel.
  • Choose the performance option that is on the left side.
  • Now go to device settings.
  • Click on the GPU icon and locate the cooling section there.
  • Check the fan speed. Sometimes it will be zero, so your fan won’t work.
  • Select it to your desired value and press enter.
  • Click on OK and click on yes to save these changes.

How do I fix my GPU fan?

  • First, you need to check the size of your GPU fan. It is essential to check the size because if you buy a bigger GPU fan than the old one, then there are possible causes that the fan will cut your case.
  • Now go and get a new fan.
  • Unscrew and remove the case of the GPU fan.
  • Now take glue and attach the fan to the cover by pressing it for some time.
  • Don’t use cheap glue. As the temperature increases, the glue starts melting and doesn’t hold the fan for a long time.
  • Once the fan is joined, screw the case and join it with a dissipator, and now you are ready to insert the removed graphic cards.
  • That’s all. You are now ready to enjoy it.

Problems that will prevent your GPU fan from spinning

These are other common reasons that your GPU fan is not spinning.

PCI power isn’t plugged – Graphics card fan not spinning

Some of the new PC builders forget to plug some wires. Even some experienced ones also sometimes forget to plug in some wires. So sometimes, this may be the reason that your GPU fan is not spinning. Check whether you have plugged in the PCI power cable.

Some of the graphic cards do not come with a PCI cable. They will run by using the power provided by the PCI lane. If your graphics card does not have a PCI cable and your GPU fan is not running, there might be some other problem.

Another power cable isn’t plugged – GPU fans not spinning.

It is always a good idea to double-check if all the connections are appropriately given. Always make sure that all the connections are appropriately given, and all the connections are correctly seated. So if your GPU fan is not spinning, check if all the connections given are correct and all the wires are seated correctly. If you are still facing this issue, then there might be another reason for this problem.

Now what to do next!

If all the connections are given correctly, and all the wires have adequately seated, you will not get any power to the GPU. The reason might be that there is a faulty component. So you need to replace that one. From here, follow these steps.

Check whether the PSU is working or not – GPU fans are not working. 

If you have access to the power supply, install that one and check if your fan is working correctly. If it starts spinning, then the PSU may be the culprit here. If it doesn’t work, then your motherboard or graphic cards are the culprits here. Now remove the graphic card from its lane and place it in the new lane and check if it works. If it works, then the previous lane is the culprit. If it does not work, then a graphic card or motherboard might be the problem.

Check whether the graphics card is working or not – Video card fan

If you have access to another computer, now install the graphics card and check if the GPU fan is spinning. If it turns on then, there is no problem with the graphics card. The motherboard might be the problem here. If the GPU fan does not work, then the graphics card will be the problem.

Check if your system boots up by removing the graphics card – the Graphics card fan is not spinning.

Firstly, remove the graphics card from the system and check if your computer boots up correctly. If your system boots up properly without any issues, then you can eliminate the motherboard problem. If it does not boot up, then try running stress tests and check if any problem occurs. If it does not have any possible issues with the graphics card, then the PCIe connector on the PSU will be the fault. If you have tested the graphic card with a power supply and still not working, then you can eliminate the PCIe problem.

Even now, the graphics card fan is not running, and then you need to return it and replace it with another one.

Issues that are preventing your fan from running

If you are using older systems and your graphic card fans are not working, these might be the possible causes.

GPU may be dusty – GPU fans not spinning

If you have an older system and earlier your fans are working fine, they are not spinning, then remove the graphics card from the slot and clean it. You can also use compressed air to clean the dust. Once you have adequately cleaned, then it will start to work again, typically as usual.

Do GPU fan bearings need to be oiled! – GPU fans not working

If you are using an old graphics card and your fans are not spinning, you can give your fan a different life span by oiling the bearings. First, you need to remove the graphics card from the system and remove the fan also. Now peel off the sticker on the back and apply one or two drops of household oil to it. You can also use mechanical oil but do not use WD-40 oil.

Suppose the oil makes your fan work again, then great. Now all happy. If it does not work, then your graphics card will no longer work.

Time for an upgrade – Video card fan

If you are using an old graphics card on your computer and the fans are not working anymore, you need to upgrade your graphics card. You can choose a high-end graphics card to play influential games. You can also choose a budget-friendly graphics card.

PC fans not spinning

Sometimes your PC fans do not spin for different reasons. The possible solutions are:

  • Restart your computer
  • Clean your fan
  • Replace your power supply unit
  • Replace your fan and motherboard

Video card or Graphics card not working – Graphics card not turning on

Sometimes your graphics card or video card does not work correctly due to some unexpected reasons. So here were are providing some solutions for this:

Check graphics card slot – Video card not working

  • Open the back panel of your CPU.
  • Look for the graphics card slot.
  • Check if the graphics card is working or not. You can check it by checking whether the fan is working or not.
  • If the graphics card is not working, then the issue might be the slot. So please turn off your computer and remove the graphics card and reinstall it in another slot. Suppose it works, then no problem. If it still does not function, then all the slots might be damaged.

Uninstall and reinstall your graphics card drivers – GPU not working.

Sometimes the drivers you are using may be corrupted. So the solution is to uninstall the existing drivers and reinstall them.

Set your graphics card to default – Graphics card not turning on

  • Open Nvidia control panel.
  • Go to 3D settings.
  • Select manage 3D settings. It is under 3D settings.
  • Open program settings.
  • Select the program in the customization section.
  • Now go to the high-performance Nvidia processor.
  • Select preferred graphics processor.
  • Now restart the computer and examine if it works again.


These are the solutions to make your GPU fan run again. Here we also discussed some solutions to make your graphics card work again.




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