Top 12 Best Anime Streaming Sites to Watch Anime Online Free

Japnese animation series are often known as Anime. Anime movies are also very different than the usual animations we see coming from around the world. Anime series are often very bright, colorful with the story that touches everyone heart. That is the reason why now there are anime lovers all around the world. Another great thing about anime series is that it is not age restricted. That means people from all age group can understand and enjoy anime series. As anime movies are made and telecast in Japan, there are very few satellite or cable TV operator that air those shows. In that scenario, internet seems to be the best way to watch all of your favorite anime series.

To stream anime, you can either opt for any best free anime download sites to download the anime to your local device then watch it(Check list of best laptop for streaming). Or you can just stream online using best anime streaming sites. If you have a stable internet connection with good speed, then streaming online seems to be the best method. With online anime stream, you don’t have to wait for your file to download, you can just jump into any anime websites to watch anime as soon as a new episode goes live.

We are now seeing new new sites going live almost every day, and that makes it harder for us to choose a best one. Today here in this post, I will share top 10 best anime streaming sites where you can watch anime online. This list mostly contains free anime websites, but I will also include some paid sites for those who are interested.


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  • Top Legal Anime Sites to Watch Anime Online Legally – Paid Sites
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  • 3. Daisuki.Net
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10 Best Anime Sites 2019 to Watch Anime Online Free

As I said, there are now hundreds of watch anime online websites available. This makes it even harder to decide one between these countless options. But don’t worry here I have shortlisted ten anime streaming sites which are best in terms of quality, popularity, new episode update frequency, security, and availability. So, without further ado, let’s jump into the list about best free anime sites where you can watch Anime series for free from your computer, mobile, console or other smart devices.


KissAnime is the biggest name for Anime lovers. It has one of the best anime collection that you will find on all over the internet. KissAnime is also one of the very few free anime sites that update almost daily. They upload Anime as soon as a new episode goes live. All the episodes are either dubbed in English or have English subtitles. You don’t need to know Japnese to watch your favorite anime.

KissAnime site has been optimized for both mobile and computer users. The site also optimized in a way to eat less bandwidth. You can use this free anime streaming website with low bandwidth and almost zero buffering. All the episodes are in high quality, and you can choose your resolution. All the episodes are available in 360p to all the way up to 1080p.

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It has login and sign up option but not mandatory for online streaming. You can watch any anime series for free without registering. However, if you wish to download anime episodes, then you have to register in order to see the download links. This is one of the best sites to watch English dubbed anime for free.


9Anime is another great place on the earth to watch anime online for free. This free anime stream portal is one of the best places to watch English dubbed anime for free. 9Anime houses one of the largest anime collection that you would find in any free anime streaming site.

9Anime is optimized to access from any device that has internet connectivity. The website loads fast and the streaming speed also good. You will not face any buffering with moderate internet speed. 9Anime also has the option to choose your preferred resolution like the KissAnime. You get the option to choose from 360p to all way up to 1080p. It does have login option, but if you don’t want to, then you can ignore it.


AnimeHaven is a fairly new site in this anime world. But I am surprised to see how Anime Haven has managed to become one of the top anime sites in the world in the short period of time. Despite being 2 years old site, it has almost all the popular and latest anime series. All the shows are in high quality and available in either English dubbed, or in English subbed.

AnimeHaven updates their anime collection on a regular basis so that you don’t miss any episode of your favorite anime series. You will see all ongoing episodes link in the menu. All the anime are sorted in various genres for easy access. AnimeHaven is just not the best place to watch anime online free it is also an ideal anime download site.


Chia-Anime is another popular anime streaming service that made its way on my list. It has all the features that you would expect from any free anime sites. The update frequency is mind blowing, and that makes this site popular among the anime fans. It lets you watch all the latest as well as popular animes online for free without downloading and registration. The quality of the anime is on par with those paid premium streaming networks.

Its responsive design makes it easier to navigate and watch anime on mobile devices. You’ll see all the latest episodes are listed right on the homepage so that you don’t waste your time for searching your anime. Also, you can browse all the anime series by the genres. The high update frequency, an extensive collection of anime and the quality makes it an easy pick for anyone who likes to watch anime movies online on their computer, PC, Laptop, Gaming Console TV or on cell phones.


Watch-Anime is also one of the best anime websites which also happen to be free. You get full access to all the latest anime for free without registration or sign up. If you are looking for anime sites like KissAnime for subbed and dubbed latest anime series then this the site to go for.

All the content are stored in different categories and genres. You will also get anime from as old as 1950, that is insane. Other than Anime series, you get anime movies to watch and manga to read. Please remember that this site requires Flash plugin to be installed in order to watch content. The site is accessible from computers as well as mobile phones.


GogoAnime is another best site to watch anime for free online. This site is very simple in design with no fancy slider or anything like that. You can find almost all the latest, as well as popular animes, are listed on the homepage. The number of anime this site has is enough for any anime lover. They also update all the anime series with the latest episode very frequently.

All the Japanese animes are available with English subtitles. You can watch anime series, anime movies and can read the manga for free. Another best feature of this site is the Android app. It has a dedicated Android app which offers the same experience as your computer on Android based smartphone. They are also planning to bring their app to iPhone very soon. This is one of the few anime websites that has a dedicated app for smartphones.


AnimeSeason has earned its name as one of the good anime sites to watch anime for free. This site has a huge fan following thanks to its quality content and updates frequency. Almost all the ongoing anime can be found here. This free anime site doesn’t have any menu bar but a left side panel where all the anime names are listed.

One of the main reason behind the popularity of this site is its almost ad-free experience. You will hardly notice any ad here. No annoying popup or clickjacking ads anymore. A clean ad-free site with lots of good content. The inbuilt media player of this revolutionary free anime streaming site is capable of delivering 1080p videos without any buffering.


MasterAnime is another good website for free anime streaming. It is an anime database with thousands of high-quality anime. All the anime are available in 1080P and 720P. You can rate any anime series and comment your thought about the anime. You can also browse and sort all the anime by ratings, genres, release year and much more.

The real gem of this site is its “Schedule” section. It tells when the next episode will be available on this site. This helps you to know when you should come again to watch the next episode. Streaming anime on this site is completely free. Login is not mandatory, but you get some more advantages as registered users in comparison to non-registered users.


AnimeFreak comes at the 9th place of our list for best anime streaming sites doesn’t mean that this site is bad. This site also as good as all the above sites. It houses all the latest anime series episodes both in English dubbed and the original version. Update frequency is excellent. You can find all the latest anime series, old anime movies, and some exclusive content. You can find all the latest and ongoing episodes on the homepage itself. Other than that use that search bar to search anime by name or browse through various categories.

All the anime are of high quality and can be accessed without any registration or downloading. On the first visit this might look messy to some, but when you start exploring the site, you will know how awesome this anime site is.

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Top Legal Anime Sites to Watch Anime Online Legally – Paid Sites

Different country has a different law about online streaming. For some countries, online free streaming is not legal. If you are worried about the legal side of these free anime sites, then we suggest you use these paid services which are also legal. With these sites, you can watch anime online legally by paying a small amount as subscription fee.

1. Hulu Plus and Netflix

Both Hulu and Netflix are paid online streaming network that brings TV series and movies to your smart TV, Computer and Smartphone. Both these services also feature anime series that you can watch anytime. Anime database on these sites aren’t that great, but it is OK. Hulu Plus is currently available in the USA only, but Netflix is available worldwide. If you love to watch movies and TV shows as well as Anime, then I suggest any of these two. No need to pay your TV subscription and anime subscription separately. With only one subscription fee you will enjoy both.

If you need only anime and/or you don’t mind paying two different fees then go for the other services that I am mentioning below.


Funimation is one of the best anime streaming sites when it comes to paid and legal anime streaming. This site has all the right to upload all the dubbed anime series. That means by subscribing to the network you get to watch anime online legally. This site has a huge anime collection, and all of them are dubbed and subbed in English.

To access all the legal anime on this site, you have to enroll for their premium membership. The membership fee is also very reasonable. With just $5.99 you get a full one month access to all your favorite anime in high quality. This legal paid anime site is available on every platform. It has app for Android, iOS, Smart Tv like Apple TV and Android TV, Gaming consoles like play station and Xbox. Once you subscribe to the site, you rest assure that you watch all the high quality anime from any place and any device.

3. Daisuki.Net

Daisuki is another official website to stream legal anime online. This is a Japanese company with an intention to bring the ever famous Japnese anime to the world. This is a licensed anime site which offers high quality anime to all the prime members. You can find almost all the anime that you could think of.

All the latest episodes go live on the site as soon as the episode airs in Japan. All the anime are even subbed in English for non-Japanese speaking people to understand the show. All the shows are of high quality and can be accessed from any device and any part of the world. It also has several other features like the forum where you can discuss with other members of the site.


Crunchyroll is another great anime site to stream anime online legally. You get all the premium features that you would expect from any premium streaming sites. It has a huge collection of latest, popular and old anime collection. You get an ad-free anime experience with full HD anime resolution. Even though this is a premium site, there are some anime that are available for free. But most of the anime are only for the premium users.

Crunchyroll is available in almost all the country, and the price is also reasonable. The premium membership only costs $6.95 per month. You also get 14 days free trial offer. As a premium subscriber, you will have access to anime news, manga discussion, forums and as well as the ability to watch anime within an hour of its airing in Japan. What more can an anime fan ask for?


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