3 Simple Steps to Fix Google Play Store Error 194 on Android Smartphone

Android’s Google Play Store is the house for millions of free and paid apps for Android smartphone. Here anyone can find thousands of apps in each category. Google uses to update the play store app very often to make sure you get the best experience while download apps for your Android. But still there are some problems with the Play Store app that would kill your downloading experience. The basic problem that most user faces is its error code while downloading any app or updating app from Google Play Store. I already shared some tutorials regarding play store error like Error code 927 and its solution, Error 923 Google Play Store and Error 905 android. Today I am going to share another guide to solve error 194 androidError 194 is one of the common error codes for Google Play Store. So, let’s discuss all the possible ways on how to fix Error 194.

What is Error 194 and Reason behind this Google Play Store Error

What is Error 194? Error Code 194 is one of the error codes that come up in the Google Play Store app while download a new app or updating an existing app. The error message shows exactly like the below screenshot.


Reason: There could be a number of reasons behind this play store error 194. But some of the main reasons are:

  • Play Store app cache.
  • The recent update of your play store app.
  • Network error or network failure.

Now you are very much familiar with the reason behind the error 194 Android. I will be discussing 3 best methods that will surely help you to fix this Android Error 194.

Method- 1: Clear Google Play Store Cache

The very first method you could try to fix Google Play Store is clearing the cache of your Google play store app. Just follow the below steps to clear the cache file of your Google Play Store app.

  • Open setting from your Android home screen.
  • Then go to Apps or Application manager.
  • Here you can find all the apps that are installed on your phone. Now scroll down and find the Google Play Store app and select it.
  • Now here first clear cache by tapping “Clear Cache” option. Then clear data by tapping “Clear Data” option.


Restart your Android phone, now open Google Play Store and you can find that the error code 194 is solved.

Method 2: Remove Your Google Account

2nd possible method you can follow to solve error 194 Android is by removing your Google account from your phone.

  • Open setting and then go to Accounts.
  • Here select your Google account and then remove the account by tapping “Remove Account”.


  • Now restart your phone, then go to setting and re add your Google account.
  • After adding your account, remove your Google play store cache.
  • Now open Google play store app and download any app to check if the error 194 Google play store is fixed.

Method 3: Uninstall Play Store Update

This could be the reason that the latest update of the Google Play Store app is creating problems and ultimately showing the error 194 Android. To fix the download error 194 you need to uninstall the latest update of the Google play store app.

  • Go to settings > Apps/Application manager> Google Play Store app.
  • Here you can see a button “Uninstall Updates”. Tap on that button and uninstall the update.


  • Now restart your phone and you can find that error 194 Google play store is fixed.

Above 3 methods are the very common ways to fix this error 194 Android. But, if none of them worked for you then I would suggest you to check your network connection. Some time error 194 Google play store appears due to the internet connection problem. Also try by changing your connection from Wi-Fi to mobile data.


Google Play store is full with error codes. Error 914 Android is one of them and you can easily get rid of it by following above 3 methods. Switching your connection mode also help you to get rid of play store error 194.

Is your problem solved? If yes, then a big congrats from my side. And if no, then leave a comment below. I will try my best to solve the play store error 194 on your Android smartphone and tablet.

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