How To Fix Disk Write Error Steam – 2021 GUIDE

You are familiar with this error if you ever try to install or download a game on the Steam platform. The error message commonly appears during the installing or downloading new games or upgrading a previous one. It also appears when you try to launch a game during its updating time. Today we are going to tell you how to fix that error. Our guide is especially made for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. So before we proceed to the solving method let’s discuss why this error happened.

Why does disk write error occur? 

Genarry the Disk Steam error occurs when it can not store the game data on your computer storage system during the installation or update of a new game. This error also occurs when Steam is unable to download or save the game on your computer. And they show some error messages on your computer.

This is the basics, but why do these problems occur during the installation or update of the game? This occurs due to some reasons. They are

  • If your drive or the Steam folder is write-protected.
  • If there is a defect on your hard drives.
  • If there are corrupted or outdated files present on the Steam directory.
  • If your Antivirus software or Firewall softwares give not permission for the downloading or saving data.

Now come to the point. How can you fix the error? Let’s read!

Fix Disk Write Error Steam

How do I fix disk read write error?

There are many ways to fix this error. To know the ways follow our guide.

  1. Restart Stream

The first, easiest way and the simplest way is that you restart your Steam software. Sometimes the error occurs temporarily. That case you close the app and reopen it and enjoy your gaming or updating.

  1. Restart Your Computer

If rebooting the Steam does not help you then you should need to restart your PC. Because if the error occurs due to other ongoing processing that may interfere with the Steam, then rebooting the PC can solve your problem.

  1. Remove write protection from the drive

Sometimes the write protection of a computer prevents the changing or adding new files on a folder or the drive. If you think that this Steam error occurs due to that cause then you should find the drive where your Steam games are located. Then delete the write protection from that drive.

  1. Turn off the read-only setting 

If your Steam directory is set as read only that means the total directory is write-protected. In that case you need to turn off the read only setting from your Steam. To do that go to the Steam folder properties and then untick the read-only option.

  1. Verify the integrity of the game files

If this occurs due to some problem with your gaming file then you should follow this step. At first, go to the Steam library, then right click on the game (that causes the error) and select ‘Properties’. After that go to the ‘local files’ tab and there select the ‘Verify Integrity of Game Files’. In this process if steam found any corrupted file then it automatically removed it. And after that maybe you are able to play or update your game.

[Note: If the game causes you to use a launcher for updating the games, then you do not follow the step. Because it will remove your updated game files and you need to re-install that files again with launcher]

  1. Move Steam to a different drive

Sometimes this error occurs due to a problem on the disk that may prevent the Steam writing to it. In that case you should move the Steam on another or partitioning drives. If this step resolves your problem then you should need to focus on your drive error.

  1. Run Steam as an administrator

Many times running a software as an administrator gives you access to some extra permissions. This can help to resolve several odd problems. It may also happen that it will solve your problem.

  1. Clear your Steam download cache

If the steam download cache is covered with some errors then it may cause the problem of the write desk error. For that you need to open steam and then go to the ‘settings’. Then ‘downloads’. And from here select the ‘clear download cache’.

  1. Remove corrupted files

During a game download on steam if an error occurs it can create some corrupted game files that are 0 kb in size. You need to remove the files and start playing your game. To do that you have to go to the Steam folder. Then go to ‘steamapps/common directory’ and find that there is a duplicate file remaining with the same game name you tried to install. And the file size is 0 kb. Delete that file and try to re-install & launch the game again.

  1. Check your drives contains any error 

If you check your drives for errors then it may be possible that this process can identify some bad problems. If this is getting worse then you must need to replace your drives.

  1. Disable your antivirus softwares or Try another

Rarely it happens that your antivirus softwares mistakenly detects the Steam as a threat and disables or prevents the download or updating of any game from Steam. In that case you need to uninstall the app. And if this step can solve your problem then you try to install another Antivirus.

  1. Check and disable your Firewall

Sometimes it also occurs that the fireless softwares prevents the working of Steam. In that case try exchanging Firewall with another Steam friendly software.  

  1. Contact Steam

And atlast if any of these 12 methods did not work for you then you should need to contact the Steam Technical Support Team. They can give you a potential solution for your specific Steam problem. Also you can try Steam Community Forum for your help.

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