Find CommentLuv blog For commenting? {How To}

Backlinks is an important word for all bloggers, it helps our blog to be successful. Without backlinks our blog is not anything. Many of bloggers including me blogging for earn some money from online and backlinks is the one who helps to convert our hard work into money. There are several benefits of having a quality backlinks like search visibility, traffic and much more. There is also some good way to create quality backlinks like joining various blogging community, Social media promotion and also by commenting on others blog. Commenting is one of the important factors for getting quality backlinks. And Commenting on a CommentLuv enable blog is like ‘Icing on the cake’. But finding a CommentLuv enable log is a little difficult task. So here is this post where i am going to show how you can find a CommentLuv blog for commenting.

Find CommentLuv blog for commenting.
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Why It Is Best To Comment On a CommentLuv Enable Blog?

As I said, commenting on a CommentLuv enable blog is like “Icing on the Cake”. But you may ask why i am saying CommentLuv blog is best for commenting then here is the answer. The below are the some important advantages for Commenting on a CommentLuv enable blog which is enough to prove my points.

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  • Get Dofollow Backlinks To your blog. In WordPress the default comment links are nofollow, but when you comment on a CommentLuv enable blog you will get a dofollow backlink.
  • You can use keyword as a name in the name field.
  • It exposes the one of your latest 10 posts, which can attract more and more traffic to your blog.
  • Can get huge traffic to your blog.
  • You also get Two backlinks, one with your name and another one with your post that shows on the last of your comment.

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How To Find CommentLuv Blog for ommeting?

Finding CommentLuv blog was a little tough task, but not now. Here i am going to show you how you can find a CommentLuv enable blog easily. This is a website or you can say it as a search engine which is developed by the people who developed a CommentLuv plugin, so there is no chance of spam. Follow the below steps to find CommentLuv blog.
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  • Visit CommentLuv enables search engine– Firstly, you have to go to CommentLuv enable a blog search engine to find CommentLuv enable blogs. Click Here To Visit CommentLuv search Engine.
  • Subscribe– Due to keep this service spam free you have to first subscribe to their service before using it. In the box enter Email id to subscribe and verify your Email Id.
Find CommentLuv blog for commenting.
  • Search For Your Keyword– After subscribing to their service you are ready to use this search engine. Now you can see a search box, here enter your desire keyword and click search or hit enter button.
Find CommentLuv blog for commenting.
  • Choose Blog & start commenting– After entering and searching for your desired keyword, you can see a lot of results according to your keyword. Now select the blog where you want to comment and start commenting.

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 I hope this step to step tutorial on How to Find CommentLuv blog for Commenting will help you to better commenting experience on CommentLuv Blog. Share this article with your friend, blogger and help to grow this blog. If you have any doubts, problem regarding this article then let me to know, i will glad to help you. You can also share your thoughts, view or anything that you think can help others then share with us.


  1. CommentLuv blog means more readers engagement. Its most important benefit is display of latest post of each commentator apart from offering a back link either no-follow or do-follow depending upon the comments policy of the host blog.
    You well pointed the methods to search commentluv enable blogs. It will save a lot of time of bloggers and they can get as much blogs as they want to drop their comments and show their wider presence at blogosphere.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post that really worth bookmarking for further reference.
    I found this post at and also kingged it there. Thank you indeed.

  2. ogili kingsley says

    Nice post… Commentluv is a nice plugin for wordpress users.Still thinking of how to install it on my blogger blog. Is it possible?

  3. Nice tip. It’s getting harder and harder to find CommentLuv blogs that are related to the technology niche. I think its own success is a problem for CommentLuv because it leave too much of a maintenance and managing headache for blog owners.

  4. comment luv and do-follow blogs are very important for backlinks for our blog, every blogger need backlinks and you made easy for us.. actually i use drop my link tool .. will try this toll also.. thanks for sharing a useful post.

  5. RiskSmart says

    Blog commenting is the one of the best way to get back links. Thanks for the taking time to write such an informative post.

  6. Hey, I want to find commentluv enabled blog in french as my niche site is in french.
    Whith this method, i always fing blogs in english.
    What can I do ?

  7. nice article thanks for sharing this with us !

  8. Nice article.This is one of the best method to generate backlinks 😀

  9. Purushottam Kadam says

    really such useful article exactly i am looking for the same query to finding comment Luv enabled blog to build links

  10. Nice post… Commentluv is a nice plugin for wordpress users.Still thinking of how to install it on my blogger blog. Is it possible?

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