File Expert With Cloud File Manager

In this modern era smartphone is becoming a part of life and we store almost all of our files on this device. And to manage those files we need a good file manager app. Every smartphone comes with its own file manager app, but to be honest all of those default file manager apps are just basic. They provide some basic features like copy, paste, move and deliver with a simple design. If you need some extra feature and a smart way to monitor and manage your files, then you need something better than those default apps. Here I am going to review a file manager app which is known as “File Expert with Cloud”. This is one of the top file manager apps that available on Google Play Store and can be downloaded for free.

What is File Expert?

File Expert is an advance file manager app for android smartphone and tablet. This app is a perfect partner for your Android device to manage and monitor all of your movies, games, musics, images, documents and other files on your smartphone.

The File Expert is not a new app, it’s been available from sometimes. This app is developed by GMobile which was formerly known as GeekSoft. The latest update of File Expert app made lots of changes and improvements in term of performances and design. Now it has a better material design UI which makes this app more comfortable to use.  It is not all about design; File Expert has numerous improvements and features which is described below.

Is it worth trying File Expert?

This question might be running in your mind. OK, let me give you all the answer. I am listing all the major features, Pros and Cons of this app that you should know before installing this file manager app.

#1. Design

It has a new refreshed material design UI with easy navigation, which makes this app very easy to handle and navigate. You can find all the important links on the home page of this app. There is a recently added photo section where you can latest added photos on the phone. Other than that, there are 3 more options: Files, Gallery, and Apps. You can even customize and add your favorite option on the homepage.


File Expert automatically categorizes all the files according to their types for your easy access. You can access to all the categories from the “Categories” tab.


#2. Large File Analysis and Disk Analyser

You can find a “Large File Analysis” option on the home screen of this app. This is a new feature that lets you view all the files and folder that consumes more space on your phone. This is a handy feature to find what file using more space with a single tap.


When you go to the menu, you can see a new option called “Disk Analyser”. This feature gives all the information of your whole device like how much space is left in an external SD card, how much spaces left on your device internal memory. Here you can also find what kind of file using more space on your phone.


#3. Manage Cloud Storage

File Expert is not just a simple local file manager, it also has the feature to manage your cloud storage. It supports all the popular cloud storage services including Google DriveDropboxOneDriveBoxYandexMediaFire and some other. You can even use their own GCloud service to upload your files to the cloud storage.


#4. Tools

The File Expert comes with some other handy tools that can be found on the Tools tab. Some of its important tools are:

  • Web PC Suit– This is a tool that lets you manage your Android device from your computer wirelessly from any part of the world.
  • Safebox– Safebox is a privacy tool that helps you to hide all of your sensitive data files and protect them with a password.


  • FTP Server– This lets you connect to the local computer via FTP Server.
  • Memory Manager– Customize your memory setting with this tool. (This is only available for ROOTED Device.)

#5. Some Other Basic File Manager Feature

It has all the basic file manager features that you may need in day to day life. Some basic features like CopyPasteMove, Uninstall Appkeep track of all your APK filesextract APK files from an installed appRecycle Bin and many more.

I am using this app from the last few days and I didn’t notice any major issue with this app. But however it has some minor bugs and those need to be fixed in coming updates. I am listing some of the bugs that I noticed while using this app.

  • It lags while scrolling through installed apps.
  • Sometime you may need to refresh the list to see all the recent activity like Photos, Videos and Apps.
  • I strongly believe that it should have its own video player to play any video. But the good thing is it has its own audio player and this would better if they add a video player too.

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Final Thought

File Expert is an awesome app. It has way lot more features than a basic file manager app. I am using this app and I didn’t face any problem till now. Though it has some minor bugs but honestly that won’t create any major issue. This app could be a default file manager app if they improve and fix all the minor bugs.

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