How to Download Torrent files with IDM – Best Ways

The internet is a place for everything. You can find all kinds of information also can get all types of digital files. When it comes to download large digital files, then torrent is the best place for you. Here you can download all types of files like games, videos, movies, softwares and much more. To download torrents, we need to take the help of some torrent clients like Bit Torrent or uTorrent. Everything is great in torrent except one thing. That is speed. The download speed of the torrent really sucks and I hate it most. Basically the speed of torrent depends on the umber of SEEDS of the torrent from where we are downloading. It is very tough to download files with lower seeds. Almost all torrent users facing download speed problem. Here is the best solution for them. Here I will explain you some better ways on How to Download torrent files with IDM. Top 10 streaming sites to watch Movies Online.

IDM is the short form of Internet Download Manager. IDM is a popular download manager for windows. This popular download manager is quite popular for its download speed. IDM uses the maximum strength of your internet connection and gives you the maximum speed. So downloading torrent files with IDM would be a perfect solution for download speed problem. But there is no such direct way to download torrent files with IDM. Do you ever think to download torrent files with IDM? May be YES! But never found some best way to download it. So here is this article where I will show you some best way to download torrent with IDM. How to Remove Memory Card Password?

Benefits of Downloading torrent using IDM.

Here are the some benefits that you will get when you download torrent files with IDM. Just go through the below points.

  • IDM is well known for its speed, so it can accelerate your download speed by 5 times.
  • You can also download files in restricted areas like school, colleges, office etc.
  • The process is simple and even an internet beginner can do this.
  • Don’t worry about the privacy, because all downloads are anonymous.
  • You don’t need to install and configure anything like torrent clients.
  • It’s best for torrents with low SEEDS.
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 How to Download Torrent Files with IDM?

When it comes to downloading torrent files with Internet Download Manager then there are now lots of online sites available where you can download torrent files using IDM. All of them are not good, here I am sharing 3 best sites that will help you to download torrent videos, movies, games and files with IDM. Top 50 Best free proxy sites to unblock torrent sites in School and College

ZbigZ- The best way to download torrent with IDM.

ZbigZ is a popular and my favorite site to download torrent via IDM. It has both free and premium accounts. If you choose the free one, then you can download files up to 1GB and in speed of maximum 150kbps. And if you go for the premium one, then you are free to download unlimited torrents with unlimited speed. Run android application on Windows and MAC


Follow the below steps to download torrent files with IDM.

  • First of all, search for your torrent file and download it on your PC. (The file that you want to download with IDM)
  • Now visit the ZbigZ site from your computer.
  • Click on the sign up button and sign up using your mail ID.
  • After signing up, upload the torrent file that you have downloaded from the torrent site and then click on the GO button.
  • Here, two options will appear, one is Free and another is a Premium.
  • Now if you want to go with Free, then click on Free and wait for some moment and let the ZbigZ to cache you file.
  • After the completion of caching, you will see a download option. Just click on it and your torrent will start downloading with IDM (If the file contains more than one file, then it will download in a zip file.)
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Use Filestream to Download Torrent using IDM

Filestream is another great site that allows you to download torrent files by using IDM. It also has both free and premium accounts. Free account users can only download files up to 1GB where as premium user can download unlimited files. Follow the below simple steps to download torrents files with IDM by using Filestream. Best sites for Play games Online.


  • First of all visit Filestram and sign up using your Email account and then verify it.
  • Paste the torrent magnet link or upload the torrent file from your PC and click on the Download Button.
  • Wait until Filestream parses your files, after completion of parses you will able to download your torrent with IDM.

Download Torrent with IDM by using Boxopus

Boxopus is another popular site among the torrent user to download torrent file with IDM. Using this site is very easy, you just need to paste the magnet link of the torrent or just upload the torrent and your file will be ready to download. Like the above two, it also has both free and premium accounts. With a free account you can download files up to 512MB with 1 day life. Where as with premium account, you can download up to 12GB file and its life is 3 Days. Follow the below steps to download torrent files with IDM by using Boxopus. Record iPhone and iPad screen easily free without MAC


  • First of all visit Boxopus and sign in with your Facebook account or register with your Email account.
  • Now paste the torrent magnetic link or upload your torrent and then click on the Upload button.
  • Wait for some moment and let the Boxopus server to cache your torrent.
  • After caching complete, you can download your torrent with IDM.
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As I said above, there are a lot of websites that are available on the internet. That you can use to download all your favorite torrent files with your android. Among them all, the above three are the best. These there are more secure and worthy, so you don’t need to worry about your privacy.

You are at the end this article on How to download torrent files with IDM. So go ahead and download your torrent files with IDM by using the above three websites. If you found any problem while using the above sites, then let me know in your comment, I will glad to help you. So I hope you liked this article, then show your love by sharing this article with your social friends by hitting the share buttons below ?

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