Diablo 3: How To Get Set Items

Diablo 3 is the least pretentious game that you can find.  It will not waste time about how your action can be meaningful and how epic the story can turn to be.  The story campaign is helping you to embark to a journey in order to keep away the Lords of Hell.  The game involves killing of the monsters, picking up the loot and figuring out the type of the pants that can help you in blowing away the corpse fast.

Before you start to play, it is good if you understand the gambling system used in this game. You should learn how to get the blood shards and how to prioritize the dice rolls.

When you reach at the adventure mode of level 70, then the best way to get the game gear is through Gambler.  You have to take Blood Shards which you got when you cleared bounties and go to see Kadala at the camp and decide on the type of the equipment that you want to get.  If you are lucky, you can get the legendary set that you may be looking out for.

Gambling category

You should use 3 categories if you want to spend the Diablo 3 items such as trinkets, armor and weapons.  In the broader Diablo 3 sets, there is sub categories equipment that you can decide on still.  You should then decide on the item you like and roll out your dice.

Diablo 3: How To Get Set Items

How do you get set items in Diablo 3?

Prioritizing items

It is not easy to get rolled rings with amulets.  These are the items that can be hard to get when you are in Diablo 3 farming.  This is why it is recommended to use all the Blood shards   found in these categories so that you can get the average items from such slots.  However, you have to know that such items need many shards than other items.

Bulk gambling:  people do not understand the reason of spending too many Blood Shards in just a single sitting to get Diablo 3 legendary items.  However, it has been found out that buying in bulk will not influence anything about the items that you will get within the spending spree.  You will find that there is some limitation that you may consider, when it comes to bulk buying.

Getting blood shards:  if you want to get blood shards, there are few ways to do this. You should start by completing enough of bounties, but you have to do this on Higher or expert difficulty level.  You can also get the blood shards in order to finish two acts at the world map which were marked as the bonus.  These two acts to get the bonus rewards are chosen at random whenever a new game starts.  Whenever you destroy the Rift Guardians, you will get the shards.  You may also get their cluster when you get the Horadric Caches which are gifts from Tyrael after cleaning out each bounty in the act.

How do I get Haedrig’s gift

Haedrig’s gift is the feature of bonus item which was added into the game at the patch 2.4.   It became functional with Season five.  This gift will be opted as Diablo 3 ancient items, by completing different objectives with the season journey.   Each achievement will lead to 2 pieces of Diablo items that were predetermined for each class. Such feature is the method for the players to gear up the first character of every season and getting them in 2, 5 and then in 6 pieces of the item set which boost the performance when they reach 70th level.

Each gift at every stage will have to be claimed just once by the first character of the account that will get to finish his objective in that season.  Many players end up winning the three items but with just one character class.  However, it is possible switching between characters and to get these 3 gifts for two or three character classes.  However, this is not recommended for someone who wishes to build a stronger character.

For the season five, the sets to expect from each class are might of the earth from barbarian, Thorns of the Invoker, from crusader, The Shadow’s Mantle from Demon Hunters, Monkey King’s Grab from Monk, raiment of the Jade Harvester from Witch doctor and Firebird’s Finery from Wizard.  There is no possibility of substitution and every class does have 2 items from every set   with every gift.  The total number is six items in one set and they are all gotten from the Haedrig’s gift.

How do you get better equipment in Diablo 3?

When you are starting out the new season, you should start at the bottom as if you are starting at the beginning.  To get the equipment, you need to fill each slot using ancient legendary items.  It is good to gamble with the blood shards on each slot which does not contain the legendary with it.  When you had completed the set, you get the legendary gear, regardless of how bad you played.

Complete the class set, any set you can finish, even if it may be the worst set, it will be better compared to not having any set.  You can use the Kanai’s cube if you want to get legendaries weapons from rare weapons.

You can also collect the legendary gems.  Get the gem even at the level 1; it will be a huge boost to damage when you get the best one.  You should also farm to get the right set in the class you want.  Whenever you get the best set for each class, you will enjoy legendary gear in each slot.

Can you get set items from Kadala

Kadala is a NPC from Diablo 3 and you can meet her when you are in the Adventure mode.  She plays as a member for Horadrim.  When you get a certain number of d3 kadala, you will be able to sell it at different prices.   If you want to trade with Kadala, Diablo 3 primal ancient wiki advises the following.  You should trade with her only at 70th level.   You can start to upgrade the gear using worst d3 armor set, you may have.  Do not spent most of your blood shards on higher priced equipment like rings, weapons and amulets.  The Diablo 3 armor set and other off hand items sell at the lowest price which may be 2 blood shards.  When you trade with them, it will be the best way to get the set pieces and missing items.

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