Dauntless: How To Wound

You may not be familiar with Dauntless, but it’s important to know that Phoenix Labs developed and it’s a free-to-play game. Dauntless player fans can enjoy playing the game on Console or PC with the customized control keys. If you’ve ever dreamed of being the one to slay monsters, Dauntless is the best game for you.

However, serving in the hands of the ruthless Behemoth could be difficult, especially if you don’t know how to move around or inflict dauntless wound damage. When undertaking a Dauntless quest, you’ll meet behemoths which are terrifying monsters. Each of these monsters comes with unique effects like frost, fire, and electricity, so you must know their powers before planning to wound Behemoth 5 times on your first quest.

Players can Stagger or wound behemoths which are the major ways of ensuring dauntless damage. Before starting your monster hunt quest, it’s ideal to start by collecting resources and plants, which will be very helpful in your game. These items will help you make items game perks like Barrage Grenades or Blitz Tonics. However, we shall handle the best ways to wound your enemies and look at dauntless wound damage vs part damage.

How To Wound

How do you wound in Dauntless?

You can use few dauntless damages to complete your quest, and unique colors will indicate each. In the event of dauntless wound damage, players will see red damage numbers popping up after hitting a Behemoth. During the fight, the monster will have dauntless wounded parts that will eventually weaken its ability so you can finish it off. However, you must always keep records of your Danger level while fighting because if it hits 100%, reviving you may take time and effort.

Keep in mind that fighting Behemoth isn’t easy, and you may not inflict dauntless wound damage on its general body. There is specific dauntless part damage you should be targeting, including head, tails, arms, or legs. If you want to intensify the wound, you can keep striking the wounded parts until it loses a limb.

However, you should also choose your weapons carefully as each of them has a different effect and function. For instance, use slashing weapons while striking dauntless wounded parts; after that, use blunt weapons and conclude by piercing weapons. For this reason, fighting Behemoth with a team can be the fastest way to win the war.

  • Slashing Weapon: +50% part damage
  • Blunt weapon: +25% dauntless part damage
  • Piecing weapon: -25% damage to dauntless wounded parts

When you have weapons that you think it’s effective against your foe, you can consider using a dauntless barbed cell to increase its effect. When you land in Ramsgate, look for the Middleman around the Core Breaker, you can then buy a dauntless barbed cell that you can use on your armors or weapons. With the cells you buy or earn from completed quests, you can improve your weapons by adding Barbed, Merciless, Savagery, or Acidic effect.

How do you deal with dauntless wound damage?

If you are out for a fight, then you must be ready to fight to the end and don’t back up because Behemoth will be recovering when you don’t attack it and apply continuous damage attack. However, you aren’t fighting a statue, the monster has to survive, and it will be fighting back. If you receive dauntless wound damage, you’ll have to find a way to heal quickly and resume the battle.

On your screen, check the top right grid; you see a percentage that I’ll keep increasing every time the Behemoth inflicts dauntless wound damage on you. So, always keep checking this percentage because you stand a risk of dying if it gets to 100%. Moreover, you’ll lose your resistance and strength, which make you vulnerable to behemoth attacks. Additionally, your team won’t be able to revive you if you die.

Don’t fight a losing battle; if your enemy is too strong, you are alone, and your danger level is shooting, look for that huge crack emitting blue sparks from the ground. When you have dauntless wound damage, you can sit on one of these cracks, and you’ll heal before you drink the health tonic you had crafted. Keep in mind that the times you can use the cracks is limited, and using them every time means your team may not find one when they are hit.

Who accepts defeat when they know the availability of three self-revive tonics they can use whenever Behemoth inflicts dauntless wound damage? And what happens when all the three self-revive tonics are used up? You’ll be off the game. So, it’s advisable to wait for your team to revive you with their self-revive power unless your danger level had hit 100% when your dauntless wounded parts caused your death.

How do you cut with war Pike Dauntless?

Unlike other weapons that can be used for dauntless damage, the War Pike doesn’t contain a high DPS. Furthermore, it’s neither the most mobile nor the best ranged Dauntless Weapon. However, it plays its duty perfectly when it comes to dauntless wound damage; it’s capable of severing and wounding behemoth parts.

When used for piercing attack, it will wound Behemoth and be used in harvesting attack to sever parts. You’ll need this item if you want to collect important crafting components in Dauntless. Add some special perk to this weapon to get the best result when carting behemoth parts.

Do chain blades do wound damage?

Dauntless players who love demonstrating high DPS would do best by using Chain blades. Generally, Chain blades are among the fastest Dauntless weapons. Furthermore, it’s not able to stagger or wound your enemies in Dauntless; however, activating its chain push ability can help you to dart out or into a battle.

You can use baled spin when the first gets too personal; all you have to do is swing your chain blades around through a vertical motion. Each hit may not cause significant damage, but succession hits can enhance part damages. Lastly, Chain blades aren’t considered S Tier weapons since they can’t boob, stagger, or wound behemoth.


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