How to check your Blog Templates/Themes Responsive or Not?

The first headache for any blogger is to choose a perfect template for the blog. Because a template reflects the quality of a blog, as our dressing makes. If a blog has good and eye catching templates then a new visitor may become a permanent visitor. You need to look out for something while choosing a template for blog like Look, design, SEO, color combination, templates looks according to your blog niche, Responsive and many more. Responsiveness is one of them, which is very important now a days. If you are following some pro blogger like Harsh Agrawal, Imran Uddin, Amit Agrawal and read their article then you might know that all of them always suggest to use Responsive templates on the blog. So matter is how we can know which templates is Responsive and which one is not responsive. Here I have listed some online tool which will let you know whether a template is Responsive or not. Before moving to that list, let’s see What Responsive Templates are? And their advantages. 6 Killer tips and tricks to drive traffic from facebook

What Is The Responsive Blog Design?

This is a new website design technique to make the templates or themes ready optimize for all types of device. The all type devices mean every device from the lowest screen size of 240 pixel to 1024 pixel resolution. Nowadays the using of mobile or tab has been increased for browsing the internet rather than PC, so this is very important to optimize your blog templates/themes according to that device. There are also some other advantages of using Responsive templates. Free download responsive blogger templates 2015

Advantages Of Using Responsive Design:

  • Almost every 1 of 3 visitors, visits your site from a mobile device. So it is better to optimize your blog for mobile devices.
  • According to a report almost 75% people leaves that website who don’t have mobile optimization themes. So you can imagine how much traffic you are loosing or your template or theme.
  • In terms of revenue Responsive templates are also playing a very important role in earning.
  • If you have Adsense enabled on your blog, then all mobile users can see that ads which will indirectly help you to increase your revenue.
  • Google and Bing are also said to use responsive design on any website or blog. Even Google is now considering mobile responsiveness as one of the ranking factors.
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How to Check Your Blog Templates/Themes Responsive or Not?

So I think I have created some basic knowledge of responsive design and why should you use this. And now this time to know how we can check your blog templates/themes responsiveness. Here are the some best online tools which you can use to check your blog design responsiveness. No matter it is on blogger platform or WordPress. By using the below tools you can check the responsiveness of any website. Best blogging community 2015 to drive countless traffic to your blog

This is a popular and simple online responsiveness checking tool. All you need to do is to paste your website URL and then press enter button from your keyboard. Here you can check how your blog actually looks at various screen size like-

  • 240×320 (Small Phone)
  • 320 x 480 (iPhone)
  • 480 x 640 (Small Tablet)
  • 768 x 1024 (iPad-portrait)
  • 1024 x 768 (iPad-landscape)
  • Click Here To Visit The site.
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This is another simple online responsiveness tool like mattkersley. It also works like the mattkersey with all its features. In this tool you can see how your website look on different screen size like-

  • 240×320 (Small Phone)
  • 320 x 480 (iPhone)
  • 480 x 640 (Small Tablet)
  • 768 x 1024 (iPad-portrait)
  • 1024 x 768 (iPad-landscape)
  • To visit the site Click Here.
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Another popular tool is screenqueri which is little different in feature and also in use. You need to create a free account to use this service. It has 24 mobile model viewer, including all famous brands like iPhone, Blackberry, Sony, Samsung, Nokia, LG and HTC. How to record iPhone and iPad screen without Jailbreak

It has also 23 tab view, including Nokia, Samsung, Acer, Sony, Microsoft, iPad etc. Here in the grid view test screen you can also change the screen size by dragging the corner and many things you can do. To visit The site Click Here.

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This is the last tool in this list, which you can use to check the responsiveness of any website. This tool shows you how your website will look on various popular devices. It has a wide list of popular devices in which your device will look. The below are the list of device view you can get from this tool. Best way to remove memory card password with one click

  • iPhone 3+4 portrait · width: 320px
  • iPhone 3+4 landscape · width: 480px
  • iPhone 5 portrait · width: 320px
  • iPhone 5 landscape · width: 568px
  • Crappy Android portrait · width: 240px
  • Crappy Android landscape · width: 320px
  • Android (Nexus 4) portrait · width: 384px
  • Android (Nexus 4) landscape · width: 600px
  • iPad portrait · width: 768px
  • iPad landscape · width: 1024px
  • Kindle portrait · width: 600px
  • Kindle landscape · width: 1024px
  • To visit site click here.

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The above are some best online tool which you can use to check the responsiveness of any website. These tools are showing the approximate view so it is suggested to use a real device to check its real view. There are also other responsive checking tool online, which you can also use. Nowadays you can download responsive templates/themes for free online, but never forgot to check their responsiveness before applying to your blog. That’s all for this article. I hope you liked this post, if yes then share this with your friends and help them to check their blog responsiveness.


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