Buy Computers and Tablet from Flipkart at Lowest Price

Online shopping is now becoming a trend in India as well as in the whole world. The generation is now becoming more and more dependent on online portals. There are many good reasons to buy something from online. With online shopping you can get your desire product at your door step without even going out […]

How to Solve Google Play Store Error 927 on Android – 3 Best ways To Fix It

Being the most useable mobile OS in the world, Google is really putting its heart and soul to make the Android experience better and user friendly. According to a study more than 78% of all smartphone users use Android based smartphone. This is enough to show how Google is successful in its mobile operating system. […]

Why Facebook Consider a Webste as Spam? And Its Solution!!

Facebook is one of the Best social networking sites in the world. Almost every internet user hasĀ a profile on Facebook, where we share our thoughts, status, upload photos, chat with new friends and much more. Currently Facebook has 1.28 billion users and the counts are increasing every hour. So this is very important for Facebook […]