Top 7 Most Amazing Whatsapp Tricks and Tips 2015 That You Should Know

WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging app own by Facebook. WhatsApp is an ideal app to send and receive text messages, images, audios and videos from our dear one. WhatsApp is available for all mobile users like Android, iPhone, Windows, blackberry, Java, Symbian and now it’s also available for PC via a simple web client called WhatsApp web. WhatsApp is an add free messaging service where first year you can use for free and after that you only need to pay $0.99 which a very low for such awesome service. Watch Live IPL 2015 matches on Android and iOS

With the increase of WhatsApp popularity peoples are searching for some best WhatsApp tricks and tips to make the WhatsApp experience better. Some of my friends also use to ask me about some cool WhatsApp tricks and prank to amaze everyone. So today I am going to share some cool and most amazing WhatsApp tricks and tips that you can use to surprise everyone.

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Best whatsapp tips and tricks

There are a number of WhatsApp tricks available and I am going to share 7 best and cool WhatsApp tricks and tips which you can use to surprise your friends.

Top 7 Cool WhatsApp Tricks and Tips

Below are the some best WhatsApp tips and tricks for 2015. Enjoy these WhatsApp tricks and prank your friends.

Use WhatsApp without using any Number

We all know that, to use WhatsApp we need to register a number with WhatsApp, but if you want to use a WhatsApp without any number then i will show you a simple guide to use WhatsApp without any number.

  • Uninstall your WhatsApp application from your Phone.
  • Now again download WhatsApp and install it.
  • Remove SIM card from your device and connect your phone to the internet via Wi-Fi.
  • Visit and choose a number of your choice.
  • Open WhatsApp on your phone, and in the number field add the number that you have chosen in the previous step.
  • Now wait for 5 min and after that you will a receive a message on that number, input the verification code on WhatsApp and done. Now you are ready to use WhatsApp without any Number 🙂

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Create a Backup and Restore your WhatsApp Chat

Creating a backup of your chat is a great idea when you are going to reinstall your WhatsApp for some reason. Generally WhatsApp automatically creates backup of your all chat and conversation. But you can also create a backup manually.

On iOS go to setting> Chat Setting> Chat Backup and then create a backup of your WhatsApp conversation.

For android go to Setting> Chat Settings and then tap on Backup conversations to create Backup.

Backup Chat Conversations-WhatsApp tricks 2015


There is no way to manually restore your chat conversations. WhatsApp will automatically detect and restore it.

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Send .apk, PDF, .exe and more file on WhatsApp

By default WhatsApp only allows us to send Images, Audios and Videos to our friends via WhatsApp. But what if you want to send other file like any PDF document or any Android app. Here is a cool WhatsApp tricks to send any file to your WhatsApp friend.

  • First of all Download DropBox and CloudSend app on your Android phone.
  • Open DropBox and then log in or Signup
  • Now open CloudSend and link it with DropBox app.
  • Upload the file in CloudSend and it will automatically add to DropBox.
  • After the upload is complete, share the link with your friends.

Lock your WhatsApp with Password

Each and every WhatsApp user have some chat which he or she wants to hide from others. In this situation, protecting WhatsApp with password is the best option. In the next cool WhatsApp tricks I am going to show you a best way to lock your WhatsApp with a password to avoid unauthorized access to your account.

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Whatsapp lock- cool whatsapp tricks

Download Messenger Chat Lock app for android and Lock for WhatsApp app for BlackBerry. Now set your desire PIN and your WhatsApp will lock with password.

Open Chat head for WhatsApp on Android

The next in WhatsApp tricks we have a cool thing to make your chatting experience better. Chatting head is an amazing feature of Facebook messenger. Now I am going to show you a wonderful way to use chat head on your WhatsApp.

Open Chat Head for WhatsApp- Whatsapp tips and tricks

  • Download and install Dashdow What App.
  • Open the app, and tap on Accessability.
  • Now Accessability setting will open, here turn on DashDow What App.
  • Now enjoy WhatsApp with chat head.
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Stop Auto downloading of media files on WhatsApp

By default WhatsApp downloads all of your chat media to your SD card. Previously, there was no option to stop downloading media files. But with the new update now you can stop downloading of media on Whatsapp. To do so, follow the below steps.

  • Open WhatsApp and go to setting> Chat Setting> Media Auto-Download
  • Modify the settings as per your requirements.

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Create a Fake Conversation to Prank Your Friends- Best WhatsApp tips and Tricks 2015

Creating a fake conversation with some big celebrities and then uploading its screenshot to the Facebook is the best way to prank with your friends. There is an app called WhatsSaid, with the help of this app you can create a fake conversation with celebrities like Tom Cruise or Bill Gates. This is a simple to use app and you can create a fake conversation easily. Download Hotstar Live apps for Windows 8/8.1/7 or XP


These are the best WhatsApp tricks which you should give a try. All the tricks are tested by me and all are performing well. If you are feeling any difficulties to use any of them, then let me know in your comments. If you liked this article about cool WhatsApp tips and tricks, then share this with your friends and let them also enjoy these WhatsApp tricks.


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