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With the growing of smartphones, we are now moving far from the computers. With a smartphone, we can do everything that generally needs a computer. Smartphone applications are now becoming smarter and developers are doing a great job by crating awesome apps. Today we are going to talk about some really cool and best video editing apps for Android.
Best Video Editing app for ANdroid-min

Best Video Editing app for ANdroid-min

Now every android phone has a good camera which is more than enough to capture our best moments. Sometime we also might think to edit our videos to give them a special look. So to edit videos we generally take help of our computers. But today I am going to share 5 best video editing app for android. With the help of those apps you can really edit any videos directly on your Android smartphone. Best free android smartphone launcher

Top 5 Free Best Video Editing app for Android

The below are the list of 5 best video editing app for android which you can download for free from google play store.

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01. Magisto Video Editor

Magisto is a well known video editing app for android. With Magisto we can edit any video clips or image and make a cool edited video. The app really works well and it is easy to manage. You don’t need to have any technical knowledge to run this app. Download Motorola Moto e 2015 stock wallpaper

Best Android Video Editing Application !!!

On Magisto we can add your own musics, graphics and effects into your video to make a really awesome video clip. You can also combine your pictures into a video by adding necessary materials. It is available on Google play store which you can download for free. Best way to solve Google Play Store error 927

02. Vidstitch

I would call this app as an Instagram editor. Vidstitch combines all your videos and Images into a beautiful video college for your Instagram profile. You can also add your own voice to your college. Best 7 WhatsApp tips and Tricks

VideoStrich app for android

There are more than 50 frames available for your videos, which you can adjust and edit according to your need and choice. You can also add lots of effects to your video.
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03. Movie Editor

Movie Editor is a basic video editor app having 5 features only. The app is specially meant to do manor modification to your video. The five features are trim video, Spilt a video into two parts, merge two videos into one part, convert video into audio.  How to remove memory card password

Movie editor for Android
Its frame option is also good to add some simple frame to your video. This app may not give you a fancy look to your video, but capable to do some minor modification to your video. Best media player app for android

04. VidTrim

VidTrim is one of the best video editing app for Android and my favorite. With VidTrim you can do whole lot more thing on your smartphone. You can trim video, you can split video, you can merge two videos in one part. How to improve Android phone performances

VidTrim Video Editing App for android
Rather than trimming ad merging you can also add some cool effect to your video like B/W, Negate, Vintage, Vignette, Blur, Sharpen, Edge detect, Luma, SwapUV and many more. You can even convert video to audio and also directly share your video with your friends.

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05. Animoto Video Maker

Next in this list of best video editing app for Android, we have Animoto Video Maker. The Animoto Video Maker is also a popular video editing app for android. Create a stunning and funny video by using your videos and photos.

Animoto Movie Maker For Android
There are a lot more features to choose from to give a unique look to your video. You can choose and add video style, your own song to create a wonderful video of your own. You can also directly share your videos with friends and family via email, Facebook and Twitter. Best web browser app for android


Videos are the fun way to communicate with others. You can share your best moment with your friends and family. Thus giving them an extra touch is always a cool idea. Withe help the above 5 best video editing app for you can edit any video with no time.

So guys give a try to those apps and let me know your experience. We will have a warm discussion :/


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