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Torrents are the best thing invented by modern technology. With the torrent, you can download tons of files online be it movie or games, music, videos, TV shows or any software. All you need to have is one of the best torrent clients, a working internet connection and a PC or MAC, and you are good to rock. Using top torrent client and downloading torrent files is easy. Most of the best torrent downloader comes with easy UI for users to download files from the torrent network quickly.

I have written an article about best torrenting sites 2019 from where anyone can download torrent files for free. Since then some of my friends and readers are requesting me to write an article about best torrent software. So, here I am writing an article about top torrent clients 2019.


Before I start mentioning my pick of 6 best torrent program, let me share some basic knowledge about torrent and torrent clients.

Shall I?

What is Torrent files:

Torrent files are nothing but general files like Games, Software, Movies, Music, Videos and TV shows. Torrent files that we download from top torrent download sites come with .torrent file extensions. These files are only accessible from top best torrent clients 2019. This file contains all the information regarding the original file that later helps the torrent clients to track and download your original file.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using Torrent Files

Like everything, torrent files also come with their own pros and cons. And it is very important for us to know them before using either torrent sites 2019 or best torrent clients 2019.


Here are some benefits that you get with torrent files and torrent downloader.

  • For people like me who loves to download stuff from the internet for free then torrent is like heaven for you.
  • You can find almost everything digital on torrent be it movies, games, software, paid apps, TV shows, videos, music, eBook, documents and what not.
  • Torrent is not all about downloads; it is also for sharing. If you got some files to share with the world, then you can too use torrent.
  • Speed matters! If you choose a good torrent file with rich seeds and peers, then you are going to get a hell lot of speed to download your big files.


Here are some of the most common risks involved in downloading torrent files or using torrent programs.

  • Getting infected by the virus is the biggest risk while downloading torrent files. Not all torrent files or torrent sites are affected. In fact, there are many helpful torrent websites available for safe downloading.
  • Users like you and me upload torrent files to the network. It has been seen several times that uploader uploads torrent files with viruses to steal your data remotely. It is advised to check health and user comment before downloading any torrent files.
  • Speed matters! While some torrent files come with maximum seeds and peers at the same time, there are many torrent files with low seeds and results in a slow downloading.
  • Not all, but most of the files that we download from torrent files are illegal. Mostly they have pirated version of original files and consider as offense according to Cybercrime law.

What are torrent clients?

Torrent clients are the computer program or software which supports .torrent extension. Then the torrent downloader extract information from torrent files such as seeders, peers, and original file destination then downloads that file for you. The best torrent client also called as the best BitTorrent client as most of the torrent files are hosted on the BitTorrent network.

Without further discussion let’s jump into my list of top 6 best torrent clients 2019. With these fastest torrent downloader, you can download torrent files with the maximum speed. You can download and install these top torrent clients on your Windows, MAC and Linux computer or laptop.

Top 6 Best Torrent Clients 2019 for Windows, MAC, and Linux – Best Torrent Downloader Software


I hope you are clear about torrent files, torrent clients and how they work. This is the time for my list of top 6 best torrent clients 2019. These are easy to use torrent programs and need no special knowledge. You don’t need to be a nerd to use the best torrent client.

#1. uTorrent- Best BitTorrent Client

uTorrent is the lifeblood for most of the torrent users. Whenever it comes to downloading torrent files, uTorrent comes to our mind. It has been one of the best torrenting programs for past few years. There are as many as 30+ torrent clients available, but most of the people like to use uTorrent only. uTorrent is also a fastest torrent downloader which uses the maximum of your internet speed to give you the best possible download speed.

This is the best torrent client for Mac, Windows, as well as Linux. uTorrent has lots of features, and some of them are listed right below.

uTorrent Features:

  • Support multiple download methods including torrent files and magnet link.
  • Lightweight among all top torrent clients 2019 and doesn’t affect your computer performances.
  • Easy to install and use. Thanks to its simple user interface, one can use this torrent software without any problem.
  • Faster download and upload rate than any other torrent downloader program.
  • Support media playback for online streaming while downloading the torrent files.
  • Cross platform makes it available for multiple OS.
  • Less number fo ads

Download µTorrent

#2. Vuze – Fastest Torrent Downloader

Vuze is one of the best alternatives to the uTorrent and one of the popular torrent downloading clients. Vuze is known for its super speed downloads and upload. There is three version of Vuze available. 2 of them are free while the third one is a paid option. The three versions are Vuze Free, Vuze Leap (Free), Vuze Plus (Paid).

Vuze Free: This is the best torrent client 2019 with almost all the features inbuilt. It is available for multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.

Vuze Leap: This is a lightweight version of Vuze free available for Windows platform only. The Leap version for low-end computers. It doesn’t slow down your computer due to its low RAAM consumption. Vuze Leap is the best torrent program for PC with low specs.

Vuze Plus: This is an advanced version of Vuze free with a whole lot of additional features. You can find almost all the features that a best torrent client should have along with advanced features like media playback while downloading, antivirus protection, DVD burn, and Ads free. It also supports a whole new bunch of devices like PC, MAC, Linux, Android, iPhone, iPod, Xbox, PS3, PS4 and some others.

Download Vuze

#3. qBittorrent – best torrent downloader

qBittorrent is also one of the best torrent clients and a good alternative to the uTorrent torrent client. qBittorrent is a lightweight torrent downloader software available for Windows, Mac, Linux, OS/2, and FeeBSD. It has all the basics to advanced features that you may expect from any best torrent software. The best thing that I like about this program is it ad free. So no pop-up or annoying ads.

There are many features available on qBittorrent, and here I am sharing some of it best features.

qBittorrent Features:

  • qBititorrent is lightweight and doesn’t consume much space and RAM.
  • Supports multiple devices and platform like Windows, MAC, and Linux.
  • Control Bandwidth, download and upload speed, control ports, and add filters.
  • Fewer ads and almost ZERO pop-up or annoying ads.

Download qBittorrent

#4. Bitlord- Best torrent client

Coming up next on the list of best BitTorrent client, I have BitTorrent. Bitlord is a good torrent client after uTorrent, Vuze, and qBittorrent. It has almost all the same features of the three downloaders above. It also has some security features like password encryption which is quite good.

Bitlord Features:

  • Best torrent client for Mac and Windows.
  • Light weight and easy downloads with both magnet URL and .torrent files.
  • Create your own personal or private torrent files.
  • Control bandwidth and other necessary settings.
  • Password protect your files for security purpose.

Download Bitlord

#5- Transmission- best torrent program

Now let’s talk about Transmission torrent client. Transmission is made downloading large files easy. You can even access the Transmission remotely via the web, PC or other devices like smartphones. Transmission is also one of the very few open source torrent clients. Due to its open source nature, you can tweak its performances. If you are looking for a developer-friendly and ad-free software, then this is the best torrent client you can get for free.

Transmission features:

  • Lightweight and open source
  • Works smoothly on any server.
  • Developer friendly and ad free
  • Remote access

Download Transmission

#6. Tixati- best torrent software

Tixati is fairly new to this field, but it got popularity right after its launch. The main reason behind the popularity of Tixati is its simple design which makes it one of the popular torrent clients with simple UI. The only drawback of this free torrent tool is it is available for Windows and Linux platform only. This inability pushes it the 6th position on my list of 6 best torrent clients 2019.

Features of Tixati:

  • Simple and minimalistic user interface.
  • Support magnet links, torrent files, and link forwarding.
  • Available for Windows and Linux platform.

Download Tixati


Torrent is one of the best invention done in this internet age. With the torrent, you can download or upload almost everything that you like. Most of the torrent sources are free and don’t require any fee. So if you like to download lots of stuff from the internet, then I am sure you liked this collection of some best torrenting program. With these free torrent downloader program, you can download your favorite files on your computer, laptop, tab or smartphone easily.

The programs mentioned above are some of the fastest torrent downloaders in the world with all the basic to advance features for both newbies and advanced users. They definitely deserve to be the best torrent client 2019.

I hope you enjoyed my list of best torrent clients for Mac, Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, Android, and iOS. If you have any queries that you want to clear then, you can comment down below. You can also share which one you liked the most among these best torrent software, and I will be there to carry forward the conversation. In the meanwhile, I request you all the readers to share this article with your friends and besties and help them to download torrent files from the internet.


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