Top 7 Best Tempered Glass PC Case (For Any Tower Size)

Nowadays, most of the high-end to mid-range PC cases come with a tempered glass side panel. If you look at the new PC cases market, you will most of the time see the PC cases with tempered glass. Some of the PC cases come over $75 while some others fall below $60. There are a lot of models in the market. But it isn’t straightforward to find the right one that best suits you. We are providing the best guide  to help you get one of the best Tempered Glass PC Case in the market.

Best Tempered Glass PC Case

What is tempered glass?

Tempered glass is a type of toughened safety glass processed by thermal or chemical treatments that increase its strength compared with standard glass. The tempered glass puts the outer surface into compression and the inner surface into tension. This compression and tension cause the glass into small pieces instead of regular glass breaks. These small pieces will cause minor damage when compared to usual or ordinary glass.

The tempered glass is used for various applications like vehicle windows, shower doors, architectural glass doors and tables, aquariums, screen protectors on mobile, refrigerator trays, and cookware.

Is a tempered glass PC cases Worth it?

PC cases with tempered glass panels have an excellent balance between looks and price, visual enhancement, and providing all-around protection while giving your case that classy look. These are some of the main reasons why tempered glass cases are much better than aluminum or plastic ones.

The best-tempered glass PC cases

Top 7 List of Best Tempered Glass PC Cases Review 2021

1.Be Quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 – Tempered glass full tower

This is an entire tower PC case that comes with one panel on the side. It is not the cheap one. It costs around $270 that makes it the second most expensive case on the list.

But for this high price, you can get a very well-made case that gives you a pretty look and can be used for a very long time. This CPU case can hold the graphic cards that are 18.6 inches long and hold CPU coolers 7.3 inches tall. It also holds a radiator of 420mm long for water cooling support. You can hose up to four radiators at a time.

The case also comes in three colors like black, black and silver, and black and orange. The best part of this PC case is its customizable option. You can remove any bracket, panel, or bay and the best part is that it can also be used as an inverse layout.

Finally, if you have a vast budget and looking for a versatile tempered glass PC case, it is worth considering it.

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2.Corsair Crystal 570X – Glass PC case

This is the best deserving tempered glass PC case in the market. It is because this tempered glass PC case comes with four panels. All four are tempered glass. So if you are exploring a PC case that comes with possible tempered glass panels, then Corsair Crystal 570X will be an excellent choice for you.

This PC case is a mid-tower, so it is not that big compared to the above case. However, it has plenty of room left in it. So you can also build the specifications of a gaming PC. It can hold the graphics card of the size 14.5 inches and CPU coolers of 6.6 inches tall. It can also hold the radiators of the length 360mm.

It comes at a price range of less than $160. So the final thing is that if you are exploring an entire tempered glass PC case, then this might be the one you’re looking for.

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3.Phanteks Eclipse P400 – Tower Tempered Glass Case 

Phanteks Eclipse P400 is considered the best-tempered glass PC case in the market currently. It comes with a side panel that is made of tempered glass. And the best part of this is it comes in a price range of $80. Yes. You heard it right. Even Though it comes with a side-tempered glass panel, it comes at a low price. So this is for the one who falls into the budget category.

The P400 comes with a lot of features despite being at a budget price. It is a mid-tower case and comes with plenty of room inside. It can hold graphics cards up to 15.6 inches long and CPU coolers up to 6.3 inches tall. You can also use a radiator that comes with a size of 360mm. You can also extend ATX form factor motherboards.

Finally, with all these features, it comes with a budget price. So the one who falls into this category can go for this having their eyes closed.

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4.Cougar MX330-G – Tempered glass case Fit For Tower PC

Aren’t you satisfied with the budget PC case we provided earlier? No problem. We have another budget PC case with a significantly lower price that is precisely half compared to the above one. Yes. It comes at $40. With this low cost, you can’t expect a tempered glass panel. But it does come with a tempered glass panel.

This PC case comes with a lot of features that can be used to build a gaming PC. This one holds graphics cards up to 12.4 inches long. It also holds CPU coolers that are 6.1 inches tall. It has a full-length PSU shroud. You can use AIO coolers or radiators up to 280mm. As it is a standard one, you can fix a standard ATX motherboard inside.

Finally, if you have very little money and cannot buy P400, then go for this.

5.Corsair Obsidian 1000D – Glass panel computer case

Aren’t you satisfied with the Be Quiet PC case in terms of price and are exploring for even a higher price? Then look at this. The price will blow your mind. It comes for $500. How cheap it is! It is nearly double the price of Be quiet. With this price range, it is the only option for users who have an unlimited budget.

With this price range, you expect the case to come up with all tempered glass panels. Your expectations come true, and this case comes with four tempered glass panels like the 570X. When it comes to interior space, you can do anything you want. It can hold graphic cards up to 15.8 inches long and CPU coolers 7.1 inches tall. You can also use four radiators that are 480mm each.

You can also use the extended ATX motherboard and Mini ITX motherboard at the same time. With that price range, you can expect many features, but it does have enough features to win over particular PC enthusiasts. Also, we are not declaring it as the best one because of its high price tag. But if you have an unlimited budget, then you can go for this.

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6.Corsair Crystal 280X – Tempered glass PC case

It is another PC case from Corsair. This time the 280X is a smaller form factor that comes with three tempered glass panels. The three tempered glasses are on the top, the other on the side, and the last one on the front.

All the models we have provided comes with a lot of interior space. When it comes to this PC case, you don’t have that much space inside. You can use the graphic cards that are 11.8 inches long and the CPU coolers that are 5.9 inches tall. Even if it comes with less space, you can use multiple radiators that measure 280mm.

It also comes with an ATX case, so you can easily hide your power supply at the back of the system. The Only downside of this product is its price range. It comes at $160. It is because you are paying more for a small PC case.

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7.Thermaltake Versa H18 – PC case with glass window

The Thermaltake Versa is an honorable mention in this guide. This is because once it was coming at a price range of below $50. But now it increased its price to $70. And at this price range, you have many other PC cases that offer a lot of features.

This PC case can hold the graphic cards of 13.8 inches long and CPU coolers of 6.1 inches tall. With all these features, if you are looking to build a mini-game PC, then consider this; otherwise, don’t look at it.

It also comes with a micro ATX form factor case that fits a standard ATX motherboard in it. Finally, we are saying that it is a solid option for the one who is looking to build a mini gaming PC.

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These are the best-tempered glass PC cases in the market. Here we have provided the cases from the high budget, mid-range for the budget ones, and the low budget. Kindly choose the PC case according to your budget and the specification you need.


Are Tempered Glass PC cases safe?

Tempered glass is generally safe for use with normal laptops and desktops. It is not the same as glass that can be found in windows. Tempered glass is much stronger and can withstand impacts from flying objects or impacts from being dropped. Tempered glass is also much thinner and lighter than traditional glass.

Do tempered glass cases break?

Tempered glass cases are made with glass and are very strong and durable. Tempered glass is four times stronger than regular glass. So tempered glass can be dropped or hit without breaking.





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