Top 5 Online Apps for Taxi Bookings in Delhi

Do you need to catch your flight in the early morning, and have no idea how would you be there? Or, You stuck in office work, and has nobody to drop you home late night? These are some of situations, we all face in our lives, and fortunately, and we have a facility to book a taxi online to reach our destinations safely and on time. You can book a taxi on your smartphone using a mobile app, and get one whenever and wherever you want. Here are top 5 online apps for taxi booking in Delhi.

Best App to book Taxi in Delhi

The below are the best taxi booking app that you can use to book a taxi from your smartphone in Delhi.

Best App For Book Taxi In Delhi


Uber is a worldwide renowned taxi provider. The taxi company has launched taxi booking app for iPhone and Android to help people book taxi through their smartphones. The company utilizes the GPS location of the mobile phone to detect the user’s location, and provides multiple options to the nearest possible driver.

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Uber app to book taxi

When you make a request for a ride, the company sends that driver to pick you up. You will get a message on your phone when the taxi arrives. They charge a nominal fee for cancellation.

Ola Cabs

Ola cabs give serious competition to Uber. The taxi provider gives you an option to book taxi online and you can also make an advance booking to your pre-defined location. If you want to make bookings within 1 hour of your journey, feel free to use their smartphone app to book a taxi near to your location.

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Book Ola Cabs in Delhi

What makes both taxi providers similar is both do not own cabs, instead work as a middle man trying to fetch the best taxi for you.


TaxiforSure is a mobile app where you can book a taxi from different taxi companies that are partnered with TaxiForSure. Generally, people prefer it for booking a taxi to reach the airport, sightseeing, or for birthday or weddings. It has a huge customer base as it charges very reasonable and offer prompt services.

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Best online cabs app for android in delhi

It is very imperative factor to judge any company as many time unauthentic charge you just double if they see you are in urgent need.

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Meru Cabs

Meru cabs are enormously famous, and have been providing taxi booking services before any other taxi provider. They offer terrific services when you book their taxi over the phone. Recently, they started the location based app booking for the huge fleet of cabs. The company offers smaller and cheaper cabs, called as ‘Genie’ which is integrated into their mobile app.

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Find taxi app for delhi

Basically, MERU app comes with a user-friendly interface and you will find it extremely easy to navigate the app, and make a booking over the phone.


TaxiPixi launched its mobile application for iPhone and Android smartphone. You can make an instant booking by entering your pickup address, destination, date, and time.

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Book Cabs in delhi with TaxiPixi

It will make an instant booking, and be on destination on time. You can check the status of your taxi by entering your mobile number, and it will help you detect the exact location of your taxi.


Finding a taxi in India is a tough task, but with the growing of technology, everything seems easy. Now look at these online taxi booking apps, now you don’t need to wait for hours. Just install any of the above apps and book a taxi within a minute.

There is a lot online cabs available in Delhi but these 5 are best and popular among them all. The price of the ride is reasonable and you can also get discount by applying coupons. Just visit coupon sites like and you will get some interesting discount on any of the above online taxi service.

So this was my list of best taxi booking app in Delhi. Now it’s your turn, share your thought and view about this post in the comments. 😆


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