Top 10 Best Sites To Play Games Online Free without Downloading

Have some free time? Want to refresh your mind by playing some games? Then you are at right place. Games are one of the solid way to boost our productivity. Everyone loves to play games and different people have different choice about games. Some love action games, some loves puzzle game again some loves simple games. But one thing common for most of gamers is they play games offline on their PC, Laptop, Sartphone or on Play Staton. With offline games we need to download games first, then we can play. This is a time consuming task. This is method is also bit traditional. Now in this modern era people love to do everything online, then why playing games offline?

There are lots of benefits of playing games online. Most of online game sites are free, so you can play games online free without paying a single penny. They have thousands of games in their database which you can play at any time. You don’t need to download anything, just open your browser and play game. If you get bored with any game then you can instantly change the game and play another game. Best online movie streaming sites free

Best sites to play games online free

Now there are thousands of online sites available where you can play games online. But not all sites are free, even some contains low quality games and old games. Here I am going to share 10 best free online sites to play games online for free without downloading. Here on these sites you can play thousands of games from all popular categories like action, arcade, puzzle, sports, racing and many more games to play online for free. 5 best Movie downloading websites

Top 10 Best Sites to Play Games online Free without Downloading

Addicting Games

Addicting Games is one of the best sites to play games online free. It has a good database thousands of games which you can play for free without spending a single buck. All the games on Addicting Games are submitted by game developers from all over the world. Download Hotstar movie and cricket for PC free

Play Games online free at Addicting Games

As the name suggests, this site is very addictive. Here you can play games from all popular categories including Shooting, Sports, Action, Car racing and much more. Here you don’t need to login or sign up. Just select your game and play.


MiniClip is one of the leading site to play games free online. Most of the game found on Miniclip are original and only available at this site. Here you can play almost all types of games like Action, Shooting, Stunt, adventure, sports and also 3D games. download dubsamsh android application for windows 10

Online gaming site

Registration at MiniClip is not compulsory, but registration will let you to track your score, ranking and creating an avatar at MiniClip. Here you can also create a league, where you and your friend can compare scores and ranking.


POGO is another great site to play games online free! Here you can find some simple but addictive games. You can also play games from various categories like Puzzle, card, board, Casino, Word games Arcade games etc. best free torrent sites to download games

Best free online game sites

Registration at POGO is not compulsory, but if you do you so, then you will get some extra benefits like you will enter into a prize draw, you can store your game data and track your game status and also can join with Facebook.


Kongregate is another great place to play games for free online. It has ten thousand plus games from various categories including Action, Adventure, Racing, Shooting, puzzle games etc. Just choose your category and play. best online music streaming sites 2015

best free online game sites

Registration here also not mandatory, but if you register, then you can track your score, can participate in chat and forums and also can collect interesting badges.


Candystand is a free website to play free games online. Here you can play tons of games from different categories including Arcade, sports, Card, Puzzle, Racing and some more. best free racing games for android

Play games online free without downloading

This site is also known for its reward. Candystand giveaways ton of prizes to win when you reached to the top of the score for several of their games or trade.


FOG stands for Free Online Games. FOG publishes some high quality games to play for free. They have huge games to keep entertaining any person, whether a kid or a mature person. Here you can play games from various categories like Bike, action, car, shooting, defense, arcade, puzzle, sports and many more. best smartphone in india under 15000

play games online for free without paying

Registering on this site is free but not mandatory. But registering will let you enter into the chat room and also let you view history etc.

Armor Games

Armor Games has a huge collection of games that you can play at any time for free. Every day new games are also added to this site which is enough to attract gamers from all across the globe. Some popular games of Armor Games are Action, Adventure, Arcade, Shooting, Puzzle and Skill games. 50 best proxy server 2015

free games online playing

The armor also develops mobile apps and games which you can download and play when you are offline. You can register Free at Armor Games. And registration here means less ads, ability to create your own favorite list, join the community and much more.

B Games

B Games is another best site to play online games for free. All the games are interesting and addictive too. B Games provides games of several categories including Car, Shooting, Racing, puzzle, action, sport, girls games and hundreds more.

Best online websites to play games free

B Games add more games daily to get you the taste of latest games. You can also download games for offline play. However B Games don’t allow registration.


NewGrounds is one of the largest online flash gaming portals. Here you can get number of online games that you can play for free. NewGrounds offers games from different genres like Action, Adventure, Puzzles, Gadgets, Skill, Sports etc.

Play games free online without downloading

NewGrounds also offers Animations, Audio, Movies and Art etc. Registering here is free and optional. But by registering you will get access to join its forums, check your rank etc.

Yahoo! Games

Yahoo Games is a great place to play online for free. You just need to sign in with your Yahoo account to play games.

Yahoo online free games

You can play games from different genres including Arcade, Action, Board, Card, Casino, Puzzle, Strategy and some more.


Plying game is one of the best ways to have relaxed. It also helps us to improve our skill and productivity in various ways. So if you don’t play games, then start playing.

If you play games in an old way, then it’s a high time to switch to online gaming sites 😉 Here you can play games online free and you don’t have to install anything like you do with offline playing.

So guys these were my list of top 10 best sites to play games online free. If you have any other site, then tell us in the comments.

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    Thanks for sharing few new resources with us where we can play games for free through internet. Actually, I love to play game on internet because it don’t needs any downloading and installation process. The fact behind this is that it is no waste of time if you don’t liked the game while on the same site, you can find many other games to play even if someone couldn’t able to find any game that he liked, They should read your this blog post. and that’s why i just tweeted this amazingly informative collections with my friends as most of my followers love to play games.

    Anyway, I am grateful to you for providing such great games sites, I was aware of FOG and Addicting games but the rest are new to me. I will also check then one by one and hope, i will find some new games to play there. I’d also like to share one other site i.e where i were able playing games that i couldn’t able to find elsewhere such as Happy wheels game etc.

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