Best Silent Gaming Mouse Reviews 2021

Silent but soft clicks will assure you don’t wake up anyone while gaming.

It sounds like this does not annoy anyone. Others feel them as the noise of rain or wind. But, if the “rumble” of clicks starts to drive you crazy, now is the time to think about using a quiet one. On the internet, you can find many instructions on how to upgrade an existing device. Yet, in this case, you need to disassemble the gadget and bend the contacts. It makes the device very awkward, making it effortless to get a ready-made best silent gaming mouse.

Computer games are a part of most people’s lives. It is not surprising because you can be anyone from a beautiful princess to a bloodthirsty orc in the most realistic virtual world. Sports allow people to relax and unwind after a hard day at work or school. But how do you get Zen when you keep hearing mouse clicks under the ear?

How to clean a silent gaming mouse?

how to clean a mouse

What is a quietest gaming mouse (silent mouse)?

Appreciate the sound of quietness—soft Click without the demanding click. Silent Mice are perfect for public spaces, past due night time tasks at home, and are the first mice presented the Quiet Mark through the Noise Abatement Society.

How to make the gaming mouse Click Silent?

You also can navigate to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sound. On the Sounds tab, click the “Sound Scheme” tab and select “No Sounds” to disable sound consequences.

Below is a computer mouse compiled based on feedback from a gamer and regular users.

Best Silent Gaming Mouse

Top 7 List of Best silent gaming mouse

1.Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum – best silent mouse

Logitech G502 arrangement offers an across-the-board insight. The G502 line has ergonomics, weight change, intelligent sensors, and looks.

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum is the quietest individual from the G502 family. Even though the clicking sound is lower than other G502 models, it’s a 100% silent mouse click, so don’t attempt to squash the catches hard.

The G502 Proteus Spectrum’s PMW3366 sensor can go up to 12,000 DPI and has a reaction pace of one millisecond. The actual mouse weighs 0.26 pounds (121 grams), and you can build it with the extra loads you’ll discover inside its crate. Its following velocity of 400 IPS settles a robust general decision for serious gaming. And the 11 completely programmable catches permit gamers to let loose their console of hotkeys is one of the best silent gaming mice.

  • Logitech mouse can synchronize with a keyboard.
  • It has 11 buttons. Those keys can be customizable.
  • Light Weight.
  • Convenient to hold.
  • The scrolling wheel is too loud.
  • RGB Light has no use.
  • Design is not attractive.

Assessed Dimension(LxWxH): In inches: 1.57×2.95×5.2 In Millimeter: 39.8×74.9×132.0

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2.Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition gaming mouse

If you are Chasing for a gaming mouse, it can be challenging to find one that works for you. But the “Razor Lancehead Tournament version” or Lancehead DE for short – is especially worth considering.

Not only is it great for left-handed users. But it has a high-precision 16K DPI optical sensor, complete with fly-sensitive sensor modifications. So you get the answer you need in a game. Eight programmable buttons, with some on either side of the mouse that illustrate that different quality. Can maps to the most efficient/effective keys.

Easy to use even with wet fingers, has a rubberized wheel – we all had those sessions, didn’t we? The Lance-head tournament version comes with durable mechanical switches that tested for up to 50 million clicks. That means you know it has been with you for a long time, and it will be a soft click mouse.

There are plenty of razor mice available. This Razor Lancehead Tournament version is the best silent gaming mouse, and for those who point both ways, it is a strong competitor for the best two-way mouse.

  • Powerful Performance.
  • Attractive Design.
  • Comfortable for Left-hand Users.
  • Side button performance is not good enough.
  • Palm Grip users find it inconvenient.

Assessed Dimension(LxWxH): In inches: 1.49×2.79×4.6 In Millimeter: 37.8×70.8×116.8

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3.SteelSeries Rival 310 Gaming mouse

The SteelSeries Rival 310 is an extraordinary wired gaming mouse. It looks and feels like the SteelSeries Rival 500, yet with a less massive plan and less programmable side catches. It’s agreeable to use a palm grasp for all hand estimates and low snap idleness. Most CPI isn’t exactly as high as the Rival 500; but, it is likely more than delicate enough for the vast majority. The mouse is viable with the two Windows and macOS, which is extraordinary.

The SteelSeries Rival 310 is not suitable for movement. Like most wired gaming mice, it’s very massive and will not find a way into most PC cases. It’s also hefty, and its wire is bulky when utilized in a restricted space, like a plane.

  • Tracking Movements are smooth and traced.
  • It has 12000dpi
  • Convenient to hold
  • Normal Price Range
  • Made of Fiber-reinforced plastic.
  • Mouse wheel located higher compare to standard mouses.
  • A tad is too small for a palm grip.
  • Fixed Weight.
  • Two DPI settings are only available.

Assessed Dimension(LxWxH): In inches 5.03x 2.76×1.65 In Millimeter: 127.76×70.10×41.91

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4.MOJO Pro Performance Silent Gaming mice

Even though our list’s first three picks feature the most silent mouse, click high-end silent gaming mouse. Still, it will seem to be too loud for users.

Magic Pro Performance merits the quietness in its name with its tranquil snaps. Try not to expect a zero sound degree of silence. In any case, you’ll hear clicks that are viewable. It isn’t easy to listen to this current mouse’s snaps from another room, and the mouse includes a PMW3336 sensor that can survey up to 12,000 DPI. The mouse weighs 0.28 pounds (127 grams) and a reaction pace of one millisecond. It falls somewhat behind its opposition with its 125-IPS following rate, yet that is only a little penance to make for a quiet gaming experience.

There are four committed large-scale keys on the left half of the mouse, and all the catches you’ll see on it are programmable utilizing its product. A sharpshooter button is additionally present, ensuring that you don’t miss any urgent shots when it tallies.

  • Higher Control.
  • High Accuracy.
  • Compatible with Windows and Linux.
  • Bigger in size.
  • Not suitable for small parm users.

Assessed Dimension(LxWxH): In inches: 5.12×2.83×1.61 In Millimeters: 130.04x 71.82×40.89

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5.VicTsing Wireless Silent Gaming Mouse

The Silent wireless gaming mouse alternatives don’t highlight similar first-class specifications. They cost much less expensive so, nonetheless, and include identical ergonomic attributes.

This quiet gaming mouse takes after Logitech’s G305 or Razer’s Lancehead fit as a fiddle. And it highlights one of the calmer snap sounds contrasted with its opposition. It includes an optical sensor that can survey up to 2,400 DPI. The disadvantage is that it runs on AA batteries. The remote mouse can turn itself off following eight minutes of inactive opportunity to save energy.

You were putting resources into a couple of powered batteries. On the off chance that you choose to buy this mouse, so you can take out waste and try not to go out to the stores each time your mouse runs out of juice.

  • Affordable price
  • Small in Size
  • Compatible with Windows and Linux.
  • It has DPI controls.
  • Frequently disconnected.
  • You can’t Programs the buttons.
  • DPI increases even in Idel State

Assessed Dimension(LxWxH): In inches: 5×4.02×3.03 In Millimeters: 127×102.108×76.96

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6.VEGCOO C8 Silent Wireless Gaming Mouse

VEGCOO’s C8 silent wireless gaming mouse is a superb option for anybody. Who views VicTsing’s choice as a piece as little for their hands. The left and right mouse button switches are as quiet as possible, yet the large-scale catches on its left side. As somewhat noisy, with the left/right controls.

The C8 uses an optic sensor that covers 2,400 DPI and highlights a 400 mAh lithium battery. VEGCOO publicizes a battery life of 30 days once the battery dry. But, your outcomes may fluctuate contingent upon the mouse highlights you have on or off.

There is a sum of seven catches on the mouse, and its ergonomics takes after Logitech’s G502. The mouse weighs 0.22 pounds, making it one of the lighter remote/quiet gaming mouse choices on our rundown.

  • Quick Response time.
  • RGB Colors work perfectly.
  • Silent Clicks.
  • It has DPI controls.
  • Rechargeable batteries are useless.
  • Low DPI settings and lag.

Assessed Dimension(LxWxH):In Inches 5.5x3x2 In Millimeters: 139.7×76.2X50.8

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7.Noiseless USB Optical Gaming Mouse

The Noiseless mouse is the silent option on our rundown. The mouse’s left and right snaps give sound input around 30 dB, and it highlights fantastic ergonomics for hook hold clients.

Palm grasp lovers with huge hands ought to be careful since it is small in size. The mouse’s optical sensor can survey up to 1,600 DPI, weighing 0.20 pounds.

  • The clicking noise is too low.
  • Too small Wheel and heavy.
  • Performance lags.

Assessed Dimension(LxWxH):In Inches: 5.12×1.77×3.74 In Millimeters: 130.04×44.95×94.99

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