Top 50+ Best Psychedelic and Trippy Backgrounds to use as Desktop or Smartphone Wallpaper

Computer or smartphone background wallpapers always show your personality. People are always crazy about background wallpapers and love to keep the best wallpaper that suits their personality. Now there are some people who are taking interest in trippy backgrounds, or psychedelic wallpaper and setting them as the desktop background on their computer. When people are searching for on the Internet then as a web developer it is my duty to provide what people are looking for. So, if you are one of those who are searching for best trippy wallpapers, trippy backgrounds, or psychedelic wallpapers then you are at right place. Here I will share some best trippy background wallpapers for your desktop and smartphone.

Trippy backgrounds and psychedelic wallpapers are very much popular and people are really showing interest in these kinds of wallpapers. Here I will provide all the trippy wallpapers in the best possible resolution so that you can use them for any kind of background wallpapers. You can use these psychedelic backgrounds for your laptop, desktop, Mac book, iPhone, Android and other devices easily.

Before going for the list of best HD trippy backgrounds wallpaper, I would like to throw some light towards the meaning of trippy wallpapers or psychedelic wallpaper.

What is psychedelic wallpaper or trippy backgrounds?

Many of you might want to know the meaning of the term psychedelic art or wallpaper, so I am giving a short description of this art.

In simple word trippy wallpaper or psychedelic backgrounds are optical image illusions that gives an elegant effect to the image. This optical illusion or indiscriminate pattern gives a refreshing wallpaper to set as a background image. For more details regarding trippy background wallpaper you can always read Wikipedia page.

I hope now you are now clear about the trippy backgrounds, or psychedelic wallpapers. Now let me tell you how you can save the below trippy wallpaper to your computer or smartphone.

How to Save Below Trippy or Psychedelic Wallpapers?

Saving image on your computer or smartphone is quite easy.

  • Right click on any of the below trippy background wallpapers.
  • Then click save as and give a name to the file and click save.
  • If you are on a smartphone, then long press on the image.
  • Then select save image and select the folder.
  • And you are done.


Some of the below images are based on optical image illusion and it may hurt your eyes if you look constantly. In this case you must switch to any basic wallpaper.

Top 50+ Best Psychedelic or Trippy Backgrounds Wallpaper

Trippy Background Wallpapers 1

Trippy Background Wallpapers 2

trippy wallpaper 1

trippy wallpaper 2

psychedelic wallpaper 1

psychedelic wallpaper 2

trippy wallpapers 1

trippy wallpapers 2

trippy background 1

trippy background 2

psychedelic wallpapers

psychedelic wallpapers

Psychedelic backgrounds 1

Psychedelic backgrounds

psychedelic background

psychedelic background

trippy wallpapers hd

trippy wallpapers hd


So, how are the wallpapers? I hope you enjoyed these best trippy backgrounds, or psychedelic wallpapers. We will keep adding new and new wallpapers every week. So, don’t forget to come back again or better add this page to your bookmarks for future reading.

Please tell us how you liked this article and also don’t forget to share your views and suggestion regarding these trippy background wallpapers in the comment section below 😀

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