Best Nancy Drew Games Review 2021

What is nancy drew games?

There are no ‘evil’ games by Her Interactive, according to a die-hard Nancy Drew fan. We all become Junior (or Senior) detectives as the title screen loads and the theme music signaling a brilliant mystery begins.

The hardest nancy drew game ranked is The White Wolf of Icicle Creek. The scariest among best nancy drew games ranked is Shadow at the Water’s Edge.

We’ve been brought face to face with Nancy’s desk on several occasions, rummaged through her files, and agreed to take on a variety of problems in the hunt for a solution. It’s time to lay it all out and rank our favorite playthroughs now that there are 32 key games and a Salem, MA-based mystery coming out in November. Are we up for a bit of detective work? Without a doubt, It’s time to go over your top fifteen favorites list again.

Lianna Tedesco’s April 9th, 2020 update: With the release of Nancy Drew’s most recent scenario, Midnight in Salem, it was time to revisit this list and had even more fun! With more games added to our mystery game lists, including the newest addition, it’s time to look back and see what was worth all that late-night sleuthing.


Best Nancy Drew Games Review 2021

List Of Best Nancy Drew Games series For PC

1.Secrets can Kill, The Remastered Edition

As someone who has played (and re-played) every game in the series, I can attest to the difficulty of rating them. As a result, it had to be done in a friendly way. Secrets Can Kill had to be included because it was the first — not to mention that it was such a big game that it needed two CDs. This is the lowest-ranked, but still in the top ten, for nostalgia and the excitement of a high school mystery. All of the old issues were changed in the remaster, making this one for the record books.

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2.Message in a haunted mansion

Since it was so eerie, Message in a Haunted Mansion was terrific. Many ghosts and the paranormal games have followed suit, but as any actual investigator knows, there’s always a scientific explanation for the bumps in the night. They were discovered behind closed doors and with deciphered codes in this case.

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3.The Ghost of Thornton Hall

The combination of a creepy plot and engaging characters made The Ghost of Thornton Hall such a hit. Although the game was darker than most fans were used to, the story was unquestionably a fan favorite and an absolute pleasure to solve. The puzzles were repetitive (and tricky! ), but fans persevered and were rewarded with one of Her Interactive’s most well-received games to date.

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4.The Silent Spy

Since it was one of the later PC games to come out, it was beautifully done, and the plot was great (aren’t they all?). We don’t know much about Nancy’s mother, but her history was brought to life thanks to this game.

The player must work their way through Kate Drew’s history in Scotland, fulfilling the same quest she did years ago. The mystery in this game was not only fluid, but the gameplay was flawless as well. A little risk is never a bad thing, and this game was jam-packed with action, with no dull moments.

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5.The White Wolf of Icicle Creek

The series’ 16th of nancy drew video games in Alberta, Canada, which was an intriguing start in and of itself. The anticipation of where the next mystery will lead a player is half the fun of these games, which did not disappoint. The white wolf emerges as the game’s true hero, from lunch preparation to explosions and all in between. Various puzzles and allegations will take the player to the game’s conclusion, where they will be trapped in a heart-pounding situation before they can find a way out. Will Nancy prefer it any other way?

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6.Shadow at the Water’s Edge

This is, without a doubt, one of the most fun nancy drew pc game playthroughs ever. Nancy not only flies to Japan, but she also uses the train to get around Tokyo (and beyond). It was as close to an open-world experience as a PC game can come, and it was thrilling. Each character was charismatic and engaging, and the music was fantastic and apt. Not to mention a few unforgettable jump scares sprinkled in several cutscenes. Nancy is putting her Sodoku abilities to the test while also tracking down an infamous poltergeist, all while producing Bento boxes!

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7.The curse of Blackmoor Manor

Blackmoor Manor, as scary as it was, was a mansion that every fan enjoyed exploring. There’s nothing like jumping into a puzzle game that also happens to be a nightmare, and The Curse of Blackmoor Manor delivers on both counts. Not only was the world in this nancy drew online games stunning, but delving into each character’s sinister history took it to new heights in terms of plot points.

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8.The Final Scene

This was probably one of everyone’s first games from the nancy drew game list, and it was also one of the first to have an action-packed ending. As players race against the clock to find out whodunit, they are confronted with a villain who seems to be one step ahead of them at all times. The game’s interactive use of travel, combined with the clever hiding places for all of the necessary clues, really made it shine. Not to mention how exciting it was to discover each new secret passageway. This, along with Stay Tuned for Risk, were probably two of the most popular songs.

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9.Warning at Waverly Academy

Alert at Waverly Academy was another unique playthrough. Nancy was sent to investigate the goings-on at a private school in this game, and it was unlike any other game in the series up to that point. This game was heavily focused on interviews, and the player was expected to get a genuine sense of each character they interacted with. Nancy receives threats under the alias of the ‘Black Cat’ from someone trying to sabotage the valedictorians’ class… Is it a friendly rivalry or a danger zone? We’ll have to watch it again to find out.

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10.Ghost dogs of Moon Lake

Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake was another personal favorite, mainly because it was a game that had to be played at midnight, in the dark. Aside from the spooks, there were some agitated moments in this game when it came to stepping out of the cabin late at night. If the eerie atmosphere wasn’t enough, the player was also encouraged to solve a series of intriguing, outdoorsy-themed puzzles to get closer to solving the mystery. The novel, on the other hand, had us enthralled. Mickey Malone, his ghost puppies, and a post-prohibition era cabin? Please add us to the list.

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11.The creature of Kapu Cave

This game was published shortly after the previous one and was a lot of fun to play. Although not as difficult as some of the other games, the player will enjoy the island life, at least for a while! Nancy, assisted by the Hardy Boys, is charged with serving as a research assistant to discover what is afflicting this Hawaiian island.

The innovative puzzles were just part of what made this game so memorable; teamwork with the Hardy boys, as well as a seemingly never-ending list of unique events, cemented this game in our minds.

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12.Danger on Deception Island

Nancy takes on a case of vandalism and a threatening note while living in the United States. Despite being the ninth game in the series, it was unrivaled in terms of fluidity and graphics. The outdoor setting was well fitting for the plot, and each character was well-thought-out and given just enough detail to keep the story moving. There was a sense of foreboding throughout the game, offering the ideal mix of creepy and exciting. Besides, the player will have the opportunity to kayak and go orca-watching.

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13.The Secret of the old clock

If The Secret of the Old Clock had to be summed up in a single phrase, it would undoubtedly be ‘charming.’ I don’t think there is a ‘best’ game because they’re all awesome… but this one is, without a doubt my favorite. This game was a piece of retro art in every way, from the 1930s timeline to the historical references to the Great Depression. For players, the music, characters, and even the Lilac Inn world were built around were pure magic. The town itself was old-fashioned, giving the impression that one had traveled back in time to solve a decades-old mystery.

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14.The Shattered medallion

Although some people adored and others despised The Broken Medallion, it cannot be denied that it is a fun game. The plot was interesting, if not especially unforgettable, but many people enjoyed the puzzle-heavy gameplay. The puzzles were creative and complex, and fans who love this form of thing praised them.

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15.Midnight in Salem

Of course, Nancy’s most recent case had to be mentioned! Though Midnight in Salem is unlikely to become a favorite shortly, it did leave an impression. This was the start of a new age for Her Interactive’s sleuthing games, and even Nancy’s voice actress and the gameplay were updated. Overall, the game received mixed reviews, but the graphics and plot were the actual selling points. It was revamped and modernized, allowing users to connect with items and clues in ways they had never seen before. Furthermore, Salem, Is there anything else to say?

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When is the next nancy drew game coming out?

Fans of Nancy Drew, Pre-orders for Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem will begin exclusively on on October 1st, 2019. On November 19th, 2019, the game will be released.

Midnight in Salem will continue to be a point-and-click adventure. Her last game was Sea of Darkness, and Brittany Cox will voice Nancy in Midnight in Salem.



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