Best Multiplayer Gamecube Games Reviews 2021

For many gamers, the Nintendo GameCube remains a favorite. While the PS2 and Xbox overshadowed it in several ways, the GameCube became known for having some of the best Nintendo games, as well as some of the best multiplayer games ever released. Players frantically tried to beat their mates at the game blazing in their tube TVs, with controls broken.

To be included on this list, a game must be based on multiplayer features. Games like Metroid Prime 2 that only have a multiplayer mode will not be counted. These are the games you’d play with your mates at a get-together. Are the ones the most effective? Which ones do you think you should play today and still have a pleasant time with?

Best Multiplayer Gamecube Games

What Gamecube game should I play?

List of Best multiplayer Gamecube games

1.Super Monkey Ball

Super Monkey Ball is a party game for the Sega platform. This game was initially released on the Dreamcast, but it was re-released on the GameCube after Sega’s platform collapsed. The game is an arcade-style video game with several mini-games and party games.

This game was extremely well-received, and it was also regarded as one of the best of the GameCube’s initial lineup. Super Monkey Ball supports up to four players, so gather your pals and get ready to have some fun!

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2.Pokemon Colosseum

Pokémon has remained a successful animated and video game franchise. Players will become Pokémon trainers and fight their friends in Pokémon Colosseum. While this game will not feature some of the newest Pokémon that fans have grown to love, it is fun to revisit some of the classic creatures that fans have grown to love.

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3.Super Mario Strikers

Mario is, without a doubt, one of the most successful gaming franchises of all time. This franchise has been subdivided into several smaller gaming series, including Mario Party, Paper Mario, and others. Super Mario Strikers is no exception. It is a hugely successful and well-received game.

Two teams of five play on the soccer field in this game, attempting to score goals. If a player makes enough perfect shots and passes, they will be able to “super strike,” which will give them 2 points if done successfully.

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4.Mario Superstar Baseball

Mario Superstar Baseball is another famous Mario franchise game. After creating their all-star baseball team, players will compete against a friend in this game. Each of the well-known Mario characters has its baseball strengths and weaknesses.

Of course, a Mario sports game will be incomplete without special abilities. Each of the main Mario characters has their special abilities and baseball fields with unique features. So, pitch this game to a friend and hope you don’t get hit by a pitch!

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5.PAC-Man Fever

Although this game received mixed reviews when it was first released in 2002, it is worth revisiting. Like Mario Party, the gameplay involves characters running around a game board and engaging in mini-games in between rounds.

The distinction is in the movement of the characters. Although Mario Party relies on dice to progress, in Pac-Man Fever, the number of steps a player takes is determined by where they are in the mini-game. The characters’ landing spots all have different results, such as earning/losing coins or starting a raffle. But one thing is sure: no one can say you won this game because of a lucky die roll.

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6.Mario Party 4-7

On the GameCube, the Mario Party series is still one of the most memorable multiplayer games. Many modern fans of the series would claim that the older games were better than, the newer ones.

It doesn’t even make a difference. For whatever reason, each game has its fan base, but each game’s main appeal remains the same. Roll the dice, pass around the board, steal coins and stars, and win. The most significant difference is which game contains which mini-games, which remain the franchise’s true highlight.

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7.Custom Robo

Custom Robo is a mecha role-playing game that was ignored at its release and continues to be overlooked today. Although there is a single-player adventure, the multiplayer arena battle mode is still enjoyable fifteen years later.

You build a robot and pit it against a group of friends. The game is unlike anything else on the console in terms of sheer enjoyment. Check it out now if you haven’t already.

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8.F-Zero GX

F-Zero is a popular Nintendo racing series that has almost entirely eclipsed F-Zero. Regardless, F-Zero GX remains a fantastic multiplayer game. It’s slick and extravagant, with dizzying level design and high-speed races taking precedence over all else.

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9.Legend of Zelda: Four swords adventures

The Legend of Zelda is one of Nintendo’s most successful franchises. It’s shocking that it took them this long to make a multiplayer game for the GameCube, but they did. The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures is an out-of-the-box experience. It places you in the shoes of four separate Ties who must cooperate to solve puzzles and combat enemies.

The game allows four Gameboy Advance consoles to be wired to the GameCube, making it more difficult to play today. It is, however, a fascinating journey to go on with friends if you are so willing.

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10.Pikmin 2

Pikmin 2 is the follow-up to the critically acclaimed Pikmin. Pikmin 2 is known for being one of the unique games on GameCube, but its multiplayer mode is a unique and enjoyable game mode.

Pikmin 2 has a cooperative challenge mode and a competitive “capture the flag”-style mode. In both modes, players are tasked with completing a challenging dominance quest. It’s one of the few times a single-player game with this amount of immersion and enjoyment has included a multiplayer mode.

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11.Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, like Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures, was another game that required a Gameboy Advance to play. What makes Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles one of the best GameCube multiplayer games is the difficulty it provided to players who dared to play it in multiplayer mode.

In specific ways, the multiplayer mode is more of a cooperative RPG experience than a party game. It allows players to interact with the environment and go on adventures with a friend. As one of the most underappreciated in the Final Fantasy series, this game stood out from its contemporaries in a significant way.

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12.Kirby Air ride

Kirby Air Ride (not Kirby’s Air Ride, as many people believe) is a GameCube cult classic that isn’t a racing game. Or, at the very least, it isn’t the only one. It’s an arena competition game with built-in racing mechanics. The game is divided into two main modes: one in which you drive around a city collecting power-ups and fighting your opponents for said power-ups. Another in which you drive around a city collecting power-ups and fighting your rivals for said power-ups.

It’s one of the few multiplayer games for GameCube. Even today, it is the only game of its kind. It is well worth revisiting today for that purpose alone.

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13.SoulCalibur II

SoulCalibur II was released on all of the major consoles at the time, but it seems that the GameCube version is the one that everybody remembers. It’s the latest installment in the enduringly successful SoulCalibur franchise, featuring the ongoing battle for controlling a cursed sword.

Aside from that, the game features incredible fighting fun Gamecube games play, a complicated story, and some fantastic single-player experiences. This isn’t the best GameCube fighter to buy — no, that’s a lie. It’s almost there. But that’ll come later.

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14.MarioKart Double Dash

Mario Kart Double Dash is one of the best Mario Gamecube games on the GameCube. For a good reason, many franchise fans consider Double Dash to be the best in the series. For the first time, the game felt frantic and well-balanced. The gaming engines and capabilities finally allowed the developer to realize his vision for the franchise.

The game is highly complex, with players being able to mix and match riders and vehicles to their advantage. It’s a lot of fun to use power-ups. The aesthetic is lovely.

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15.Super Smash Bros. Melee

There was never any doubt about which game would come out on top. Many consider Super Smash Bros Melee to be one of GameCube games ever released if not the best. While there are some balancing issues in the game, particularly at the competitive level, no other GameCube fighting game offered players such a polished, easy way to beat the snot out of their mates.

The game is a work of art. It’s been played by everyone. It’s the first game that comes to mind when someone takes out their GameCube at a party.

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Best multiplayer GameCube games list

  1. SuperMonkey Ball
  2. Pokemon Colosseum
  3. Super Mario strikers
  4. Mario superstar baseball
  5. Pac-Man Fever
  6. Mario Party 4-7
  7. Custom Robo
  8. F-Zero GX
  9. Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures
  10. Pikmin 2
  11. Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles
  12. Kirby Air Ride
  13. SoulCalibur II
  14. MarioKart Double Dash
  15. Super Smash Bros. Melee


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