Best Mouse For Fortnite Review 2021

Fortnite is a game that requires no introduction. Since the release of its Battle Royale game mode, the game has taken the gaming world by storm, and almost every gamer on the planet has heard of it.

But, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a total novice, there’s one thing that remains constant: you need good gear to play to your full potential. To assist you, we examined the mice used by our professional players, checked their pro fortnite settings and compiled a list of five of the best mice for Fortnite. While a mouse is clearly subjective and primarily based on personal preferences, using this list as a starting point when shopping for a best mouse for Fortnite can be a great place to start.

Best Mouse For Fortnite

What makes a mouse for Fortnite?

Fortnite is a simple game in the sense that there aren’t a lot of different abilities and buttons to press. Since you’ll need to create quickly and turn your arms on the fly, getting a mouse with a few side buttons is a good idea. All of the mice on this list have at least two extra buttons, as well as a high-quality sensor (Fortnite is still a shooter game, so a suitable sensor is required) and solid internals.

Since it’s a shooter and you’ll need to target well, you’ll want to choose a mouse that matches your grip style and hand size. After all, if you’re going to be using your mouse for hours on end, it should be convenient for you. There’s no need to spend money on a mouse that has all of the best features but doesn’t suit your hand or grip style.

One exciting thing we’ve noticed with Fortnite is that ultralight mice (those weighing less than 70 grams) are among the most common. About a quarter of Fortnite pros use a super light mouse, which is a higher percentage than we see in other games we’ve looked at. Maybe this is because you need to be able to swing your mouse around rapidly while doing stuff like constructing or searching your surroundings, or maybe it’s due to the success of FinalMouse (who invented ultralight mice and only manufacture mice weighing less than 70 grams), thanks in part to their partnership with Ninja. Of course, Fortnite pros may be better at picking up new technologies than pros in other games; we’re just speculating.

What Mouse does Tfue use?

Razer Viper Ultralight

The Razer Viper is an ambidextrous gaming mouse for fortnite with a lightweight build. The mouse’s shape is ideal for most hand sizes when using a fingertip grip due to its short and low-profile body, but people with small hands can struggle to reach the mouse clicks and scroll wheel. It has a short lift-off distance, a low click latency, and a comprehensive and customizable CPI range.

What is the best gaming mouse 2020?

Logitech is known for producing high-quality mice and has done so for quite some time. Everyone who knows something about the (pro) gaming scene knows that their G Pro Wireless is one of the most popular gaming mice ever to reach the pro shooter scene, but their other items are also trendy. They seem to have a shape and style for almost everyone right now, making them the most popular brand in the Fortnite professional scene by a long shot.

FinalMouse is in second place, with their most common mouse, the Air 58 Ninja, accounting for most of their use. Ninja is the most popular Fortnite streamer (and, by extension, one of the most popular streamers in general), and his partnership with FinalMouse seems to have wowed a slew of other pros. It’s not just the Ninja name that makes these mice so popular; the UltraLight 2 is also a favorite among professionals.

List of Best Mouse For Fortnite

1.Logitech G Pro Wireless best mouse for fornite

Technology wins-   When it used to be that seeing someone with a wireless fortnite gaming mouse  meant they were a noob, but wireless mice have now caught up to their wired counterparts. Logitech states that their LIGHTSPEED technology is as fast as, if not faster than, wired mice, which is a remarkable accomplishment in and of itself.

But that’s not what the G Pro Wireless has going for it. It has a stunning battery life of over 40 in-game hours, features their flawless HERO sensor (which is an in-house version of the 3366), and can be charged using their POWERPLAY technology, which means you’ll never have to plug in the mouse if you use it with a POWERPLAY mousepad.

Great shape and Performance-  Logitech collaborated with industry experts to create the best mouse possible, and the results are impressive. The form is incredible and can suit a wide range of grip styles (something that the G403 and ‘OG’ G Pro shapes couldn’t say), and the fact that it’s a genuinely ambidextrous mouse (you’ve got modular side keys, etc.)

Logitech’s internals has always been excellent, so it’s no wonder that they’ve jumped to first place now that they’ve created a flawless wireless mouse with a super comfortable shape.

Why this one? –  The G Pro Wireless is an outstanding gaming mouse. If you have the funds, this is an excellent mouse that should match a wide range of grip styles and hand sizes.

Going wireless with no discernible lag is a beautiful experience. It is made even better if you can do it with a fantastic-feeling mouse, which is exactly what the G Pro Wireless does. It’s also an utterly ambidextrous mouse, so if you’re a le 0fty who wants to get a mouse-like the pros use, this is the one to get.

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2.FinalMouse Air58 Ninja

The lightest of the bunch-   Going wireless with no discernible lag is a wonderful experience, made even better if you can do it with a fantastic-feeling mouse, which is exactly what the G Pro Wireless does. It’s also an utterly ambidextrous mouse, so if you’re a lefty who wants to get a mouse as the pros use, this is the one to get. FinalMouse wireless doesn’t seem to want you to miss any important shots, and their mice have been built to be the lightest on the market for quite some time.

The Air58 is true to its name; it’s mainly made of air (the holes in the shell are built to make the mouse lighter) and claims to weigh 58 grams. That’s crazy, and it quickly makes it one of the lightest (gaming) mice on the market.

Always improving-  This Mouse was developed in partnership with Richard Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, but not much has changed since the UltraLight Phantom model. The Air58 is a little lighter and has a better scroll wheel, but otherwise, it’s the same cursor.

That isn’t a problem, though, because the UltraLight Phantom was already a fantastic mouse. The Air58, like its predecessor, features a faultless 3360 sensor and a nice and comfortable shape. When you combine that with the phantom cord (their name for their shoelace-like mouse cable), you’ve got a mouse that glides over your pad with the ease and grace of a ninja ready to strike.

Why this one?-  This is the mouse for you if you want the lightest mouse you can find with an incredibly lightweight cable and top internals.

These mice, like real-life ninjas, are very elusive. FinalMouse tends only to release items in very small amounts, so having one involves following them on social media and refreshing the page whenever a new ‘drop’ is revealed.

We admire the creativity they’re bringing to the market with their shell design and phantom cord, but it’s difficult to suggest a mouse that’s rarely accessible. If you can get them when they first become affordable, it’s a fantastic deal, but we suggest paying the total price and avoiding the “scalpers” who buy mice and then attempt to sell them for more than MSRP.

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3.FinalMouse Ultralight2

Make it your own- The UltraLight 2 is one of FinalMouse’s newest           updates, and it aims to evolve by having a shape that you can customize. The ‘base mouse’ is a scaled-down variant of the company’s now-famous UltraLight Mouse. On the other hand, this one comes with INFINITY SKIN, a malleable plastic foamy substance that you can apply to your mouse to form it exactly how you want it (it’s written in all caps in their ads, so we’ll do the same).

It’s an intriguing concept, and it’s a perfect option for people who want a mouse that’s formed precisely how they want it, but even if you don’t intend to use the INFINITYSKINS, it’s a great gaming mouse. As we all know, the 3360 sensor is flawless under the hood, and FinalMouse has been working on improving the mouse wheel and cable.

Why this one?-   If you’re looking for the world’s lightest gaming mouse, this is it. It’s a smaller version of UltraLight, so if that one was too big for you, this might be a good alternative. Naturally, the INFINITYSKINS, which allows you to customize the mouse’s exact shape, would appeal to some people, but even if you don’t use them, this is a great gaming device. However, as with other FinalMouse goods, availability is a significant concern. Their goods are almost always sold out, and the only copies available are sold on the black market at exorbitant prices, which we do not recommend paying. This is a perfect purchase at retail price (or similar to it).

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4.Logitech G703

Ergonomic wireless- For those who prefer an ergonomic mouse, the G703 has long been the only wireless choice. That has changed in recent years, but the G703 is still a capable wireless device. It features Logitech’s faultless LIGHTSPEED technology, which ensures a lossless link that’s as smooth as a wired mouse. It has the same flawless Logitech HERO sensor as the G Pro Wireless.

A bit weighty- Since this was one of the first completely flawless wireless gaming mice to be launched, it still carries an ‘outdated’ feel to it. We wouldn’t call it super heavy at 105 grams, but in a game where ultralight mice are so popular, this mouse’s weight is undoubtedly an outlier.

The shape is also something to think about while ordering this mouse. The hump is very prominent, making this a form that people either like or dislike. If you can get beyond that, this is a beautiful mouse with high-quality parts and internals.

Why this one?-   This could be the mouse for you if you prefer heavier mice and don’t mind the weight and want a very palm-filling ergonomic mouse with top-tier internals.

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Is the Razer Deathadder good for fortnite?

5.Razer DeathAdder

The old guard- For more than a decade, the DeathAdder has been around. A mouse that has survived for so long must be doing something good, which explains why so many people still use it. New models of this iconic line of mice haven’t always met with universal acclaim. Still, Razer has recently been hitting it out of the park, and the current V2 edition is undeniably a fantastic product.

The razor edge of mouse design- Razer’s marketing has always been aggressive, which makes sense because you have to sell your product, and we all know marketing teams have a tendency to exaggerate claims. Still, the DeathAdder is top of the line.

If you’re considering a DeathAdder, we’d prefer the V2 (or the wireless Pro version) over the older Elite. Still, both mice have a faultless sensor and efficiency, so you’ll be okay with either, and if you’re on a budget, you may be able to find the Elite for a lower price.

The V2 is our pick because it has optical mouse switches (which are more durable) and a more flexible cord, better feet, a better coating, and a lighter weight. There’s also the fact that the V2 has a newer sensor, but it’s unlikely that you’ll make much of a difference.

Why this one?-  When it comes to gaming mice, and comparing FinalMouse vs DeathAdder,  the DeathAdder is a seasoned fighter. It’s gone through several revisions at this point, and the most recent version hits all of the essential points.

It has the relatively secure ergonomic shape (though it is a reasonably large mouse; keep that in mind) that has made it one of the most well-known gaming mice in history, and the latest version moves this iconic mouse to the forefront of the market in terms of specs and features.

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Is a lighter mouse better for fortnite?

These mice, like real-life ninjas, are very elusive. FinalMouse tends only to release items in very small amounts, so having one involves following them on social media and refreshing the page whenever a new ‘drop’ is revealed.

We admire the creativity they’re bringing to the market with their shell design and phantom cord, but it’s difficult to suggest a mouse that’s rarely accessible. If you can get them when they first become affordable, they’re a fantastic deal, but we suggest purchasing them at total retail price to avoid the “scalpers” who purchase them and then try to sell them for less for multiple times the MSRP in the dust.




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