Best Motherboard For Ryzen 5 3600

After the Ryzen launch, the Ryzen-5 3600 processor has soon become one of the most popular CPUs in the marketplace. This is primarily due to its low cost, high performance, and powerful applications. The Ryzen-5 3600 processor is an efficient six-core cpu with a massive 12 threads which delivers great performance in single as well as multi-core apps. It is based on the third-generation Zen 2 design and outperforms its predecessor in terms of performance & efficiency.

The Ryzen-5 3600 is designed specifically for AM4 motherboards. It also has a baseline clock rate of around 3.6GHz with a max turbo clock rate of 4.2 GHz. The Ryzen 5 motherboard does have a small TDP of about 65W.


This processor is perfect for high-end gameplay as well as challenging computer tasks. It includes a powerful cooler that guarantees high efficiency as well as productivity even though forced to its limits. However, to experience your Ryzen 5 3600x motherboard, you must pair it with a strong AM4 board. The motherboard is the foundation of your computer and decides how other critical elements in the computer can function. The consistency of your motherboard is important when building a computer to support high-end gaming.

With so many best ryzen motherboards on a marketplace, it can be difficult to determine which one to buy. Hopefully, you have arrived at the correct page today. We have analyzed and compiled a list of the best motherboard for ryzen 5 3600. So before listing the best ryzen motherboards, we considered form factors, cpu support, onboard apps, brand credibility, customer feedback & ratings, cost, expansion sockets as well as ports, including SATA support.


The 8 Best Motherboard For Ryzen 5 3600

The good motherboard for ryzen 5 3600 is explained in detail below.

1.Hero ROG X570 Asus Crosshair VIII

ASUS is well-known for producing low-cost, high-performance hardware, and the Hero ROG X570 Asus Crosshair VII did not discourage it when it was released by Asus. This chipset has dominated the list because this is packed with amazing functionality that set it outstanding from the competition. This is one of the good motherboard for Ryzen 5 3600.

The dashboard-style settings menu of the Al 3 suite allows people to fine-tune almost every element of the Computer with a single click. With this control center, you can achieve a combination of stability, performance, & cooling everything under a single roof. Ryzen 5 motherboard also includes onboard 6 Wi-Fi support, which provides ultra-fast internet speeds, enhanced coverage in crowded Wi-Fi settings. Ryzen 5 motherboard also has increased network bandwidth for a smooth online gaming interface. While playing high-end online games over a wireless network, there will be no lag if you use the Ryzen 5 motherboard.

The Double PCI-E 4.0M.2 socket enables up to 221100 and also supports SSD NVMe Raid for a significant performance increase. To enjoy the benefits of the incredibly quick data transmission on the 3rd Generation AMD ryzen 5 3600 motherboard, you can build a RAID setup with two PCI-E 4.0 space tools.

The Asus Crosshair ROG X570 VII Hero comes with the best cooling remedies which can be configured via the UEFI BIOS and the Fan 4 Xpert. Both onboard connectors on the Computer enable auto-detection of PWM & DC fan. The pre-mounted Input/Output design makes installation easy.

Key Features

  • AM4 slots for AMD ryzen 5 3600 motherboard
  • Asus Secure slot & premium-grade products for maximum performance & durability
  • Extensive overclocking choices
  • Amazing cooling choices, including a special water header area, as well as M.2 heat pipes.
  • Coordinated RGB lighting techniques.
  • Good performance networking
  • Sonic Studio Iii & Supreme FX provide simple & high-quality sound that immerses you in the action.

Technical Specifications

  • Brand-ASUS.
  • Model- ROG X570 Hero Crosshair VII.
  • Socket- AM4.
  • Chipset- 570X AMD ryzen 5 3600 motherboard .
  • Form factor- AXT
  • Maximum memory capacity- DDR4 128 GB
  • M.2 slot- 4x

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2.TOMAHAWK MSI B450 Motherboard – Best motherboards For Gaming PC

The MSI TOMAHAWK B450 is an efficient motherboard built for high-end gameplay and challenging computing tasks. This motherboard was filled with many videogames great features for such a sophisticated gaming experience, from tough looks to highly polished heat sinks.

A strong board like this, which performs extremely challenging tasks, easily heats up. The motherboard includes MSI expanded PWM as well as an improved circuit layout to guarantee that the Processor works efficiently even at full power. The latest core enhances technology enables quicker and more accurate voltage control to the Processor. This board not only enables multi CPUs but also provides an optimum temperature for Processor overclocking. The MSI B450 is another motherboards compatible with Ryzen.

The high-quality microphone capacitors, specialized amplifier, & sound card microphone boost provide simple and high-quality sound that immerses you in the action. They all are physically separated from all others in the motherboard circuitry, which means that you will get the clearest audio quality while playing your beloved games.

MSI TOMAHAWK B450 supports AM4 processors from the first & second generations. It also promotes AMD crossfire technologies in both directions. It has a USB-C port, four DIMM slots, six SATA ports, as well as enables up to 64 GB of double-channel DDR4 storage. It is the best motherboard for amd ryzen 5.


Key Features

  • Studio-quality audio for an interactive gameplay experience
  • I/O shielding is pre-installed for easier installation & better EMI safety.
  • Development of an expanded heat sink with an external choke heat pad for maximum cooling
  • Processors from the first as well as second generations are assisted.
  • Promotes AMD two-way & crossfire technology.



  • Brand-MSI
  • Model- B450 TOMAHAWK
  • Socket- AM4
  • Chipset- AMD 450X
  • Form factor- AXT
  • M.2 slot: 2x
  • Weight: 2.91
  • Maximum memory capacity- 64 GB of double-channel DDR4 storage

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3.ROG ASUS STRIX X470-F Playing 

If you want a strong yet inexpensive best Ryzen motherboard, the Asus STRIX X470-F ROG Gaming is a great option.  This chipset is operated by AMD AM4 Ryzen 2 & seventh-generation Athlon cpus. This optimize speed & accessibility with double NVMe, LAN Gigabit, M.2, & USB 3.1 ports. The impressive aesthetics of the high-quality heatsink add a pleasing premium connection.

The ROG STRIX X470-F Asus Gaming also includes complete RGB illumination with a variety of preset options. Users also can sync features with Hue Philips personal portable lighting to generate immersive lighting to elevate your gameplay experience. It is one of the best motherboard for AMD ryzen 5.

The ASU-5 ways optimization renders this motherboard higher efficient and also durable by dynamically optimizing critical device aspects & offering clocking and cooling parameters that meet your needs. Its fans are extremely quiet while providing incredible ventilation to guarantee that the Intel processor’s critical components do not overheat while conducting intensive tasks. It’s UEFI & Fan 4 Xpert gives you full power over cooling systems, fans.

Whenever it happens to audio quality, the Asus STRIX X470-F ROG Gaming does not fall short. Its ROG supremeFX sound technology provides an impressive 113dB signal-to-noise ratio, enabling you to experience high-quality sound performance while gaming. The I/O shield is pre-installed, ensuring a clean installation.

Key Features

  1. AMD AM4 Ryzen 2 & 7th generation Athlon cpus operate the system.
  2. ASUS’ proprietary Aura Synchronization RGB lighting provides unparalleled personalization.
  3. Eight-challenge HD sound drive by Japanese capacitors
  4. Pre-mounted I/O for simple installation
  5. Fan 4 Xpert five-way control & auto-tuning


  • Brand- ASUS
  • Model- ASUS Strix X470 ROG
  • Socket- AM4
  • Chipset- AMD X470
  • Form factor- AXT
  • Memory max- 64GB DDR4
  • M.2 slot- 2x

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4.MSI X570 MEG UNIFY Motherboard

Another good motherboard for ryzen 5 3600 is MSI X570 MEG UNIFY. It is powered by AMD’s X570 motherboard and is compatible with all AM4 CPUs. It supports AMD Ryzen cpus from the second & third generations of AM4 pockets. It comes with Three M. 2 ports, each with a shielding Frozr heatsink, as well as 16 & 1 USB ports, PCIe 4.0 networking. It also has 2.5G Ethernet, 4600MHZ storage support & Wi-Fi 6 for such a faster wireless link, USB turbo 3.2 Generation Two for quicker data transmission, as well as an Audio booster for valuable sound quality. If you’re actually going for the Ryzen 5 3600x motherboard or a Ryzen 7 3700X, I’d recommend a costly B450 board.

The aluminum covering including the heatsink ensures even and efficient heat transfer. This enables the Ryzen 5 3600x motherboard to operate at peak performance avoiding overheating. The MSI Tomahawk MAG B550 supports DDR4 storage at speeds ranging 4600 MHz. The pre-installed Input/Output protection makes installation easier and offers better EMI security.

Key Features

  • With the BIOS upgrade, it is possible to support second & third processors.
  • I/O shielding is pre-installed for easier installation & better EMI safety.
  • Studio-quality audio for an interactive gaming experience
  • For a lightning-fast multiplayer experience, the integrated 2.5G LAN is combined with the most recent Wi-Fi 6 technology.


  • Brand- MSI
  • Model- MEG X570 UNIFY
  • Socket- AM4
  • Chipset- AMD X570
  • Form factor- AXT
  • Memory max- 128GB DDR4
  • M.2 slot-3x

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5.Budget PC Build – ASRock Steel Legend B450 Motherboard

The ASRock steel legend B450 is ideal for gamers looking for a strong yet reasonably priced AM4 motherboard. ASRock used to be a subsidiary of ASUS, however, the two companies split up. This motherboard does have a variety of excellent features, VRM, & efficiency.

ASRock steel legend B450 features RGB illumination for improved aesthetics. The ASRock steel legend B450 has 2 PCIe express, 2 PCIe extend 3.0 ports, and 2 M.2 usb ports. For high-quality audio while playing your favorite games, the chipset employs a combination of Realtek ALC892 & ELNA capacitors.

This motherboard includes double NVMe PCI-E sockets as well as temperature guards to maintain the Processor cool by providing optimal heat transfer. ASRock steel legend B450 also includes smart fan 5 tech, which helps to power the variable fan headers for optimal cooling while the CPU is running at high speeds. It even has a 12+2 phase VRM power transmission which boosts the performance of the Ryzen-5 3600 cpu to provide the best gameplay experience.


  • Brand- ASRock
  • Model-MEG UNIFY X570
  • Socket- AM4
  • Chipset- AMD B450
  • Form factor- AXT
  • Memory max-128GB DDR4
  • M.2 slot- 3x

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6.Gigabyte AORUS ELITE X570 WIFI gaming Motherboard 

Gigabyte company has been in business for a long time. However, in recent times, the firm has stepped up its game & is now manufacturing high-quality chipsets with outstanding performance & design at a very low cost. The Gigabyte AORUS ELITE X570 WIFI is one of the most visually appealing motherboard on the marketplace. Gigabyte is one of the motherboards compatible with Ryzen. The AORUS logo & RGB LED illumination can be found on both the I/O board as well as the controller center motherboard heatsink. There are a lot of RBG connectors on the motherboard.

The Gigabyte AORUS ELITE X570 WIFI has four DIMM ports and supports double-channel non-ECC configured DDR4 up to 128GB. This motherboard also has 2 M.2 slots, one of which includes a heatsink to avoid temperature throttling throughout the SSD. It also includes 6 SATA III channels.

The virtual VRM approach with 12+ 2 steps and DrMOS guarantees that power is supplied perfectly to the chipset for optimal output. When gaming, the high-quality sound capacitors & sound noise defenders provide vibrant, high-quality sound output. The USB-C routers (USB 3.2 Generation 2) on the Gigabyte AORUS ELITE X570 WIFI are extremely quick. It is also not necessary to install storage or a Processor graphic card. Rather, simply download the latest BIOS file and then select Q-flash + for automated setup. The incorporated I/O shielding Armor protects the motherboard from electrostatic charges.


Key Features

  • Armor with integrated I/O shielding
  • VRM heatsink extension
  • Q Double PCI-E  NVMe 4.0/3.0 x 4 M.2 as well as thermal guard
  • Flash + BIOS updates without requiring the installation of graphics cards and memory.
  • AMD second, third, and Ryzen processors with those Radeon Vega processors are supported, as is Intel  LAN Gigabit.
  • True 12+2 step digital VRM with consistent power supply.


  • Model- AORUS X570 ELITE WIFI
  • Brand- Gigabyte
  • Weight- 0.77 pounds
  • CPU socket- Socket AM4
  • M.2 slot- 2x
  • Form factor- AXT
  • Memory max- 128GB DDR4
  • Socket- AM4.

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7.Asus Crosshair VIII ROG Formula Premium 

It’s one of ASUS’s best motherboards to date. It has high-end features which make it the most strong chipsets on the marketplace.

A dashboard-style settings menu of Al suite-3 allows you to fine-tune every other part of your chipset. This is significant as it allows you to reach ideal stability, reliability, as well as cooling for peak performance.

ASS Crosshair VII ROG X570 Formula comes with onboard Wi-Fi-6 ( 802.11ax) enable for super-fast connectivity speeds also in a narrow Wi-Fi environment, resulting in an outstanding online gameplay experience.

ASUS Crosshair VII ROG X570 Formula has an excellent cooling mechanism that can be customized via the UEFI BIOS / Fan 4 Xpert. Both of the PC’s onboard headers allow auto-detection on DC fans and PWM.

This motherboard’s Double PCI-E 4.0M.2 port enables up to 221100 as well as includes NVMe SSD support providing an outstanding performance upgrade. To take advantage of the incredibly quick data transfer rate on the 3rd Generation AMD Ryzen framework, you can build a RAID setup with two PCI-E 4.0 memory media. The pre-mounted Input/Output structure makes installation easy.

In contrast to other chipsets which use single-ended detectors, the ASUS crosshair VII ROG Formula has a unique sensing circuit that provides easy tuning & overclocking. It also has a Live Dash, which shows customizable graphics as well as other useful details. You also can change the standard Live Dash GIF into a different animation or picture.

Key Features

  • Pre-installed I/O shield
  • High-quality part for a full endurance
  • 5 Ways to Optimize
  • Wi-Fi 6 (802.11Ax) onboard with MU MIMO assistance for high networking
  • USB 3. 2 Generation 2 & M.2 drives, as well as AMD storage which optimize speed & connectivity.
  • AMD 2nd & 3rd generation processors are supported.


  • Brand- ASUS
  • Model- ROG crosshair VII X570 Formula
  • Socket-AM4
  • Chipset- AMD 570X
  • Form factor- AXT
  • Memory max- 128GB DDR4
  • M.2 slot- 4x

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8.Motherboard ASRock B450M/AC

ASRock AC AM4 B450M B450 chipset, operated by B450M AMD, runs perfectly with the new 3rd generation Ryzen AMD processors. Such a micro ATX chipset has double PCI-E X16 ports, quad DIMM nodes, a LAN GbE port, as well as an ultra M.2 port, which is more than enough to create a fantastic home playing PC.  Bluetooth v4.2 new 802.11ac networking improves connectivity, enabling you to experience the best online gameplay experience.

A premium-grade product used ensures longevity and dependability even when subjected to harsh conditions. Furthermore, you can link and synchronize RGB with many other TGB polychrome synchronization approved components including uniform & harmonious lighting. The 7.1 Sound (Realtek ALC892) & ELNA sound caps have the most natural sound for an interactive gameplay experience.

The PCI-E ultra M.2 Generation 3 x interface supports quick data transfer range of approximately 32GB per second. Also, it is compatible with U.2 ASRock’s Kit. The 4 USB3.2 Generation 1 ports have a connection speed that is 10 times speedier than USB 2.0. Users also can navigate the ASRock live upgrade & APP store or use the available items to maximize their Computer efficiency. It is last but not least best motherboard for AMD ryzen 5.

Key Features

  • AM4 AMD sockets
  • Realtek LAN Gigabit
  • 7.1 inch audio HD (Realtek ALC892)
  • DD3 3200+ compatibility (OC)
  • Polychrome SYNC by ASRock


  • Brand- ASRock
  • Model- B450M AM4 B450 AC
  • Socket- AM4
  • Chipset- B450M
  • Form factor- AXT
  • Memory max- 64GB DDR4
  • M.2 slot- 2x

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Which motherboard is best for Ryzen 5 3600?

It is related to the user’s preference. However, based on our comprehensive testing, we can confidently state that the Hero Asus ROG Crosshair VII X570 is the best Ryzen motherboard. It comes with many premium apps that enable it to fully utilize the Ryzen-5 3600 processor. Asus ROG is one of the motherboards compatible with ryzen.

Which socket does the Ryzen-5 3600 use?

Socket AM4 is used by Ryzen-5 3600. (Zen & excavator microarchitecture-based microprocessors)

Do B450 motherboard support Ryzen 3600?

Yes, Ryzen 3rd-generation cpus are fully compatible with B450 motherboards from the prior generation. However, the board’s bios must be revised at least through the introduction of the Ryzen 3600. It is present on 99 percent of new boards, but if this is utilized, ensure that it has the correct bios.

Are Ryzen 5-3600 motherboards compatible with B550?

Ryzen 5 3600 compatible motherboards include the Hero Asus ROG Crosshair VII X570, TOMAHAWK MSI B450, ASUS Strix X470–F ROG Playing, MSI MEG UNIFY X570, ASRock steel legend B450, AORUS ELITE Gigabyte X570 WIFI, ROG ASUS Crosshair VII X570 Formula, AM4 B450 ASRock B450M AC motherboard. These are some of the ryzen 5 3600 compatible motherboards. There are many other ryzen 5 3600 compatible motherboards available.

What chipset does Ryzen 5 3600 use?

AMD Ryzen-5 3600 employs a seventh-generation sequence & AMD Athlon motherboards to offer outstanding gaming results.

What is the best motherboards for a gaming computer 3.0?

  • The best Intel motherboard is the Asus Strix Z590-E ROG.
  • Tachyon Z590 Aorus. Best Intel Motherboard for High-End Computers.
  • MSI MAG Tomahawk Z590 is an Intel best Motherboard in the Mid-Range.
  • The Asus H570-Plus Prime is a Good Intel Motherboard on a Budget
  • Hero Asus ROG Crosshair VIII X570 (Wi-Fi)
  • MSI X570 MEG is Godlike.
  • ASUS X570 Velocita PG
  • ASRock Phantom B550 Gaming 4



The Ryzen-5 3600 processor is strong, effective, as well as versatile. Even when forced to its limits, it performs admirably. As a result, it is common among high-end gaming players & people who handle extremely challenging computing activities However, in order to realize the full potential of this amazing processor, it must be paired with the appropriate motherboard. All of the motherboards mentioned above are completely compatible with the Ryzen-5 3600 processor. Furthermore, they are outfitted with fantastic technologies that allow you to achieve the most out of your Ryzen-5 3600 processor.


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