Best Micro Atx Case Review 2021

In this following article, we will discuss which is the best Micro ATX case, and about all the facts of the best Micro case and uses of ATX cases.

What Does Micro Atx Mean

If you would like to make a small form-factor gaming computer of your choice so you can done as i am telling you because this is one of the most easier way to perform these types of tasks. Then you will basically have a lot of options for the given size of the motherboard that you can easily choose. So, here is one of the more budget-friendly form-factors: micro-ATX. Micro-ATX cases are a bit smaller than the normal ATX medium cases and are a bit larger than most of the popular mini-ITX cases.

The best thing about microATX cases and motherboards is that they hardly cost like a bit less than mini-ITX motherboards and cases. In most of the cases, most of the professionals are used to work with a heavy budget that can’t usually afford a motherboard because of their price. Whereas, there are a lot of micro cases and motherboards up there that always come in a fraction of the adjustable price.

So, when the point is to help you in finding the best micro-ATX case for your budget and need, I have already put together some buyer’s guide. In which guide, you’ll mainly find top 11 microATX PC cases that you can easily use in building a new high-end game performer PC.

 How Big Is Micro Atx

MicroATX can also be called as μATX, uATX or mATX and which is a specific form for motherboards that was basically introduced in December 1997 very first. The maximum size of a microATX motherboard can be 9.6 × 9.6 in (244 × 244 mm). And the specific ATX size is 25% larger, at 12 × 9.6 in (305 × 244 mm).

MicroATX was specially designed to be more compatible with ATX. There are some particular points of microATX also that these motherboards are a set of those which are basically used on full-size ATX boards, and the I/O panel is more aware. So, microATX motherboards can also be used in full-size ATX cases. However, most of the microATX motherboards are basically using the same power connectors as ATX motherboards,  so promoting the use of full-size ATX power supplies with microATX boards.

MicroATX boards mainly uses the same memory cards as full-size ATX boards, with also permitting them to use most of the same materials. Whereas, when microATX cases are hardly much smaller than ATX cases,so they are usually having some fewer expansion slots.

Is ATX better than micro ATX?

If you want to know which is better, an ATx then you will have to go through this following article and come across the point. If you really want to make a budget-friendly PC, your best option is to go with a micro-ATX motherboard.

And, most of the budget-minded ones would not have the money which is important to drop on the materials that are suited more perfectly to the features than specific ATX motherboards simply offer.

Best Micro Atx Case

Is a micro ATX case good?

As we all know that we will usually have to use micro cases to become a good and well-known gamer nowadays so here it can be known as a best choice for you to perform the following things accurately. Nowadays, a lot of people are attracted towards Micro-ATX cases as they usually offer a much smaller footprint on mid-tower/full-tower cases, while standard microATX are still offering much enough room for these large GPUs and can also clear cooling packages too. They can really be the best of both worlds when it comes to gaming startups.

So, In today’s article, we will be going through most of the best micro-ATX cases that the markets have to offer easily. We will also be putting them through their places to see how they are stacking up in build quality, aesthetics, thermals, noise levels, and overall build process.

After some well considerations and shifting through a lot of different options from these numerous providers. We can also usually come to the result that the Phanteks Evolv is the best micro-ATX case overall. But still we will talk more about that briefly.

There are some following recommendations that are basically of a very well constructed, having some spacious interiors, and can also promote excellent airflows. If you are interested in seeing what sets them apart from other cases, then read on.

Now come let us know about some amazing and reliable and very decent micro ATX cases which will really be more helpful in any task for a gamer or anyone.

Our Top Picks

List of Best Micro Atx Case

1.Phanteks EVOLV mATX case

2.Corsair Crystal 280X RGB Micro-ATX Case

3.Fractal Meshify C Micro ATX/Mini ITX Case

4.NZXT H210 – Mini-ITX

5.Thermaltake Versa H17

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How We Choose

Whenever we are looking for some new monitors or the best GPU in the market, choosing the correct hardware can always be a very tough task.

It will always take a lot of time to perform product research, performance benchmarking, and also when reviewing user’s feedback to get anywhere close to a perfect conclusion on what should be recommended and what can be used very easily.

If you are not technically not choosy and do not have to struggle to put the time on the side to go through all the above requirements, you may also end up purchasing a micro-ATX PC case that is simply not right for you.

Case Form Factors

You will easily find the motherboard compatibility which is labeled in the particular name of the case or very easily in the specifications. This can usually outlines the maximum sized motherboard which you can easily fit into the case.

There are three more types of computer cases and each of them is more compatible with these different types of motherboards:

  • Full-tower cases are becoming the largest cases and may also work with ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX very easily. Their large size is mainly designed for some more components at the place of some larger motherboards.
  • Mid-tower cases are also the most popular and can also work with motherboards that are as large as ATX.
  • Mini-tower cases usually sacrifice the larger ATX boards, but they are still using Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX boards as well.

It is noted that your micro-ATX build will look great in any size of case from the smaller size of case style boxes to a mid-tower case. Most of the time, cases will more catcher for motherboards with some smaller sizes, it can also be said that, some cases don’t take that into consideration and lead to issues with routing I/O connectors from the front panel of the case.

Do ATX cases support micro ATX?

MicroATX was specially designed to be more compatible with ATX. These amazing points of microATX motherboards are a set of those used on full-size ATX boards, and the I/O panel is also identical. So, microATX motherboards can also be used in full-size ATX cases.

We have also got some good news for all of you out there. Yes, a Micro ATX board can be very easily supported in a full-size ATX case.

Because its backward compatibility was a huge focus point more in the development phase of Micro ATX boards. They are usually made with a set of the exact same building points that usually found on a typical ATX motherboard, and the I/O interface is also identical to the ATX format, and it is also ensuring no ports are blocked or hard to reach when they are situated in a full ATX case.

mini atx case

Smallest Micro ATX Case?

All Micro ATX cases are usually small, but there are some that are basically modified the boundaries of what is really considered regularly.

The NZXT H210 is also in our list that measures only 349mm (H) x 210mm (W) x 372mm (D). Among all the tiny cases, this is an even smaller case and also a very perfect choice for those who are liking to keep their Micro ATX build as minimal as possible.

After measuring just 94mm (H) x 319 (W) x 439mm (D), the Antec Minuet 350 is so dominating, it borders on cute. This design might be the case you’ve been searching for to complete that minimal PC aesthetic.

The last minimal  masterpiece is the InWin 301. Measuring just 370.84mm (H) x 187.96mm (W) x 363.22mm (D), it is hardly having a 330mm GPU clearance space.

Which Micro-ATX Case is Right for You?

Our Top Picks for the Best Micro-ATX Cases:

1.NZXT H400i

The best micro-ATX case overall

  • Can also hold GPUs up to 16.2″ long
  • Fits easily in CPU coolers up to 6.5″ tall
  • Can also holds up to 5 fans max
  • 4 different styles/color schemes

NZXT’s latest H-series lineup comes well-attractive for its unique design, its RGB control features, and it also includes a PSU shroud with a tempered glass side panel. The H400i is also one of the easier mATX cases on this list with the ability to hold many video cards which can up to 16.2″ in length and up to 6.5″ in height.

This case basically can also hold up the five different fans and can also hold a smaller AIO cooler (120mm or 140mm) on the front or rear side of the case. NZXT also took care to ensure that a system built inside the H400i would also operate as quietly as possible with its “Adaptive Noise Reduction” design.

While the H400i and Phanteks EVOLV mATX (that are listed below) are also very close in terms of overall quality, the H400i is also having a little bit more space inside of it and it also comes in a few more color schemes as well.

Overall, the H400i is one of the best small form-factor cases on the market period, so let it be the alone one of the best micro-ATX cases. So, if you are seriously looking for a solid mATX case and you can also have a budget that can easily connect the H400i, it would at least be worth considering.

2.Phanteks EVOLV mATX

The next best mATX case

  • It can hold GPUs up to 12.5″ long
  • It can easily fits in CPU coolers up to 7.6″ tall
  • It can holds up to 6 fans max
  • 3 different styles/color schemes

3.Thermaltake Level 20 VT

A high-end cube-style mATX case

  • It can hold GPUs up to 13.8″ long
  • It can fits CPU coolers up to 7.3″ tall
  • It can holds up to 9 fans max
  • Black and gray

4.Antec P6

The best mATX case for the money?

  • Can hold GPUs up to 15.4″ long
  • Fits CPU coolers up to 6.3″ tall
  • Holds up to 6 fans max
  • Available in all black

And, it has a lot of space in it and the ability to house graphics cards up to 15.4″ long (which is having more than enough clearance to connect with any graphics card to get into there) and CPU coolers up to 6.3″ tall. It can also hold the radiators up to 240mm long as the radiator and fans of it and are no more thicker than 55mm. So, liquid cooling can be also a factor in the case as well.

You will get all of these features for just a little over $60. So, the bottom line is that if you are looking for a nice-looking micro-ATX case that has plenty of room to house a high-end build, the P6 can be the best choice for you.

5.Thermaltake Versa H15

The best budget micro-ATX case

  • It can hold GPUs up to 12.4″ long
  • fits CPU coolers up to 6.1″ tall
  • It can also holds up to 5 fans max
  • It can be available in all black

6.Fractal Design Node 804

Another cube-style micro-ATX case

  • It can hold GPUs up to 12.6″ long
  • It can also fits CPU coolers up to 6.3″ tall
  • It can also holds up to 9 fans max
  • It can also available in all black

If you are really searching for a cube-style case, then it can be the right option which you already have in the Fractal Design Node 804. The Node 804 has already an all-black minimal design that is really making it a better option for gamers or professionals both.

The Node 804 can also be used to provide enough room space and perform clearance for all the users to make them more able to build a high-end system inside. It basically comes with support which can be extend up to 12.6″ long graphics cards and up to 6.3″ tall CPU coolers. You can basically also fit liquid cooling radiators that are up to 280mm long in this case, also, so if you want to put a high-end AIO cooler in it, or put custom liquid cooling inside of it, you should be able to do so very easily.

For us, the main negative point of the Node 804, can be, is its price. When compared to other cube-style cases on the following list (like the Thermaltake Level 20 VT, the Corsair Carbide Air 240, and the Thermaltake Core X2 and Core V1), the Node 804 comes in at anywhere from ~$35-$65 more expensive. For some of the users ( for specially those who like the simpler design of the Node 804) that has a price difference will be worth it.Whereas , if you’re being more budget conscious, Then you might have to check out the these other cube-style micro-ATX cases.

7.BitFenix Prodigy M

Nice-looking mATX case with handles

  • It can hold GPUs up to 12.6″ long
  • It can also fits CPU coolers up to 6.3″ tall
  • Up to 5 fans max
  • 5+ different styles/color scheme

8.Corsair Crystal 280X

Another worthy cube microATX case

  • It can hold GPUs up to 11.8″ long
  • It can fits CPU coolers up to 5.9″ tall
  • It can holds up to 6 fans max
  • 4 different styles/color schemes

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